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Are you ready to enjoy these two new products? Younique came out with our first Brown epic mascara and finally with our black waterproof Epic. You will fall in love with it and you do not need falsies at all. waterproofepicmascara mascarasuscriptionprogram empower defendinnocence augustkudos youniquepresenterskit Youniqueproducts Carlasbeautystop lightmakeup mineralmakeup hypoallergenic crueltyfree pigmented longlasting makeup mua hairstyles wedding dance cheerleading Orlando longwood florida makeuptutorial makeuplife makeuplove positivelife mom beyourself

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I’m releasing an updated version of Gonzo Almighty along with a music video. The video can be found on YouTube, Vimeo, or through my website that is linked in the description. The recording of Gonzo Almighty will be released on all of the major music platforms soon. Enjoy newmusic composer musicvideo modern loveofmusic dance

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Once again we'd like to thank every single one of you guys for the awesome turn out at Melbourne Uni's Open day yesterday! Every single one of you guys rock for having to brave the cold ❄️ and rainy 🌧️ weather just to check out our performances 👯👯‍♂️ And if you've missed out on the fun don't worry as we're cooking up a highlights video that should be out pretty soon for you guys 🙌🙌🙌 But for now, here's a throwback to how Open Day went last year!!! Check it out with the link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jiMaYa5oZ4

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Chequen el SwayAndBrakeChallenge de lusbeyri y háganlo!!! 🎵🎧👩‍🎤 ・・・ Escuchen Jalouzi de michaelbrun y hagan el Sway and Break Challenge! Get Jalouzi, by the amazing DJ and Producer, Michael Brun, and join the Jalouzi SwayAndBreakChallenge 🎶🙌💃💓 . . . . . . . . . . . Challenge Dance DanceChallenge Fun Music Dancing MusicLovers Dancers CallingOutEveryone Join ElectronicMusic Amazing Haiti Dancing Join DoTheChallenge Sunday HappySunday ÚneteAlReto Baile Bailar Reto Diversión Instagram Instagrammers AmantesDeLaMúsica Bailarines ABailar

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It was a great pleasure and honour to be part of Yayasan Sime Darby Art Festival 2018. So many amazing talent and inspiration from people in different industry who share the same passion about arts . . Once again thank you for coming to our class on both 18 and 19th September 2018, hope all of you had a great time and had fun . . Big shout-out to 94jonloo and fuzzwayne for doing these classes with us, follow these two amazing dancers on their instagram. Also shout-out for ysdartsfest and theklpac for hosting this amazing event . . If you missed this, you had to wait two years guys 😆😆. So, to see ya in 2020 . . Stay humble, keep dancing and keep inspiring y'all . . choreo danceclass talent danceon urbandance dance dancevideo choreography dancerlife performer dancers dancer share dancelife viral malaysiadancescene MYDS malaysiadancer ysdaf

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Thanks again mysticpete for having us on “In a Dream” kxlu and everyone who tuned in! Had a great time listening to my mixedplatemusic fam kill it and it was an awesome playing original tunes for you all 🎶

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今週末のご予定はお決まりですか?8月25日(土)限定★スペシャルディナービュッフェ開催🌺🌴 . カラフルでフォトジェニックな夏のデザートビュッフェ「ハワイアン・ダイナー」のメニュー内容をグレードアップした一夜限りのディナービュッフェを開催します!「浦安ダンススクエア」の皆様によるダンスショーを楽しみながら、この夏最後の思い出作りはいかがでしょうか? . ハワイアン・ダイナー スペシャルナイト 日時:2018年8月25日(土)19:00~21:30 料金:大人 5,800円 お子様(4~12歳)2,500円 ※税金・サービス料別 ※お食事代と、飲み放題プランが含まれます . 詳細はこちら:https://www.hiltontokyobay.jp/plans/restaurants/5082 . ヒルトン東京ベイ ヒルトン ブュッフェ ハワイ ハワイアン ダイナー アメリカン 限定 ディナー ホテル ホテルディナー 夏休み 平成最後の夏 hiltontokyobay hilton summer dinner buffet onenight hawaiian dance performance followus

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🕺Whatever You Want Vol.1💃 🏆WINNER🏆 좋은 기회와 많은 영감을 얻고 이렇게 상까지 주셔서 너무나도 감사드립니다!! 행사 열어주신분들과 심사봐주신분들 그리구 참여하셨던 모든분들께 감사 인사드립니다!!!😆😆 더 더 열심히 하도록하겠습니다!!😍 . . . . . . . . . 나의 팀 VB 사랑합니다❤ 아카투 센세이 사랑합니다❤ . . . poppin popping boogaloo dance music battle whatever you want vol 1 winner poppinmett VB Variety_Balance Daegu 대구춤판 춤판 다시한번 감사합니다 🙏

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Nueva coreo!! 🔥🔥 Hoy se bailó con el genio de charlydanceoficial!! Les gusta que haga más coreos así en pareja?? Que opinan de esta dupla?? 💣😈🔥 dance dancing

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Do you like the gold or the original? profidj

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iam_slimcase taking over the whole place. We're putting in work to satisfy our fan base daily, you're the reason why we are here. Thank you all. . Olorunkosuenti RubyLearnShii otunbalamba . . . . Cc - iam_slimcase damiadenuga 9jaCONNECT slimcaseupdates saintsamiganja 📞 to the world 🌎 comeonline thisisnigeria ilitetv Cyprus nigeria lagos abuja portharcourt warri Ibadan elegushi dance london UK USA ikorodu shomoagemini shomoagemi laerryblue 9jamedia 9jaconnect ohunwakanda japa fineboyzlikeus nademdeyrushus nathemdeyrushus

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Impregnating dance floors since 2002 🔥 startbarstl

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Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming. Rubylearnshii - iam_slimcase . . . . Cc - iam_slimcase damiadenuga 9jaCONNECT slimcaseupdates saintsamiganja 📞 to the world 🌎 comeonline thisisnigeria ilitetv Cyprus nigeria lagos abuja portharcourt warri Ibadan elegushi dance london UK USA ikorodu shomoagemini shomoagemi OtumbaLamba laerryblue 9jamedia 9jaconnect ohunwakanda japa fineboyzlikeus nademdeyrushus nathemdeyrushus

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Всем доброго утра, хорошики мои 😍 Меня часто спрашивают: какие у тебя любимые латиноамериканские песни? И, отвечая на этот вопрос, я понимаю, что в моем playlist композиции как современные, так и очень старые, здесь многим не знакомые 🙈от maluma до joséjosé , от maná и rocklatino до loszafiros (ктознаеттотпоймет) Откуда такой разброс? 🧐Дело не в музыкальной всеядности 😅 а в том, что для меня прежде всего важен смысл песни и те эмоции/переживания/воспоминания, которые она во мне рождает... С этой песней 👆🏻такая история: тут мы танцуем в bailamorenadance под восхитительный кавер моей обожаемой 💜 misamores grupoextra grupoextra , но оригинал принадлежит перуанской Группе papilon , Выступление которой я видела своими глазами в любимом городе лима . Ну и сам текст 🙈 тот, кто когда-нибудь любил сильно и несчастно, чувствовал себя также ... просто latinos свои печали вытанцовывают и выпЕвают (хотя по смыслу песни и буква «И» подходит😂😅) Всем amor y paz 😍 За видео отдельное gracias моему самому любимому - elcantantedemicorazon cqplam74 timbero 😘 И imike_mib 😘 gwepaaa novosibirsk evgeniyafernandez meemborrachare bailamorenadance dance instadance instagramanet instatag dancer dancers dancemom dancelife bachata

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Dicen q ser profesor es sencillo; les diré algo... He tenido LA bendición DE enseñar DE hace años e inculcado desde casa, pues mi padre fue educador gran parte de su vida... He enseñado Teatro, danza, canto, arte aéreo, recreación... Y la satisfacción de ver los logros DE cada alumno es una satisfacción q no se puede explicar, pero deja un bienestar tan grande q hace q me permita seguir haciéndolo... Por todas aquellas personas q les he enseñado y mas aún aquellas q han permitido recibir mis conocimientos: GRACIAS!!! por todas esas hermosas vibras y darme Las ganas para seguir enseñando con mucho cariño!.... Profe modoprofe instructor poledancer poledance danza dance teacher profesor polefitness polesport

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“Why can’t every day be just this good” . Can you tell that dancing makes me happy? Not long ago, I wasn’t in a good place mentally. I felt like I was losing myself. I needed to make a change. I needed to find something that I was passionate about again. Something that made me happy, outside the walls of my home. I needed something just for ME. . Working out has been a huge outlet for me, but I needed something else. The difference in my happiness is like night and day. I feel like a new person. Every one needs to take time to do something for themselves. It’s not selfish, it’s important. . Margaritas, dancing and Travis Tritt = super fun double date. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . dance mentalhealth momof4 getfit fitlife fitfam metime fitmom country fitness happiness behappy instagood instafit linedance fitgirl

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Listen 👂 to the music and tell me I didn’t hit every beAt🎼💃🏾❤️💜🧡🖤💛( personally one of my favorite sets) this was a friendly 3v3 as you can see I got my boy Jimbo and Will Stronghold standing by my side✊🏾 binkabonk johmendoza_ ▪️bboy hiphop windmills breaking breakdance power dance ☑️

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Fashion style shoot for editorial and vintage looks.

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Casual style done right.Deepika Padukone keeps it simple and yet stylish.

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【嵐口納涼祭】 今年は、牧島、嵐口、御所浦の夏祭りに参加しました。この写真は、嵐口納涼祭で撮り貯めたものです。嵐口納涼祭では、歌や踊りの他、芋洗坂係長のお笑いライブや、魚の掴み取り大会が催されました。芋洗坂係長のネタの数々にたくさん笑いました。また、ライブ後の対応も素晴らしく、すっかり芋洗坂係長のファンになりました。来年は、横浦と与一ヶ浦の夏祭りにも参加したいなぁ。 夏祭り 熊本 天草 御所浦 嵐口 祭り 芋洗坂係長 お笑い 思い出 写真 夜空 summerfestival festival karaoke dance comedy show laugh kumamoto amakusa goshoura arakuchi summer memories photo photography sky nightsky scenery

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Casual look for a coffee date.Keep it cute simple and casual.

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This little green and black number is classy and ultra chic and is great for all occasions. Wear these pieces individually or as one complete outfit and look great no matter what.

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