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I also did dis :) Of cuz not😊

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SWIPE →→ . Pretty hard tho to make that well-arranged 😂😂 this drawing probably in position 'the line between sfw and nsfw' . Enjoy anyway 😂 actually this is redraw from my old drawing. It's been a long time I don't do it. Tbh cuz artblock tho. . illust redraw oc drawing digital

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Jack Sparrow 👊🏾✏️✏️

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Little by little I'm going to finish this commission too:)

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My (wannabe) Hell’s Angel days at the (former) Bordello Alexandra.. ✌🏼😎

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“Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else..” 🚪

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“There is only darkness that lies at the end of this road which I walk upon. There isn’t heaven, nor a promised land of paradise. There is only the doom of a dream falling to pieces, and landing in the valley of fallen angels, where only the red woman is there to judge you. This life only exists to please the sins of our past lives.”

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I think this isn’t my best but i am definitely most proud of it this took me 4 hours and i am very happy with the cloths and i wish I could fix the hair and face but i don’t wanna ruin it oc anime drawing