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13 minutes ago

This is the sky when the storm first rolled in last night. It had gotten very dark, then suddenly turned bright yellow! It was windy and we got some rain but nothing bad. Thankful for the cooler weather today! Happy Saturday, Friends! 💛

22 minutes ago

I'll be "black" soon ☁

31 minutes ago

I'm happy that summer is over!! Hate to sound negative, but it wasn't a good one for me😔 I'm a fighter, though. I'll remember the positives, life lessons, and go forward into my favorite season with hope🌸💖🌸 happyfall firstdayoffall myfavorite fall autumn hope soilderon sunsetsofinstagram sunset peaceful jackjohnson fitbit walk nofilterneeded loveflorida florida sky skylovers nature_lovers pines silhouette palms cloudlovers worlds_bestsky strength saturdaymood inmyfeelings blessed

59 minutes ago

It’s going to be a good beach day! September 22 2018

1 hour ago

come, let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down sunlight on your skin when i’m not around shit don’t feel the same when you’re out of town so come, let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down . . . . . . . . . . cloud clouds cloudporn cloudy cloud9 cloudchaser cloudchasing cloud_skye cloudscape cloudyday cloudstagram cloudchasers cloudlife cloudnine cloudlovers cloudsporn clouds_of_our_world cloudysky instacloud instaclouds sky skyporn skyline skylovers skyscraper skywatcher skyviewers

1 hour ago

In my place ❤️🌊

6 hours ago

O frenetiche notti! Se fossi accanto a te, Queste notti frenetiche sarebbero La nostra estasi! Futili i venti A un cuore in porto: Via la bussola, Via la carta Vogare nell’Eden! Ah, il mare! Se potessi ancorarmi Stanotte in te! Emily Dickinson

1 week ago

// ciel de coton ☁️