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No dia 21 de agosto, a nosso Diretor executivo Cristiano Villela, e nossa Gerente de qualidade do CIC, Adriana Reis estarão presentes no Workshop - análise Sensorial do Concurso da Qualidade de Amêndoas do Cacau Capixaba, em Linhas (ES)! Estão todos convidados! . . . beantobar cocoa cocoainnovation cacau cacaudeorigem bahia centrodeinovaçãodocacau cic chocolate tecnologia conhecimento cabruca Indicaçãogeografica costadocacau chocolate chocolatefino chocolatedequalidade beantobar mataatlantica sulbahia brasil brazil analisesensorial testedecorte análisequímica amendoadecacau forumdocacau

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"Jangan jadi sebagian besar orang, banyak orang yang menyerah di impiannya" ~ David Beckham. Hai sob kepoii ig kitaa ada : ~ Nyoklat Klasik. Minuman coklat Rasa Dunia ....Hemm mau tahu Rasa apa aja ada Rasa Original , Coffe milk, Coffe, Greentea, milk, cheese Rock, Jahe, mix, dll.. Kamu juga bisa request Toping apa ajaa. ..Goodtime, wafer, bread, aneka Fruits, Aneka jelly, keju, oreo, kismis, ceres, aneka Soda, chip, bubble, stick, kurma, Astor, ddl ~Kingkonepizza ( cone berbentuk kerucut) , Yg Aneka Rasa..yaitu Kingkone Banana, Kingkone Sosis, Kingkone Double meat, kingkone Wafeer, Kingkone Stawberry, Kingkone stick meeat, dll ~warung pulungan menyediakan nasi gr, mie gr, bihun gr, ayam penyet, ikan bakar, kwetiau gr, Anek. Jus, burger dll ~ warung bahagia, dan ~food court... Follow nyoklatklasikyossudarso_medan Jngan Lupa ya sob... kunjungi outlet - outlet nya....! nyoklatklasik nyoklatklasikyossudarso complite chocho cheesecake nypklatklasikyossudarso nyoklatku kingkonepizza nyoklateverything nyoklatenak nyoklathitz nyoklatbangetzz icechocolatte chocolatecake icechocolatte kingkonepizza nasigoreng nyoklatmantap nyoklateverything nyoklatku nyoklatasik chocolate chocho cheesy ukm entrepreneurlife entrepreneurship food Medan, Indonesia

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Amamos essa combinação! Morango e muito chocolate 😍❤️🤩. Assinado por chefjessicacoelho

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Miren lo que es esta TORTA BROWNIE!! 😲 . ✔SIN AZÚCAR AGREGADA. ✔SIN MANTECA. ✔APTA PARA CELÍACOS. ✔SUPER HÚMEDO. . Etiqueta a tu amig y/o familiar que muere por una torta asi!!🙆 . 🍫INGREDIENTES: -100 gr de chocolate. -2 cucharadas sopera de maicena. -1/2 taza de leche. -2 cucharadas soperas de cacao. -1 cucharada sopera de edulcorante liquido. -1 cucharadita de polvo para hornear. -3 huevos. -1 cucharada de aceite. -Dulce de leche. -Queso crema. -3 Frutillas. -2 kiwis. . 🍫PROCEDIMIENTO: -Batir los huevos durante unos minutos hasta que dupliquen su volumen. -Por otro lado calentar la leche con el chocolate en el microondas o a baño maría hasta que se derrita el chocolate. - En un recipiente mezclar la maicena con un poco de la leche con el chocolate derretido hasta que quede bien integrado. ☡OJO si ponen la maicena directamente en la preparación quedan grumos. - En el bowl que tiene los huevos incorporar la leche con el chocolate derretido, la maicena (ya integrada), el aceite, el edulcorante, el polvo para hornear y el cacao. -Mezclar hasta que quede todo integrado. - Colocar la preparación en un molde de silicona o si no es de silicona enharinar el molde antes. -Cocinar en el horno a fuego medio durante 20-30 minutos aproximadamente. . 🍫Cobertura: -Mezclar dulce de leche y queso crema a gusto. -Cortar los kiwis y las frutillas. . 👉Cuando la torta ya esté fría colocar la preparación de dulce de leche y queso crema por arriba y luego la fruta (pueden elegir la que quieran) . ¿Quien se anima y hace esta bomba ?🙆 . Nutricion ComidaSaludable Healthy Argentina Brownie TortaBrownieNF Glutenfree Celiacos InstaFood Chocolate Casero Frutillas Kiwi Chocolate

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I finally had the chance to taste the gelato I made these days at the right temperature (actually, one is a plum sorbetto, while the other isn't exaclty chocolate gelato as it's usually meant, but can't be really called a sorbet either, mostly because chocolate itself contains too much fat, but definitions are not too firmly set). This was my first ever attempt at this kind of product, and I must say I am totally satisfied. They both have this sort of creamy texture, within the scope of what a water based gelato allows, they are not sweet beyond what is required by good taste, they don't melt too quickly, they don't feel cold in a way that bothers. To guide me in this journey, I chose to follow all the knowledge contained in this great book published by slowfoodeditore. I found all the ingredients I needed, like fibers and others, I made my own balancing tables with all the calculations for the quantity of sugar, water and other solids, and then went a bit freestyle when I couldn't control some parameters (ex glucose syrup without the info I needed to be accurate), and when it came to churning in the icecream maker I borrowed from a friend's mother. The protagonists here are these plums which grow in the garden of one of my mother's colleagues, and this 71% cocoa darkchocolate by chocolatstellaofficial, an important chocolate maker here in ticino. I really had a lot of fun making gelato, and I may get myself one of those machines at some point. food homemade vegan glutenfree gelatoartigianale swisschocolate summer pastrychef

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Una idea. No que hiciera falta 😉. Nuestros helados suaves de yogurtgriego y trufa de chocolate (vegano) Que seas muy feliz hoy ✨

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Weekendens hyggekage ❤️ Den bestod af vaniljebunde, mørk chokolademousse med stykker af orangechokolade, brombærcreme og brombærmousse 🌸 Kanten er lyserød marcipanbånd, der er præget med hjerter ❤️ Blev den ikke fin? 😍 Se hvordan jeg har lavet kagen i min fastgjorte story ❤️ . . . kage cake cakedecorating cakedesign chocolate chocolateflower sanneskager brombær chokolade kagepynt instacake instagood instafood pink weekend camping nyborgsroom callebautchocolate cakesandmore.dk specialmomentdk

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Chill with the CarTunes 🌴

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Raspberries, pistachios, and crunchy pearls oh my. These white chocolate candy bars were made during our Pastry Program's chocolate course by chef instructor michelernots

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So I made banoffee pie cupcakes. It is one of my fav dessert but it is sometimes tedious to make so I thought “why don’t I cupcake-fy it?” There is a digestive biscuit base, a banana & vanilla cupcake filled with dulce de Leches and topped with vanilla whipped cream, chocolate dusting and a banana. :) Felt amazing to bake after so long and I feel that it looks much cuter all by itself. ——————————————- Also, you can now donate meals through the Zomato app for the Kerala flood victims! All you have to do is go to order food online and there, you can contribute meals :) It’s very simple and every single donation counts!

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Showing the girls what an “old school” milkshake is.

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Ciao Ragazzi Finally my vacation is over and will be back to my projects 😅 in Munich No more vacation pictures for the some moment but it does not mean no travel ❤️❤️❤️ Travel goes always! Like a glass of wine or like some cold water in warm summer days. To be honest I already miss Munich, my clean and very well organized city, and of course it’s healthy food, omg I cannot forget about my zumba classes 😍 Italy such a nice vacation place, with their delicious espresso , pizza , pasta , wines sun and the history ————————————————————————- venchi chocolate food vacay outfit rome roma rom lifestyle travelpics triplover

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Amiga Quer aprender a ficar na moda? . Se vestir perfeitamente e Ser Notada pelas amigas? . Clique no Link da BIO E Saiba Como Milhares de Mulheres estão Aprendendo a Ficar na moda com estilo. Aprendendo a Combinar Roupas a se Automaquiar e Muito Mais . awesome perfect fashion inspire instafashion moda instagood bomdia makeup happyday like4like tutorialmakeup diy cute art blogger tips chocolate baby style love dress hair nail female modafeminina photo photography nice bijuterias

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A big thank you to everyone that made it to celebrate my birthday with me today 😘 Thank you for all the lovely gifts ❤️ It's been a really lovely day 😊 A little bit leftover cake 😅 so I got some if I get someone over tomorrow 😋 and probably there will be leftovers to take to work on Monday 🤗 (my coworkers are surely praying for that 😅) Both sweet cakes are glutenfree and the sandwichcake is vegeterian . Gelatin used in the chocolate cake is vegan 😊

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Play no sabadão que a Melows Cakes está marcando presença! 🙊🙊🙊 . 📸 Cake de Chocolate com Recheio de Brigadeiro e Doce de Leite! . . Cakeboard Ouro ultrafestbrasil

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My latest art work in the serie EMOTIONS is painted on an unstretched canvas. Great to give yourself a challenge to see if you succeed. Hope you agree that I did? «Your desire hits me like hot chocolate» • 85x150cm • Acrylic on canvas