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I've probably watched this video about 5 times and I can't get over this tattoo and how much meaning it has behind it. What especially affected me was that he mentioned the incident in where he and Gray were both badly hurt emotionally and physically :'^( I legit cried, these boys deserve nothing but happiness... -🌺 [ L ] ———————————— {tags}- I g n o r e ↓ ethandolan graysondolan nolandolan dolantwins dolantwinstuesday dolantwinsfanpage dolantwinsfandom ethangrantdolan graysonbaileydolan camerondolan cameronjunedolan lisadolan seandolan dolanfam

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Summer is allowed to come🔥🔥

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“if I stay here would you come back?” - this is one of my favourite songs right now! It’s “coming over” by James Hersey - soft Ethan makes my heart go 💞💗💘💕💖💓💝💞💓💖 - fc: 2,170 vc: sonderlvst <3 Riverdale acc : colespirouse Tom Holland acc: thomas.hxlland - dolantwins thedolantwins graysondolan ethandolan ethandolanedits graysondolanedits ethanandgrayson eandgray dolantwinsimagines camerondolan dolanfandom dolans ethangrant graysonbailey ethangrayson dolanvideo dolanedit dolanedits dolanarmy dolantwinsdrawing dolanmemes dolantwintuesday bromieomie

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is typing... — so much has been happening lately and I just want to remind you guys that EVERYDAY is a BLESSING. don’t take it for granted. spread positivity and love infinitely. smile, always(: I love you guys. 🤞🏽♥️