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payden :,))) shes finally happyyYyryeysydyd

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Day 32: Kuchisake-onna A legend dating from the Edo period of a beautiful woman with a mouth sliced open from ear to ear that haunts Japan. She is an undead killer and asks her victims questions before killing them usually with sissors. . Part of my 365 days of mythology doodles challenge. . . . kuchisakeonna onna woman slitmouth ghost demon mythological mythology artcha artchallenge artistofinstagra drawing love illustration blessed doodlechallenge sketch creative inspiration aotd artoftheday doodle art artist spooky ghoststory 365daychallenge comicartist tattooart comicart

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Spyke the emo boyfriend, this was a quicky 1 layer thing (as in skin is painted on one layer, hair on one etc.) but i feel the need to draw more of him

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HHhHhHhH,, I know... it’s not a full picture,,, but it’s a sketch of a salty kid that you guys might like hhhhh,,, I was just writing and this guy came to mind,,, He’s short (like,, 4’11) but is not someone to be taken lightly. They take a lot of naps,, but is usually woken up with the 8 year old their mind is connected to,,,, i might delete this later,,,, not sure sketch art digitalart digitalsketch intersexcharacter choker pink greyscale neonpink artwork digitalartwork character oc originalcharacter myoc myocs doodle characterdesign design digitaldesign salty asshole demon

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10,000 dots later, I’m done! Flowers have a way of looking beautiful no matter their shape, colour, size or pattern. They truly are nature’s works of art. I’m hoping to have prints available by early August. Please let me know if you’d like to own one! •$30 and they can be sent by mail. 😊 • • • copic copicmarkers micron micronpen micronart ink inkart dots art artsy flowers pretty create sketch sketchbook new prints leaves nature happy passion illustration artwork artworks artlovers drawing draw doodle dowhatyoulove inspiration

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책장에 조그맣게 원화를 전시해두었습니다 금테의 작은 액자에 담겨있어요!(구매도 가능합니당) - 토요일,럭키드로우상품으로 즉석 캐리커쳐도 합니당~!. 우리 그때 만나요💕 - jakdangmoui , zak_eun_mul 과 함께합니다 - 모모폴리오

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중학교땐 몰랐는데 캐나다 다녀오니까 이친구가 참 멋있어졌다😎

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only fools let themselves fooling

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I kind of did my own drawthisinyourstyle Challenge! Here is a colored sketch of my persona Aiyumi! For everyone who wanted to give her a try, you can draw her in this pose if you want! I gave her a ponytail this time, but thats not nessecary! She changes her hair from time to time~ and I gave her a blueberry loli! (Please tag me and use aiyumi_oc so I can see it~) 💙 Tags digitalart artwork art sketch doodle sketchart drawing animeart anime manga mangaart cuteanime animegirl digital animedrawing artist instaart digitalartwork mangadrawing instadraw illustration aiyumii_oc sketchartwork digitalsketch digitaldrawing charactersheet

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