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Best down stay ever 🐾💕

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🦊 💤

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YOU CANT SIT WITH US!!! 🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️ Oh Nori!! We finally caught it on video, but every day is a struggle for babe 😂👧🏿❤️ Thank you Nori for being my protector but maybe give daddy a chance! She always watches him like a hawk and has to be between us 😩 dog dogsofinstagram dogs instadog dogstagram doglover ilovemydog dogoftheday doglife doglovers doggy dogs_of_instagram doglove dogsofinstgram dogsitting doggo dogsofinstaworld doggie dog_features dogofinstagram dogmom doğa doğumgünü dogwalk dogphotography doge doggies dogtraining dogwalking dog🐶

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Our IG friend girlwithallthedogs volunteers at an animal shelter located in Singapore. She is deeply passionate about all the dogs & cats at the shelter waiting for their forever homes. Unfortunately the shelter is being forced to relocate, the government is reclaiming the land & they must raise funds in order move all the critters to the new smaller location. The funds will allow them to make the necessary adjustments needed to house all the critters. How can you help? By making a donation animalloversleague.sg they are selling t-shirts but unfortunately only to those located in Singapore, due to shipping costs. dogs dogofinstagram instadog dogoftheday doglove cute instapet weeklyfluff doglover cuteoverload instadaily bestfriend love fun chi happyness instagram instagramers igers pet bestwoof furbaby dogsofig  family shelter

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Why am I so cute?

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Can you be a huge fan of Bull Terrier? Purchased today before these sell out!:):) 📦 Store NOW Click on link in our bio fanslovebullterrier (profile) 📦 (Multiple Colours & Models) S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL/4XL/5XL Tshirt/Sweatshirt/Hoodie/V Neck/Long Sleeve/Flowy Tank/Fitted Tank 👉 Global Shipment ✈️ Effects Guaranteed + Safe and Secure Checkout via PayPal/Visa/Mastercard. SHARE and TAG someone who would love this. . . . . . dogs bullterrierspain bullterrier_feature doglife bullterrierdaily bullterrierfans bullterrierphoto bullterrierpack bullterrierbrasil bullterriergram_ dogofinstagram bullterrierlove bullterriermania bullterrierspics bullterriers bullterrierminiature bullterriermom bullterrierccs bullterrierx bullterrierbr dogoftheday bullterrierofinstagram bullterrier bullterrierthai instadogs bullterrierlife bullterrierinsta bullterriergram bullterrierinstagram fashion

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Sometimes you don't need words to feel better. All you need is a dog. RAMBO ❤🐾

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Repost sutilezas__ with get_repost ・・・ Y este es uno de los retratos más especiales que he hecho ❤. Este pequeño es panchihuahua un dulce chihuahua que hace poco pasó al arcoiris de los perritos, su mami tanescur es un amor de persona y a la cuál me siento muy agradecida por elegirme a mi para inmortalizar a su pequeño 😇. Lienzo de 30x30cm pintado a óleo, llevas toques de purpurina en las orejas y el cuello. chihuahua chihuahuasofinstagram retrato retratodemascotas lienzo óleo sutil sutilezas arte cuadro pintura perro retratodeperro dog dogofinstagram regalaartesania

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アタシさあ、こんなにあちいんならお散歩なんて行かなくていいと思うのー ってイーブイはそんな感じ🤣 真夜中でも外は30℃あって😵お散歩行きたい坊ちゃんのために芝生のある公園とか連れて行くけどほんのちょっとで退散💦皆さんも熱中症には気をつけて下さいね!

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I don’t understand why it rains so much these day!😡 can’t go out and play with erin_ac so gotta stay in and take a lot of naps with her instead😴

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Repost mylittletedy with get_repost ・・・ Lo prometido es deuda...esto era lo que nos traíamos entre manos mami y yo 💜 ¿os gusta el retrato que me ha hecho? Soy un mini bambi muy colorido 😄 si queréis seguir viendo más cuadros suyos o pedirle uno vuestro para estas navidades😋 nos podéis seguir en esta página sutilezas__ 😍😘 mylittletedy  tedy chihuahua chihuahualover chihuahualife chihuahuaddict chihuahuaworld chihuahuasofinstagram puppydog puppys dog doglover dogofinstagram retrato retratodemascotas lienzo óleo sutil sutilezas arte cuadro pintura perro retratodeperro dog dogofinstagram regalaarte

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I wanted to snuggle tonight during the ☔️, and had to try a few positions before I found the one I wanted. Do you like the one I settled on? Mom said she doesn’t think I look comfortable... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . rain snuggles pet petlover dog jackrussell jackrussellsofig jackrussellsofinstagram dogoftheday dogofinstagram animal cute beauty love inlove jackrussellofinsta jackrussellmoments jackrussellstyle jackrussellfeatures jrtjackrussellterrier jackrussellworld

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🥝x🍒: We had so much fun, finally our long awaited pugnic happens yesterday. Swipe to see our furfriends! 😍 PS: Chloe haven’t produce the photos yet, will do it by this week! • • 📷: justin_lim88 💓 • • • singaporepug pug pugs pugstagram ilovepugs pugsforlife 🥝x🍒 emergencypugs pugsnotdrugs pugs4life pugstify pugs4ever pugsessed dogs pugsworld sgdogs pugselfie pugsmile pugster pugslovers pugsproud pugsrequest pugsdaily pugsinstagram pugslifeforme dogsofinstagram pugsg dogoftheday dogofinstagram

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awwww ma baby boooy grow up 😍😍 ——————————————————————————- Use the CODE: KL15 🎁 for 15% off konaleashes ——————————————————————————- puppy puppie dog dogs dogoftheday doglove dogofinstagram  Goldens_OfInstagram GoldenRetriever chien welovegoldens golden goldenoftheday happydog goldens tongue animals pets  scoobydoobidou cutedog ultradog happy monchien amourdechien labrador  photography photooftheday photo dogcute ilovegolden_retrievers