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a different kind of style to what I normally make my edits look like but comment down below!!! LOVE ALL OF YOU AND YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL💛💜💛 dolantwins graysondolan dolanarmy

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Hey guys! Since I’m not gonna use this acc anymore I’m gonna be doing a raffle! So I’ll you have to do is follow these rules, Follow tthedolantwinz Tell friends to join! Go on graysondolan and ethandolan post and comment 3 times “please notice tthedolantwinz she loves you!” I check Dm me why you’d like this acc! That’s it! Good luck to everyone 💘💖 - - - - Plz tag them below graysondolan ethandolan grethen graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins graysondolanedit graysondolanedits ethandolanedits ethandolanedits dolantwintuesday dolantwinsedits tuesday peace youtube jamescharles emmachamberlain ilovethedolantwins graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins

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I only say on all my captions I am bord I need to stop 🛑 ✋ Dt: daisydxlan 🧡💙💜💛❤️

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|| What you do to me || ac: alissaviolet9 fc: 1 126 app: CUTE CUTE PRO - tell me why this is so SMOOTH - -boltedgrp royaltycult chainedgrp

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The shister squad✨ - - - - - - Song? Flex on my ex Artist? M City JR Like the people in the edit? ethandolan graysondolan dolantwins _emmachamberlain jamescharles Dt? any dolantwins fans, graysondolan fans ethandolan fans jamescharles fans and emmachamberlain fans - - - - - - Thirsty tags: jamescharlesedit emmachamberlainedit dolantwinsedits graysondolanedits ethandolanedits jamesedit emmaedit graysonedit lfl likeforlike l4l f4f followforfollow fff flexonmyex shistersquad sistersquad

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Talk To Me Baby💖

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made this while bopping to the whole sweetener album :) pls tag emma and pls if you use this (probably no one will lol) pls give credit ♡

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NEW THEME💛 Do you prefer this theme or the old? (Be honest) ----------x----------- Also I like a lot more you tubers than just these guys but i wouldn't be able to fit them all in!! ❤️❤️Have a great day (even though the days nearly over in UK😂) . . . aesthetics aesthetic paleyellow pastelyellow yellow cute tumblr macaroons youtube dolantwins graysondolan ethandolan emmachamberlain jamescharles sister spillthetea shanedawson niche nichememe nichememea fff lfl f4f sfs freefollowers

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What’s your opinions on the sister squad?🤔

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💋🎒🍒 ethandolan ‼️ I’m high key pissed that ethan cut his hair :/ IT LOOKED SO GOOD SIEHIEHIHEIHEO but i gotta say, i kinda like his new haircut 🤔 don’t forget to tag him :) ethandolan dolantwinsfanartArt

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across the universe part 3 ⭐️💡💛 [thank you marina for such an amazing collab, I love you 💛]