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İster kilise olsun ister camii isterse de başka bir tapınak dualar ve yakarışlar hep bir.

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Words can’t describe how amazing the last 2 days have been experiencing my dream of exploring and sleeping in the Amazon rainforest. We went on a bush walk, night walk then on the river boat in the pitch black to see the caimans!! Some of the animals we were so lucky to find included a sloth, bush master snake, red howler monkeys, vultures, macaws, pirañas, fireflys, giant river otters and tarantulas! 🐍🕷🦋 Amazon rainforest wildlife nature tarantula cayman firefly southamerica contiki travel wanderlust noregrets peru amazonrainforest

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Stopped at piazzale Michelangelo in Florence to take a few pictures and a group photo then headed to Tuscany for an amazing dinner. I was stuffed... had meats and crustini with olives, chicken and cheese, and a beef liver (which I tried and surprisingly kinda liked). Then we had zucchini risotto, Tuscan pappa al pomodoro (tomato and bread soup- but thick), pasta, pork (one of the things the area is famous for, delicious!) with crunch pig skin garnish (pretty good) and potatoes. Then a surprise dessert with champagne for us and the one other couple on their honeymoon. 🇮🇹💗🍝🍷😍 so aside from losing my voice, today was pretty great! florence italy tuscany piazzalemichelangelo amazingview honeymoon husbandandwife contiki simplyitaly pork champagne pasta risotto foodporn wine

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Changing money after inflation's gone and done a number on ya 💸 Somaliland Somali

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Yesterday we did the sea life centre (because we’ve not seen enough fish already) and Madame Tussaud’s. Getting that close to the king penguins was amazing! 🐧 I also met Liam Hemsworth 😉

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On my drive up to Vandenberg I drove past pepperdine, and then promptly turned back after seeing the thousands of flags adorning their campus. It’s called WavesOfFlags, and it honors all who died during the September 11th attacks. A lovely installation that I won’t soon forget. 🇺🇸 Taken with the fujifilm_northamerica X-Pro2 and lensrentals’ rented XF 50-140 f2.8.

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“We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us.” _____________________________________ Euro Trip ⚫️ Day 2 ⚫️ 9/20/18 _____________________________________ • • • • europe eurotrip contiki couplegoals Germany🇩🇪 Switzerland🇨🇭 France🇫🇷 London🇬🇧 Amsterdam dam🇳🇱 Italy🇮🇹 travelingcouple coupleswhotravel europetravel travelexploring sightseeing wondersoftheworld coupleswhotravel travelfitness coupleswhotravel adventuretime europeanfood beautifulcities beautifullocations beauty travelinglove destinations beautyaroundtheworld aroundtheworld culture

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Hidden locations in Santorini 💙🇬🇷

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I always love Greek gods myths since I was a teenager. The stories of how gods were born or what they do or how they interact with other gods / the mortals are just unbelievable, dramatic, fearsome, intriguing... To me, it was a special feeling to come to the Acropolis of Athens. I unexplainably felt connected and bit emotional . . . greece🇬🇷 athens acropolisofathens ilovegreece🇬🇷 thatfeeling athena godofwisdom athenatemple greekgod amatuerphotography learningphotography tripdiaries travelblogging lovetraveling topgreecephoto hashtag contiki noregrets photographypractice sharefeelings 2018trip willreturn blogger travel photography

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Fabulous place! 🇨🇦

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Tour doesn't start for 2 more days and already found new drinking buddies contiki beers

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What a memory! contiki 컨티키 컨티키한국 travelwithnoregrets So different yet so understanding group I’ve ever met. Contiki Korea called me today for a review, and I just couldn’t stopped talking about our trip, more so the group. Everyone of you really made this memory more unforgettable, thank you all💋