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زماني كه از دو رنگ سياه و سفيد در لباس خود استفاده ميكنيد ، برای این که ظاهر شما خسته کننده به نظر نیاید می‌توانید از رنگ‌هاي ديگر در اكسسوري خود کمک بگیرید. از آن جایی که رنگ مشکی و سفید با هر رنگ دیگری قابلیت ست شدن دارد، می‌توانید سلیقه خود را لحاظ کنید fashionblogger fashiondesigner fashionstyle fashionpost fashionwoman fashiongirl model fashionmodel dress clothes chic classy مد فشن فشن_ایرانی فشن_مدل vogue celebrity طراحي_لباس اكسسوري پيراهن_شيك شيك زنانه ترند برند پيراهن_زنانه fashionpassionbyniloofar carolinaherrera brand

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Blusa manga comprida R$34,99

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Day Off ✌️

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4200 msnm. Superando expectativas, desbloqueando logros. Move your ass and start to explore multiple universes, leave your comfort zone, and scream because you're alive 🌬🏔 amando mi thenorthfacemx

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Im in love with the raw, natural, organic and real human state. The bed head, the yawns, the stretches that pull up your shirt, the way wind blows your hair, the laughing so hard you tear up, the sleepy eyes, the butterflies in your stomach moments, the smile that turns into a laugh that turns into a cry, the bumping shoulders with the people next to you walking, the handholds, when you blush and when you stumble over a sentence because you can’t stop laughing at what you’re about to say. The true moments that hold no mask over us, that is purely us. No embarrassment, no shyness. Only pure and raw and under appreciated moments like these that I fall in love with being alive. Ph: crampuz

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Pink is punk. Foto: Sem Moya.

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For never.

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Handsome Devil.

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Pingüino playero.

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3rd world problems 🙄