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7 minutes ago

You can check out any time you like but you can never leave. Ok yes I've seen Joe Walsh twice but a first for my Texas boy Don Henley and most of the Eagles ❤ music eagles joewalsh concert

17 minutes ago

Thanks for an epic show Eagles !!!! And thanks to our pappas for giving us the gift of a love for classic rock. 💙💙

18 minutes ago

I hope I’m having half as much fun as Joe Walsh when I’m 70 🌴 music eagles

33 minutes ago

Kiaora all, hope everyone’s having a nice and safe weekend🕉.....Got to add this Bear to a sleeve in progress for Andy. can’t wait to bring some more shape to this. Thank you for making the trip down and for your time and trust as always bruv🙏 goodhonesttattoos goodhonesttattoos ________________________________________ . . . good honest tattoos tattoo tattooed tattooer tattooist tatts guyswithtattoos girlswithtattoos tat blackwork mandala bull eagle eagles bulls bear bears black nz newzealand aotearoa

49 minutes ago

Nigeria 2-0 Iceland Musa issa Goal!! Eagles don land!! 👑💪

1 hour ago

Witchy Woman 🔮💫 eagles

1 hour ago

I have a HUGE love for Eagles. Not only do I find them so majestic but they are so empowering while being truly beautiful. Eagles were mine and my dad's thing. Every time each one of us saw an Eagle, we had to call one another - no matter how many times a day. When my dad suddenly and tragically passed, I got a tattoo of an Eagle on my forearm along with my dad's handwriting. Today, butchkins311 took me to a zoo that allowed us to be in the cage with this Bald Eagle. She hurt herself flying and now they are helping her get better. By this fall, she will have her white head and I am going to volunteer to get her better. When she's ready, I'll get to wear a glove and hold her. Even writing this, gets me emotional. This is what he did for me right before he proposed. He knew what a dream of mine this was and it was his way of having my dad there with us when he asked me to be his wife. I've never had someone truly listen to my dreams and make them a reality. I am so lucky and forever grateful for this. THAT is what love is about. Being a partner and thinking of them first. Remember that. I love you all so much.

1 hour ago

If you didn’t know any better you’d think Walsh and Henley were still in their 40’s...such talent still after 4 decades...not many can do that! Great show eagles