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Y A Y 😀 We had such a fun day yesterday waking up at Portaventura and having the whole day to explore the theme park! 🎢🎉 We vlogged the whole day from the moment we woke up, so don't forget to check out today's NEW VIDEO which is now live! Click link in bio to watch! daddy dad mom ig_kids toddlerlife toddler mom mama mommy dad daddy kids babies newborn baby love babygirl girl daughter familytime fam family makeportraits parentingblogger babyspam parenthood mommylife momswithcameras acefamily familyphotography

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It’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. You don’t have to show what you have been through. You have made it, you are relieved. See those lines on your face? – Botox and Fillers do a great job. Daddy has declined collagen? – Various facials boost your collagen and elastin. Hair Fall? No problem PRP &Mesotherapy give you back your younger look & hair. Don’t forget to have a great skincare regime, take care of yourself 1st to take better care of the family! Woho! Here you go SUPERDADDY! Daddy fathers fathersskin men mensskincare superhero superdad drrashmishetty mensaesthetics mensstyle dad

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Number O N E. ❤️ Uvijek ces biti nas broj jedan! Nase prvo! Prva sreca, prva suza, prvi strah. Prva ljubav, prvi osmijeh, prva suza. Prvi dodir, prvi korak, nasa prva rijec, prva radost. Nase prvo cedo. Da te ne lazemo, voljet cemo mi i broj dva, broj tri, broj cetiri, pa mozda i broj pet. Ali ti, broj jedan, zauvijek ostajes poseban. Tebi smo do kraja zivota zahvalni sto si nas naucio svemu, i imao toliko strpljena sa nama. Sto si nam pokazao sto je to jedino vazno u zivotu. HVALA TI MALI PRINCU! You are one in a million Armine, ljepsi i bolji si od svake nase zelje, od svakog naseg sna, happy 1st birthday! Sve si mami & babi. Sve. ❤️ _____________________________________________ firstbirthday lovegoals soblessed geburtstag birthday maliprinc babyboy julibaby babystuff mama daddy dadlife motherhood igmoms swiss bosanka bosanac swissmom baby beba photooftheday photography fotografie potd igdaily

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KingenQueen🤗Daddy's EmpireGod's Blessings Beautiful Thursday Fams... Bless👊

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Daddy bizzle 🔥 🔝💦

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נכון נכון, אתם צודקים, קצת זנחתי אתכם... אבות יקרים! אתם מאכילים, מחליפים, מצחיקים, מקלחים, מלמדים וכמובן גם מנחמים ומרגיעים כשצריך.... גם אתם צריכים תכשיטי נשכנים! מתנה מיוחדת ושונה לגבר שזכה בטייטל החדש והכי שווה שיש ❤️ 100 אחוז סיליקון ללא BPA הסיליקון המיוחד מיוצר מאותו חומר של המוצצים ופטמות הבקבוקים בשרשרת יש סוגר מיוחד הנפתח במשיכה חזקה גם השרשרת וגם הצמידים עמידים במיוחד במים (ים ובריכה חופשי לגמרי) נשטפים בקלות עם מים וסבון לפרטים והזמנות 052-5016323 משלוחים לכל הארץ CASHIJEWELRY siliconejewellery siliconenecklace nursingnecklace nursing newborn babyteether breastfeeding baby babyboy momlife KidsIL tlvmom tlv fashion outfit ootd summertime daddy mansjewelry instagram_israel fries_ii190718

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personally I hate that crop top but Ethan def wore it better in fact he wore the shit outta that crop top slay me fkin queen slay my ass slay my dick • • ethan ethandolaners ethandolan ethandolanswife graysonators graysondolan grayson grethan fanfic fannation fanfiction daddynolan dttattoos dolantwinstuesday daddydolan dolantwins daddygrayson dolanfanfic daddy dtt dt daddyethan dolans dolan nolandolanlane nolan nolandolan turtleman turtlemanethan ethandolan graysondolan dolantwins

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i’m losing followers rip please love me

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Have anyone experienced the same? Watch till the end ❤ Double tap ❤ babiesofficial Follow 💙 babies.official Follow 💙 babies.official Follow ❤ babies.official Follow 💚 babies.official . 📷 🎥 babies.videos . . . . babies mybabies cutebaby igbabies babiesofig cutebabies newborn mommy newyork proudmommy friends washington family daddy california miami american mybabygirl mybabyboy lovemybaby babyfashion funny kidsfashion istanbul moscow sanfrancisco travel love luxury . All rights reserved to respective owners

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y’all sorry i forgot to post for like 2 days

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🌼🌼🌼 👧🏻بابایی وقتی سرم رو شونته دنیا زیر سرمه🌍 👨🏻تو خودت دنیای منی دلوینم😍 وطنی ——————————————— Mincing baby😄😍 delvin.shoja 👧🏻 ——————————————— daddykhoobbabacreativecreativebaby fathergoodfatherboygirlmomideacutecutebabymodelingjustbabychildcute پدرپدرانهمادرفامیلیایدهخلاقیتپدرباباپدرخوببچهنوزادستخانوادهخوشبختیمدل

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Off to Nursery and Bye to preparatory class. Congratulations my Darling, many more graduations to come by the grace of God. proudfamily daddy daughter graduation

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and then you buy me roses and it’s fine 🌹

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Watch me get my wait up the best chocolate flavor gymlife daddy

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22 years today 👼 Isn't it crazy that you can miss and love someone so much yet never got the chance to meet them ? Another year closer to finally meeting you, to finally hearing your voice and to finally be able to hug you Dad 💞 - - - - - instagramhub instadaily instagramers followme followforfollowback like4likes likeforfollow likeforlikes love followtrain following follower followers followme follow4followback sydney melbourne australia cancer rip dad likeforalike restinparadise restinparadisedaddy restinpeace braintumor daddy missyou loveyou braincancer