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Babo The Drinkshop Black Sugar Milk Tea w/ Pearls - $29 HKD Babo the Drinkshop is a new bubble tea store that opened near where I usually go after tuition. You’d probably realised that I am rather familiar with the area, from the TP Tea, Teppei, KFC and Jollibee posts. The Chocolate Starbucks one was also in Wan Chai. Off topic, anyway, Babo The Drinkshop. I had their Black Sugar Milk Tea w/ Pearls(because I love it and its my craving). First look, it looks okay. The syrup isn’t heavily dosed and the cup is quite cute. After a good shake, I drank it. Overall, it was okay. Nothing special about it. I would say the taste is 60 percent milk, its definitely more Milky. Their pearls are average, but overall the drink was okay. Definitely check it out if you have craving. If there isn’t a cue, why not try? Seeing the3se small shops open in HK intrigue me, I hope that they survive under the extremely high rent. Location:182 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai Nearest MTR:Wan Chai Taste:7/10 Overall(Location, feels in the area,price):8/10 food foodporn yum instafood yummy amazing instagood photooftheday sweet dinner lunch breakfast fresh tasty food delish delicious eating foodpic foodpics eat hungry foodgasm hot foods

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Drooling over this cast iron skillet brownie cookie. Recipe inspiration via basically.com⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ bakerstonepizzaoven pizza kitchen cooking delish recipe foodie foodforfoodies foodporn footfetishnation foodandwine thekitchn buzzfood huffposttaste epicurious foodphotography foodoftheday foodoftheday family clickinmoms family homemade homecooked mealplan cooking cookingvideo pizzas pizzaislife pizzaislife

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Turkey (chiken) breast cuts in marinade רצועות חזה הודו במרינדה מוקפצים על מחבת פסים רכיבים: 1 ק"ג חזה הודו חתוך לרצועות 1 בצל גדול קצוץ לסהרונים קטנים מחבת פסים תרסיס שמן או 1 כף שמן למרינדה: 3 כפות רוטב צ'ילי מתוק 1 כף סילאן או דבש מלח ופלפל שחור לפי הטעם 1/2 כפית פפריקה מתוקה 1/2 כפית כמון 1 כף שמן זית 1/2 כוס מים ההכנה: 1. בקערה מכניסים את כל מרכיבי המרינדה ומערבבים טוב. מכניסים למרינדה את רצועות חזה ההודו ומערבבים טוב. 2. עוטפים בניילון נצמד את הקערה ומכניסים למקרר לזמן שלפחות שעתיים. מוציאים מהמקרר ומערבבים שוב את רצועות ההודו בקירה עם המרינדה. 3. מחממים מחבת פסים עם 1 כף שמן או מתיזים בנדיבות תרסיס שמן, ומטגנים את הבצל עד להזהבה קלה. 4. מוסיפים את רצועות ההודו המתובלים ומערבבים קלות ובזהירות. מידי פעם משאירים ללא ערבוב כדי שרצועות יתבשלו טוב. 5. כאשר רצועות ההודו ובצל קיבלו צבע טוב והתבשלו ביחד, מכסץבים את הכיריים מורידים מהאש ומגישים לצד סלט טרי. israeli_kitchen israelinstagram instafood food foodstagram israel_best chefbook israeligram yummy delicious instagram instagood foodie foodlover dessert chicken love vscofood delish picoftheday טעים מתכון ארוחה מוקפץ loveit homemade אוכל שווארמה yum

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Spring44 our only Vodka we use in all of our American Craft Cocktails!! spring44distilling is an American distiller located in Loveland, CO. Spring44 is an American-made ultra premium spirit created with Colorado Rocky Mountain artesian spring water from a private source. Made in Colorado, U.S.A. These features drinks are the MoscowMule WildChild and Youngandinlove These 3 Vodka base drinks are a must have!! liquor wine yum cocktailporn instadrink yummy lunch fresh tasty delish delicious drinking cocktails drink thirsty winegasm hot craftcocktails summer dinner mixologist drinkgeek americancraft

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It's back! Monticello Harvest Festival. We will be there for chocolate-making demonstrations, chocolate drink tastings and, weather permitting, ice cream! We'll also be serving Chocolate Crinkle Cookies from Albemarle Baking, made with our yummy chocolate. Come on down!⠀ ⠀ tjmonticello chocolatehistory chocolatestories americanheritagechocolate chocolate chocolatelover baking dessert darkchocolate foodie foodblogger huffposttaste buzzfeast feedfeed f52grams delish buzzfeedfood feedfeedchocolate instagood instafood recipe thekitchn historybuff monticello historicsite

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Grilled Surf and Turf Kabobs (Instagram: TheeFoodPorn)

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. . 관계(關係): 둘 이상의 사람, 사물, 현상 따위가 서로 관련을 맺거나 관련이 있음. 또는 그런 관련. . 2박 3일 간의 평양 남북정상회담이 어제로 끝났다. 남북 관계가 급물살을 타고 있다. 급진전 또는 급변하는 관계는 언제라도 뒤집어질 가능성을 내포하고 있다. 그래서 최선을 다하되, 늘 조심하고 주의를 기울여야한다. 비단 국가 관계 뿐 아니라 인간 관계도 그러할 것인데 우리는, 나는 그렇게 살고 있는가. . 만두전골 / 접시만두 / 20170328 . . 평안도만두집 2TV생생정보 수요미식회 수요미식회맛집 광화문맛집 만두 덕후 냠냠 먹방 먹부림 먹스타 먹스타그램 맛스타그램 맛있다그램 eat food instafood igfood north korean style dumplings hungry foodie foodlover yummy delicious delish tasty nomnom lovefood feedfeed foodpics foodgram foodstagram

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These tiny mangos Javi brought for Tenerife yersterday, supposedly are called 'mangas' because they are more juicy, and with less fiber!!! Can't wait for them to mature and taste them!!! 🍹🍈🍹 'Mangas' traidas por Javi desde Tenerife ayer!!! Dice esta así se llaman porque son más comestibles, y que los mangos son las fibrosos!!! Cuando maduran, a ver qué gustico tienen!!!! dessert food desserts yum yummy amazing instagood instafood sweet dessertporn delish foods delicious tasty eat eating hungry foodpics sweettooth fruits fruit manga breakfast fresh fresco mangas mangos canaryislands canarias tenerife

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. . おはようございます😃☀ . 今日の旦那弁当🍱 . ♕ ✔︎卵焼き🍳 ♕✔︎ハンバーグのチーズソーク掛け ♕ ✔︎赤ピーマンの肉詰め ♕ ✔︎根菜サラダ ♕ ✔︎おにぎり🍙 . 娘の誕生日会で使う写真を選ぶ為に 昨日はずっとデータを見返していました😉💕 写真がありすぎて選ぶ事ができません🤣💦 2,650gで産まれた娘、 もう11キロ近くあります😂笑 小さく産んで大きく育つとは まさにこの事だ😁👏 . 料理 料理好きな人と繋がりたい cooking 手作り弁当 instafood food cookingram 旦那弁当 朝ごはん 昼ごはん 夜ご飯 morning lunch dinner ランチ ディナー いいね返し いいね like4like 弁当 お弁当 今日のお弁当 いいねした人全員フォローする お弁当作り楽しもう部 手作り delish デリスタグラマー オベンタグラム 献立 ごはん

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Anchovy-Butter Chicken with Chicken Fat Croutons from Dining In by alisoneroman Roast chicken is a staple in our house. I make it every week so I’m constantly looking for ways to spice up the average roast chicken. This is hands down one of the best roast chicken recipes I have ever come across! The anchovy butter adds a certain umami aspect to the chicken that gives such depth of flavor you’ll most certainly be asking for seconds. To add to the genius of this recipe, Alison tosses torn pieces of bread in the chicken fat and juices and crisps them in the oven to serve along with the bird.....seriously! Do yourself a favor and make this one ASAP y’all! Drool!!!! chicken dinner comfortfood delicious delish yum yummy food foodporn recipes food52 f52cookbookclub foodie kitchencoma goodeats eeeeeats thefeedfeed instagood instafood cooking homecooked

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Una de nuestras comidas preferidas ❤️🙌🏻❤️ milanesa de lomo con ensalada 🥗 nada más rico y un verdadero clásico de la cocina Argentina 🇦🇷- plato presentado en nuestra fuente oval de la línea Ultra de Royal Porcelain by volf_oficial

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It's that time of year! PUMPKIN!!! When the girl decides she wants cookies, she makes cookies! These Pumpkin Oatmeal cookies are DANG-ER-OUS! Oh my goodness, so seriously yummy! They were even better the day after. They stay soft for days and freeze beautifully. (I found this out because I put them in the freezer so I wouldn't eat them all while my girl was at school. Somewhat worked...) Unfortunately for my hips, my girl did a great job. Recipe: https://thenovicechefblog.com/2018/09/iced-pumpkin-oatmeal-cookies/ pumpkin oatmeal cookies cookiesofinstagram fall fallbaking yummy fallishere fallflavors madebypuff homemade delish madefromscratch tweenbaker momsthesouschef getinmybelly ribaking puffandsprinkles thenovicechef

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There is nothing like food that reminds me of my childhood! 🍴 Peftele are one of my favorite meat sides my mom made for us. These are Romanian style meatballs! I “healthified” this recipe and it tastes just as good! I cannot wait to share with you all. Recipe coming on the blog soon!

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The days are getting cooler so why not pop down and try one of our tasty hot chocolate flavours

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galletitas de murciélago en el curso de rorschach

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How do you like your marshmallow? For me I would say a 5-7, maybe 8 🤗

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. •Macho Nachos• Our family LOVES this!! It’s one of our staples because it’s so easy and quick! You can add pretty much any taco topping. . 2 cans refried beans 1 lb ground hamburger Taco seasoning 1/3 cup water 2 cups salsa 2 cups cheese . Brown hamburger in a pan with taco seasoning and water. Spread beans into a 9x13 baking dish and layer hamburger, salsa, and cheese. Bake at 375* F 20-30 minutes. . Top with any of the following: Sour cream, tomatoes, olives, lettuce, cilantro, green onion, jalapeño, and/or guacamole. . Eat with tortilla chips.

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When in doubt... FRITTERS!! Every time I head to axilcoffeeroasters in Hawthorn I end up with these (& a soy latte 🌱☕️) Corn + zucchini + haloumi = a winning combo! 🌽🥒🧀🏆🙌

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[Japanese premium Bar] Japanese like to take in other cultures from over the world and perfect them into Japanese style. Why don't you try cocktails at Japanese premium bars like Miura in Nagasaki city. 日本人の品質に対する要求は世界トップクラス。豆腐もお茶も元々は外国のものでしたが、今では日本を代表するものになりました。ここバー三浦も日本人の感性を生かした世界トップクラスのお酒の飲み方を提案しています。 bar三浦 💌長崎の写真や動画を世界に広めよう!🆒 ✏自分の投稿にnagasakicool でシェア お酒好きのお友だちIDを コメント欄に書き込んでね💌 nagasakilovers nagasaki discovernagasaki

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[Shippoku Hospitality Food] In Nagasaki there is formal hospitality food called Shippoku which means a round dining table. In Edo period people didn't use a large dining table, instead small short legged indivisual tables especially they are in Samurai or higher rank. But traders and foreigners preferred large spacey ones to tiny individual ones. Nagasaki still has several antique round table style Shippoku restaurants since Edo. 大きなテーブルで食事することは、武家文化が主流だった時代の日本では正式な作法ではありませんでした。しかし、長崎に移住した中国を始め諸外国人は膳ではなく円卓というスタイルで和気あいあいと食事できるしっぽく料理を愛しました。 Tag your friends 👇👇👇💋 who Japanese food🔥 . 💌長崎の写真や動画を世界に広めよう!🆒 ✏自分の投稿にnagasakicool でシェア 和食好きのお友だちIDを コメント欄に書き込んでね💌 卓袱 料亭 料亭春海 harumi ryotei ryoteiharumi nagasakilovers discovernagasaki

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[Pork belly and bun] Kakuni pork belly was often reffered as the traditional cuisine. Now people in Nagasaki assosiate kakuni with Iwasaki Honpo's Kakuni Manju because of its extremely easy to go stalls and tasty products. あの高級な中華街の角煮まんじゅうを手軽に食べられる!そして県外の人に「食べてみて❗」と送ることができる。角煮まんじゅうは今や長崎の代表的なお土産となりました。 nagasakilovers japan 長崎角煮まんじゅうlovers discovernagasaki Tag your friends 👇👇👇💋 who love pork belly bun🔥 . 💌長崎の写真や動画を世界に広めよう!🆒 ✏自分の投稿にnagasakicool でシェア 角煮まんじゅう好きのお友だちIDを コメント欄に書き込んでね💌

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Maxitortaa de chocolatee 🍫😋🤘hacer dieta es aburrida para aquellos que no utilizan la inaginacion 😅🤷‍♀️

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[Izakaya in Nagasaki] Izakaya Asa Would you like artistic and amazingly fresh Sashimi dish? Visit any of Asa group restaurants, they offer you the best sashimi of the day. お料理の盛り付けやお店の雰囲気が上品だと、記念日のデートやお客様を招待するときにもってこいですよね。 Tag your friends 👇👇👇💋 who love Japan🔥 . 💌長崎の写真や動画を世界に広めよう!🆒 ✏自分の投稿にnagasakicool でシェア 和食好きのお友だちIDを コメント欄に書き込んでね💌 亜紗 居酒屋亜紗 nagasaki japan

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[Parfait in Nagasaki] Parfait Restaurant Hawaii As a Japan's oldest parfait restaurant, they feel so responsible to our health that they stopped using artificial things at all. Chocolates and vanillas are from natural products factories that stubbonly stick to traditional handmaking. Fruits and foods are all naturally grown and even gelatos has no water but fruit juice. パフェアンドレストランハワイ 長崎パフェlovers nagasaki japan Tag your friends 👇👇👇💋 who love Japanese food🔥 . 💌長崎の写真や動画を世界に広めよう!🆒 ✏自分の投稿にnagasakicool でシェア パフェ好きなお友だちIDを コメント欄に書き込んでね。

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Hazır evde fıstıkezmesi yapmısken evde nefis bir ev yapımı fıstıkezmeli kurabiye yapmasam olur muydu hic🤩 Ara ögününüzde tatlı ihtiyacınızı giderecek bir tarif🌸 - 1 su bardağı yulaf unu (yulaf ezmesini blendırdan gecirdim) - 4 adet hurma (biraz suda yumusatıp su ekleyerek blendırdan gecirdim) - 1 tk bal - 1tk kakao - 5 yk süt - Yarım paket kabartma tozu Tüm malzemeleri karıstırıp elimizde karıstırıp önceden ısıtılmış fırında 200 derece de 10 dk pisiriyoruz. Ben 15 dakika bırakmısım biraz yakmısım🤭 siz öyle yapmayın. Bu malzemelerde ben 8 kurabiye cıkardım ve bir adeti tam tamına 130 kalori😛 Yanında bir bardak süt ile nasıl olur? Bence harika😌 fıstıkezmesi fıstıkezmelikurabiye sağlıklıtarifler araögün kurabiyeyapımı 365gunfit

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