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3 weeks ago

Cheers to a great 12 days in Croatia and Paris! 🇭🇷🇫🇷❤️ Love all the people I met and experiences I had but am so glad to be back home in Greenville with my Hazel pup! 🐶 🎉And also a big cheers to you, my followers for nominating me for greenvillenews BestofTheUpstate Social Media Influencer! 🙌 I’d greatly appreciate your vote so hit that link in my bio and vote for me! Hazel says I’m her favorite nominee 😍 although she’s super biased. 🤣 || ChristenEatsCroatia

3 weeks ago

Croatia would not have been the same without these amazing women! [Missing a few of the ladies in this photo]

4 weeks ago

Just landing in the states and already wishing I was back on my Croatian sailboat. nofilter because it truly was this beautiful.

1 month ago

When traveling bring your best friend.

1 month ago

6 cities including a layover, 5 flights, numerous boat/ferry rides. Beautiful views with even better food. From cave bars, to forest clubs and small pubs in between. New friends and old friends and lots of laughter. Croatia was one for the books. Živjeli until next time. (More pics and video to come) contikicroatia wanderlust

1 month ago

Finding caves off the ocean and perching on rocks. Just call us mermaids.

1 month ago

Successfully walked the walls of Old Town - Dubrovnik aka Kings Landing! gringatakescroatia

9 months ago

Wild Night in Hvar with some great people. Ps. I stole this picture from clarissabottos to remind her that she still has to try pineapple on pizza 🍕

9 months ago

These lovely people put up with my bucket hat for a whole week ❤️contikicroatia

10 months ago

Completed: Amazing 14 day euro tour ✔️ 53 new mates ✔️ . To do: Back to Croatia to catch more pink swans... ☀️🐚🌊