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Watch out Sonam Kapoor wedding hungama .... Shahrukh & Salman dancing together on Mika's song... WOW sonamkapoorwedding sonamkapoor sonamahuja shahrukhkhan shahrukkhan salmankhan salman salmaniacs Follow kollywoodiary to get all latest updates and DM your pictures to get featured in our page at free of cost 👇 👇 👇 kollywoodiary kollywood kollywoodcinema kollywoodactor tollywood tollywoodactress instapic instagood picoftheday instafit instagirl instahot instacutie cutiepie tollywoodcinema tamilmovie tamilcinema

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Video Vadia Lage Ta Follow Jarur Kare O Ji😊 🇫 🇴 🇱 🇱 🇴 🇼➡ preet_galley ❤❤ punjabipics 🔵 punjabiquotes ✍📃 musicvideo 🎧🎥🎬 MORE FUTURE POST 📰 KEEP SUPPORT FOLLOW SHARE punjabilines amritsar punjabicouples weddingsutra munde punjabiwedding punjabivideos punjabisongs pind punjabisuits indianwedding patialashahi punjabisinger lehenga punjabis jatt jattiyan sardarni att sira ghaint punjabistatus punjabicouple punjabifashion makeup cutiepie Follow-preet_galley

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💧 Vivi is a picky eater. refuse to eat any wet food But a cat that eats only dry food is no different from a human diet that only eats cereal every day(without milk). I think it was because she only ate dry food when she was young (It means when she was growing up with another owner🤬). I have to try more until I find her favorite wet food. I am sorry for cats who live on the street that they cannot even eat dry food. . . 생식은 너무 어렵고 주식캔과 건사료가 균형을 이루는 식단을 하고 싶은데 젖은 음식을 싫어하고 간식 조차도 건조시킨 져키류만 좋아하는 비비🤔 인간아이들도 이유식 때 골고루 접해봐야 일반식 먹을 때 편식이 덜하다는데 비비 또한 자묘일 때 건사료만 먹고 자라 그런게 아닐까...? 전 주인에게 특별히 잘 먹는게 뭐냐 물었을 때 다 잘먹는다고 했는데... 다 잘먹긴 😒 주식이라 나왔지만 간식에 가까운 기호성 좋다는 캔들 다 버림. 냄새&맛이 강한 간식캔도 거부하는데 주식이라고 먹을까.. 😩 차라리 길냥이들에게 나눠 주고 한 숟갈만 퍼와서 남은걸 비비 먹일까 싶고..😱 돈이 아깝기 보다 못먹고 봉지밥 허겁지겁 먹는 길 위에 아이들 생각하니 미안해진달까.. 😭 (feat. 오늘도 2800원 짜리 캔을 통째로 버려서 맴찢)

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Officially 2 months old today! I love... •to smile •to stick my tongue out •going outside •my swing •mommy, daddy, brother •food, A LOT of food And I’m getting pretty good at holding my head up too 😊💕 cutiepie babygirl 2monthsold gettingsobig family love

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I love snuggles with this lil cutie ❤️❤️

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Thanks Momma Misti for the chocolate covered strawberries. This Outlaw sure loved them. sogood strawberries cutiepie

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me: dre give me a kisss dre: ignored me me: dreee haha dre: 😙 "buuurrrtttt on me" me: ewwww 😂 dre: peace out✌🏼 gottalovehim nephew cutiepie

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Mom and dad's pride and joy, their one and only... because two people fell in love. 💙

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I love him 😭 also I Lowkey wish I could sleep till the weekend because I have a Spanish writing test tomorrow then on Thursday and Friday I have a speaking test so R.I.P. me Lol, I have to go study now but I hope you have an amazing rest and I hope you eat lots of good foods and drink lots of water! Love you bye!💕✨ »»————-✨————-«« Follow mintty_yoongi For More!☺️ »»————-✨————-«« ✨Wanna talk? DM me!✨ »»————-✨————-«« Tags: cutie cutiepie cutenessoverload adorable yoongi yoongibts btsyoongi yoongicute cuteyoongi minyoongi minyoongicute cuteminyoongi minyoongibts btsminyoongi suga sugabts btssuga cutesuga sugacute bts btsarmy armybts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan kpop

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I got to take Landon on a date today... we ate lunch at rainforest cafe. It was adorable to watch him watch the fake animals and the noises they make 😂 lunchdate nephew cutiepie

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🐕: ❤️