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Lets be honest. Diaper changing your active baby is a big fat pain in the a** . We’ve all been here at some point with our babies as this phase can last anywhere from 3 months right up until 18 months old . It’s not easy but it should be. And it is if you own a Bubba hug 😊

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oh hey, feel free to read or simply don’t. Nice to meet you have some coffee and relax💗 this account will be dedicated to my weebish aesthetic dom side. I mean no harm in my further posts although if I do offend anyone simply let me know. I am a Libra I’m sixteen (nearly seventeen in like two weeks) and I would love to meet new people who are apart of ddlg or even just aesthetic anime lovers. However I don’t have many active followers :( but hopefully they will grow. Thanks for reading☕️. - - - - - - - - - - aesthetic anime weeb daddy ddlg cute 90s lfl dom daddydom safe tumblr coffee lfl l4l daddyspace cgl littlespace

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Remember until October 15th couple photos are only 85$ in grants pass, (traveling costs may vary) whether it’s your significant other, best friend or your mom I don’t care 💕😂 book it within these last warm days we have 😭 . . . . candidcouplephotographyphotographermaternityshootblackandwhitelovemarriageelopementphotographerweddingphotographykissmommyandmemommyanddaddymaternityflowercrownmommabearmaternityfashioninlovedaddybellybumpkimonolonghairdarkhairmaternitydresslengeriemotherhoodmotherdaughterbabygirlpregnantsavvyphotographydesert

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drove a boat for the first time today 🌊🏞🛥

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Tropic like it's hot 🌴☀️