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Sorry for being so inactive but the last days were horrible. Today I had a talk with my doc about starting t and they want to do another check-up bc they're worried that I might have a disease. They're checking my blood again and I have to stay a little bit longer at the hospital but I hope everything will be fine 🙃 × × × × × × × × ftm trans transgender lgbt depression lostboy femaletomale thisiswhattranslookslike tattoos inked ink mentalhealth queer vitamint lgbtq skate testosterone genderqueer nonbinary cattherapist redhair therapy buddy dude

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She is what I like to call, the baby that gives you baby fever. 🧡 it’s the red hair.

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Back before everyone and their dog claimed to be a photographer, cool creatives claimed to be writers, regardless of if they’d actually written anything. This man, though, does write...a lot. Dude put out a novel last year and is getting ready to crank out another as we speak. Check out paperbackcreative for all your word-Smith needs.

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"Ter esperança é saber que um dia a tempestade tem que passar e que o choro cessa dando lugar a alegria...Quem tem esperança tem confiança, quem confia tem fé, quem tem fé tem Deus, e quem tem Ele tem tudo.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . bomdia filter tumblr instamoment instame instagram instagood insta instagrammer instagramers photography boy boysp boys cute dude guy instaboy cuteboy instaboys cuteboys garotosp instaguy cuteguy mymood me brazilianboy vibes deusnocomandosempre

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• I'm mad for BBQ's •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • • Admin: dude_be_coool dude__photography Picture credit: dude_be_coool Device: honor6x • • •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • • dudeclicks dude dp photography nature naturelover bbq grill coalbarbecue restaurant food foody colourpop splash colours splash_in dude_splash positivevibes beautyoverloaded mobileclick mobilephotography honor6x honor6xclick instagram instagood morningvibes snapseed dude__photography naturephotography beautiful

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Heeej! Ostatnio postanowiłem zmątowac sobie mapę na której będę zaznaczał miejsca w których byłem oraz te które chce odwiedzić 😄😂 Wiem,wiem mógłbym kupić taką mapę ale frajda z jej tworzenia jest niezastąpiona kiedy za oknem czuć chłód oraz dni sie skracają 😊 Co kreatywnego Wy robicie w te długie wieczory?😍🤔 • • 👱 polishboy poland polska guy boy love me cute picoftheday photooftheday instagood fun smile dude autumn igers instagramers eyes flatlay mapa map • • 🐱 cat catsagram catstagram instagood kitten kitty pet

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. _دست انداز دیدی شلش کن. . +چیو ه _مشتتو 😑 . +خخخ . _نخند گوشی به گ . آ رفت ترمز کن خب😒 . ____________________ پ ن : یک صدم اتفاقاتی ک در شبگردیه پسرونه میفته. . پ ن 2 : تجدید خاطرات60 تا پست قبل تفاوت هارا بیابید !؟ . ______________________ HASHTAGS: SING SONG SING_A_SONG HABIB SIAVASH IAUN PUDDLE dude BUDDY ride drive FUN Wow خجالت_بکش حواستو_جمع_کن دست_فرمون اواز اواز_خوندن داد_زدن تخلیه شبگردی حبیب سیاوش قمیشی خدای عاشق دریای_مغرب دور_دور دوردور

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Barba platinada natural magya, de puro estresse, porque viver em sociedade é passar nervoso. Bom dia haters

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Happy little dude on the swings!! 😍👦🏻

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2k18 ♠️