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Voilà un hibou réaliste que j’ai fait plus jeune!!😁😍😜. -n’oublier pas de liker mes photo!!! -suivez mon compte pour voir toute les œuvre que je fais!! -faîte juste me demander en txt si vous voulez que je vous fasse un dessin que je pourrais vous donner(si je vous connaît et qu’on pourrais se voir) ou que je pourrais juste le faire pour vous et vous l’envoyer par message ensuite😜. -suivez mon compte original: maxx_sarault.12 😘 draw

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just 1 tired pal. I'm experimenting with line weight rn. I feel like I havent been considering the lessons /robertatkinsart taught me during the summer seminar I had at SCAD so I'm going to try and use that more from here forward. (I have a second piece to post so get ready for that too!) micronpen micron art artworks artist artsy sketchbook sketch sharpie tired drawing draw scad lined lineart fineart fineartist doodle doodles doodlesofinstagram artistofinstagram inktober2018 ink inked inktober traditionalart traditional

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Actually wanted to wait for tomorrow to post this but meh. Anyway, kitty cat Izuku has arrived. XD Thought it wouldn't take too long seeing as I have really been focusing on realistic drawings, but well. Then his hair came along and I realized I had made a huge mistake. And in the end I got kinda lazy. Might fix it some time in the future though. Might not xD art artwork drawing artnewbie draw sketch doodle sketching anatomy digitaldrawing digitalart fanart Deku anime manga Animedrawing myheroacademia bokunoheroacademia heroaca midoriyaizuku izukumidoriya

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Kids still love to play with him. Adults think he is retro and cool ✌🏽 trex dinosaur by Kristina Gómez ~ Duchess ~.

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Your perception of the world is just what your brain constructs for you from the signals sent by your senses. Plus, there is a slight delay, so you aren’t even experiencing the simulation in real time. Also, every single person’s reality being a little different and unique to them. What would it be like if humans could perceive what the world is actually like and do it in real time? Photo reference psdelux draw art drawing sketch artist illustration sketchbook instaart artwork creative instaartist artsy pencil artoftheday picture instagood painting graphic gallery graphics beautiful pen photooftheday drawings paper masterpiece digitalart sketching bhfyp

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HEY IM HERE WOW ,,,,,I LOVE THIS GAME ,,,, I LOVE HINATA,,,, I LOVE KOMAEDA AND NANAMI TOO ,,,,,,, JUST THAT ,,I LOVE ALL DANGANRONPA AND YOU WILL HAVE A LOOOOOOOT OF FANARTS ,,,,,bYe , Characters: Hajime Hinata, Nagito Komaeda and Chiaki Nanami Fandom: danganronpa 2 , , , , ,hinata komaeda nanami danganronpa danganronpa2 hajimehinata nagitokomaeda chiakinanami danganronpa2fanart draw drawing dibujo dibujos artist art arte digitalart youngartist oc realismo realism semirealism otaku manga anime lol xd hashtag traditionalart inktober

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So many people are shut up tight inside themselves like boxes, yet they would open up, unfolding quote wonderfully, if only you were interested in them." ,,,لا ترسمون لساعات متواصله والسكيتج بوك مايل 🌚👍🏻

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لا أخاف الموت .. نظرت فى عينيه كثيرًا وهو يحمل من أحب ! //