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sounds like me making all my life decisions

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It is less confusing when you are german like me hahah😅 Also can you please tell me why you’re even following this account, I’d really like to know that!♥️ ~Mary🤗 ethandolan graysondolan demilovato demi tellmeyoulovemetour lovaticslovedemi dolantwins dolan graysondolan ethandolan ethan grayson 4ou 4outour 4OU 4OUtour ethanandgrayson dolantwinsedit ethandolanedit graysondolanedit tuesday thefloorisdolan99 instagram fanpage fanficiton dolantwinsfanfic vines graysondolanedits calvinklein graysonbailey eteeweetee 4ou2

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now that’s a lane! watch the whole thing 💸 dt celine kat rae elena malak calida bianca electra kai & ana - my audio ( dolansaudios ) oc elliptix / cc kagune grpmedusa mattersgrp convexgrp

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appreciation post for this cutie💘 ac: drizzyaudios dt; emina no wm because this is terrible & rushed:(

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you’re so cute marry me

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Dear Ethan and Grayson, I love you so much I can’t believe it. From the first time i ever saw you I’ve loved you and I will never stop loving you. You make my everyday happier and always make me feel better. You spread happiness around the whole world. I’ve made so many new friends in this fandom, amazing people that I always want to be friends with. And it’s all thanks to you. 🙏🏼🌍❤️ - (Sorry for the bad quality) - ac: plotwistaudios cc: me dt: ethandolan graysondolan dyanipatel the_dolans_are_best___ elilshdolans_ swedolan_ vmdols disguiseddolans app: ccp —tag them? - fc: 9061 - • • • graysondolan ethandolan camdol dolantwins dolantwinsofficialmerch gray graysondolan grayson graysonbailey graysonbaileydolan grethan ethan ethandolan ethangdolan ethangrantdolan ethangrant eeteeweetee dt dolan dolans dolantwins dolanedits dolantwinsedits prayersforethan blueheartsforethan cantfold omgpage explore

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20-10-18 dolan gunungkidul

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Omg omg omg this is my first video dolan twins lol 😂

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You're welcome G you deserve it 😍

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I got only one question wrong on my math test a couple days ago and the teacher said that if anyone wants to fix any mistakes on they test they can so I fixed my mistake and got a 100% I can’t wait to fail all my other tests this year🤩🤪🤠🤙🏽 • • • Use my discount code “vmicav” for coggo.co for 10% off!

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RANT: how tf am I being a bully when this bitch just wants attention. Claiming she is Grayson’s girl the only reason why I posted her cause everyone else did and she is literally gaining followers because of this. She said she’s gonna go live with Grayson today and I’m still waiting sis. I’ll leave the bitch alone when I see Grayson on her live. Don’t be calling me a bully when I didn’t even do shit. Btw she tried to do this before and when she got exposed she disappeared. - - graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins ethandolan ethan eteeweetee ethanslane graysondolan gray grayson graysonslane nolandolannolanslane nolandeservesbetter nolan camerondolan camdol dolan dolans grethan loveforethan blueheartsforethan cantfold dolantwins dolantuesday dt dtt dolantwinstuesday dolantwinstour 4outour 4ou 4ou2

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Part 13🖤 A short one but I’ll post part 14 if you guys are active

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heyyy im carving pumpkins later😎😎 also i was being gracious with the forehead jokes qotd: do you remember this movie and if so, did you like it? aotd: huge crush on the lady with the white hair • • •tag? graysondolan ethandolan •tags: graysonsuckmytoenators fannation omgpage loveislove explorerpage memes oktweet textpost likeforlikes dolan followforfollowback jamescharles dolantwinsmemes graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins dolantwintuesday sistersquad emmachamberlain jamescharles fanfiction textpost tea drama sistersquadtea

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Proud a you. Dt: dorna, Chloe, Emilia, Bailey, Carmen, Jaylyne, Kenzie, Arii, /dolantwinzees —————— If you expected something better I’m sorry 😂🤪 graysondolan grayson dolan ccp cutecutpro ccpedits

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Make up my Mind cc: grethansweet ac: divxnize on sc

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theyre glowing up and they dont even need to . . . . . . . graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins dolantwinsfan dolantwins dolantwinsedits dolans dolan grethan graysondolan ethandolan dolantwin youtube youtubeedits dolantwinstuesday textposts dolantwinsfanfiction fanfiction cutecut cutecutedits fanfictions dolantwinsmemes gremma sistersquad ethma emmachamberlain jamescharles emma james ethan grayson ~ disclaimer: im not responsible for you getting offended this is all for fun and everyone is welcome no matter age gender sexuality race etc etc and please don’t ask for likes and follows on other peoples accounts its really annyoing