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Tolu Oniru who is popularly known as Toolz is a Nigerian radio personality, talk show host and presenter born on July 6, 1982 in London. Toolz who was born into Oniru Royal family of Lagos state, had her primary education at Talbot House preparatory school in Bournemouth, UK and her secondary education in Nigeria before relocating back to abroad to study at City of Westmonster College. She also obtained a degree in Business and Mass Communication from London Metropolitan University. Toolz had worked with MTV Europe and Walt Disney Pictures in the United Kingdom before her return back to Nigeria. She now host The Midday show on the Beat 99.9 FM. She has also been apportuned to interview sevearl celebrities on her talk show ‘The Juice” which include the likes of Yvonne Nelson, Davido, Rita Dominic and many others. She is believed to own choice properties on the island but she is modest about it. Her estimated networth is about 200000usd........ beautiful toolz businesspassion business entrepreneurship grind hustle learn education startup success successquotes build startuplife businessowner ambition dream goals lifegoals goforit nevergiveup snypechat successmindset business businesswoman businesslife entrepreneurlifestyle goodlife entrepreneur motivated businessowners motivation

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Boys best friend ~ { Art By : wingedcorgiart } ———————————————— Follow themaraudersart For More ———————————————— Support The Artist ♡ ~ { Tags } harrypotter remuslupin funny wolfstar jamespotter hufflepuff gryffindor siriusblack drawing maraudersmap padfoot loveislove bestfriend jkrowling slytherin quidditch digitalart hp Lillypotter tumblr sad hogwarts dream potterhead art love artistsoninstagram illustration artwork ravenclaw

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Escucho el océano a lo lejos, más allá del sueño sobre el horizonte... . . . . . clouds dream pastel euphoria

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Read the book then 're write it in your own words! It's beautiful to watch a fighter CREATE... This is Martial ARTS! g.s_mma is only 17... The thought of where he's heading excites me! UFC

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Teens interested in college here’s an opportunity to get financial assistance. • Repost nextstepeducation ・・・ Calling ALL Parents, Guardians, and Foster Care Professionals. You won't want to miss this great informational workshop on Saturday Nov 3rd. FAFSA 101! Register to attend at www.nextstepeducation.org • Georgia Make It Count Time BeGreat Fun Life Is What You MakeIt TeenSummit Trade Entrepreneurship Career Goal Setting GoalDigger ForeTeens DreamsComeTrue Join Us Transition Dream Stars You Can TeenLeaders

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Ended a not-so-perfect training week on a high note with an 18 mile long run progression! Guys, CIM is 6 weeks from today 😱 It’s coming so quick. But I’m ready for it 😈 Busy week of midterms and training coming up... bring it!

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Ven, acércate y siéntate aquí a mi lado, que hoy ha sido un día raro y quizá necesite contartelo. ¿Nunca has pensado que quedará de ti el día de mañana? Me refiero a que sentirán las personas que tienes a tu alrededor, ¿que recordarán de ti? A lo largo de mi vida he asistido a muchas despedidas, algunas pasaron sin más, y otras dejaron una huella que hoy por hoy sigue marcada dentro de mi. Eso es lo que quiero, y quizá en este momento no haya conseguido hacer nada que deje esa huella en alguien, tampoco es extraño. A cada paso que doy tropiezo con alguien y le hago daño y eso no deja un buen recuerdo. Quisiera enmendar muchos de eso tropiezos y día a día lo intento, pero cuando llego a casa y me acuesto, hago el recuento de fallos y aciertos, y la balanza sigue dando datos negativos. Puede que tenga que ser así, puede que en la despedida, a nadie le deje huella. Ya no te doy más la lata, simplemente lo siento, porque seguro que a ti también te hice daño con algún tropiezo.

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Peeking over the mums like.... I see you, Monday! Double tap if you’re soaking up the last few hours of this beautiful fall weekend 🍁

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Take your power back..!! Your, energy, time, dreams, goals, aspirations.Your joy, peace, hopes, moon Shotts. You give it away daily in your mind, body, associates, TV, newspaper, email, iPhone, mindless mind numbing past times. Remember who and what you are..??.. Will you. Take your power back by Tony Francis on Amazon.. Be your Awesomeness.... Do you know how awesome you are? dreamgoalspiritgymawareness goalaspirationspiritpurposefitnessgymhealthconciousnessawarenesslovelifegymhealthmuscleawarenessconciousness.flowpurposepassionspiritdreamgoalsaspirationlifelovebeyou spirit.

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Let her blessings empower you, right the wrong in your life and liberate you 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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somehow always finding myself on the west coast

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Photo by Liz Slusz Rever, edit and illustration by Tarik Rever. I read another great book here. A Fairies' Tale: In Love There's War (Volume 1) By Rebecca Torrellas There was so much more than meets the eye is this! A well balanced story of love, war, and inner struggle. Here is the official synopsis. Roselyn, a tiny rose fairy, and her best friend Mona, a monarch butterfly fairy, live a simple life with their friends in the forest. Led by a protective woodland fairy named Willow, the fairies use magic to protect the animals and the forest from humans who seek to destroy it. Even though fairies consider humans their enemies, Roselyn secretly sneaks off to watch Paul, a man who visits the seashore every day, admiring him from afar. When both of the lives of Roselyn and Mona are threatened, and Paul is kidnapped, there are only two links to each incident: magic and crows - the latter which are supposedly friends of fairies. Forced to face Willow with her secret crush, Roselyn and the fairies must rescue Paul and find out why the crows have turned against them. However, what seems like an easy task becomes a treacherous journey filled with surprises, challenges, destruction and betrayal; forcing the magical fairies to become more powerful than they ever thought possible. But are they prepared to handle the truths they uncover in the process? To buy from Amazon http://astore.amazon.com/dejamagazine3-20/detail/1519674538i fashionrock rockers life dream magic gothfashion true fairesdreamer hippiefairyelfgothgothmodel affirmations vegan