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hey peeps i made a dance account cuz ik i dance to much on my other account so here it goes hope you guys give feedback on how I do ❤ i will post more soon !. . beyonce Coachella Performance Crazy In Love Breakdown crazyinlove beyonce queenbey explorepage

33 minutes ago

Это несомненно наше с kinglion39 лучшее фото!😻😹 спасибо огромное нашим друзьям, которые помогали и отлично веселились весь день! Без вас ну никуда😹 18.08.2018❤️свадьбагодаcrazyinloveмужжена

1 hour ago

Volare sopra Corfù... Fatto! 🎈 😎 .

1 hour ago

My heart is fulfill with so much love from you, Brasil. A flashback from this past weekend!! What an Unforgettable time. Love u Brasil! Until next time. Muito Obrigado 😜🇧🇷👈🏼 JOY CrazyInLove Brasil BeloHorizonte joyfinho

1 hour ago

It takes two to tango...

2 hours ago

нехватка тебя, порой, бывает очень острой пропадает улыбка, сон,погибает покой. понимаешь, у меня все очень просто, мое счастье в секундах проведенных с тобой.💕 . . . . . loveyou mylove lover lovevines lovedazz love crazyinlove lovehim

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Celebrating one year in Asia 😼 🇲🇴🇭🇰🇨🇳🇯🇵 crazyinlove macau

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Güncel 》》 Aretha Franklin'in son Rolling Stone röportajında Beyoncé hakkında söyledikleri; (Part 2) 💫 ~Keşfetten gelenler "💙" bıraksın ♡ Beyhive Beyoncé Jayoncé Jayz

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》》 VMAs için heyecanlı mısınız? 🌟 - Ben çok heyecanlıyım.Nerede ve kiminle oturduklarını görmedim o yüzden çok merak ediyorum.Umarım katılırlar 🙇‍♀️ ~Keşfetten gelenler "💙" bıraksın ♡ Beyhive Beyoncé Jayz Jayoncé

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Güncel 》》 Aretha Franklin'in son Rolling Stone röportajında Beyoncé hakkında söyledikleri; (Part 1) 💫 ~Keşfetten gelenler "💙" bıraksın ♡ Beyhive Beyoncé Jayoncé Jayz

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baby you are all I need. crazyinlove ⚓️

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As the gorgeous sign elrosabyarcandfamily says, “Crazy in Love” with the life I’m creating for myself. There are challenges, up points, down points and uncertain moments, like everyone, but the overall feel is uplifted and inspired. It’s been a looonnngggg journey to get to a point where everything is in balance - earning money from work I love doing, being surrounded by good people who are “for” me, achieving inner peace, health and fitness. I didn’t follow the traditional path set out for me of studying and working from the age of 18, instead I’ve experimented with various jobs, until I found what makes me genuinely happy inside. For me, that’s singing and acting, and I had to really stay strong against my family’s wishes, in order to pursue these avenues, because they’ve never thought them to be worthy or acceptable ways to earn money. But I realised early on that my life is only mine to live - no-one else’s wishes and dreams will make me content with my lot, only mine will. Please don’t get me wrong - I’m thankful to have earned the degrees I have, and wouldn’t change my decision to study at all, because I learned a lot, but for now, this way of doing life feels like balance, and I’m Crazy in Love with it! 🤩. . . Style sheikeandco nobodyjeans _mimco cellini_sport targetaus . . . . . . . lifegoals life goals singer singersongwriter pinkdecor architecture brisbanearchitecture pinkgoals curvygirl happyhealthy balancedlife balancedlifestyle power mentalhealth makeyourownpath lifeinspiration lifemotivation crazyinlove strength lifejourney brisbanestyle brisbanecoffee brisbanebeauty brisbanegirl loveyourlife createthelifeyouwant photography photograph photogrid preview.app

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У нас есть только этот миг✨Миг, в котором мы молоды и влюблены. Миг, в котором мы счастливы и свободны. Миг, в котором нам хорошо здесь. Миг, в котором мы знаем, что дома ждут ❤️❤️ crazyinlove deepinlove lovelovelove loveyou traveltogether

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왕댯님 싸라해 ㅎ ㅎㅎ ㅎ

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