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Have I ever crossed your thoughts? Because your name’s all over mine ❤️🎧

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Меня часто просят - “Расскажи нам про бюджетное, уютное место в центре Киева, где можно вкусно покушать ?” Так вот, кафе nomnom_cafe имннно такое место! В заведении панорамные окна-стены, красивая витрина со сладостями, легкий и ненавязчивый интерьер, три зала, приятный и улыбчивый персонал, очень чисто и уютно! Ну и конечно цены, прайс очень приемлемый: паста от 75 гр, бургер меню с картошкой фри и колой от 130 гр, пироги и супы от 60 гр, кофе 30-45, десерты тоже от 45 гр! Порции больши, все что пробовала на вкус понравилось ! Находится nomnom_cafe на первом этаже бизнес центра «Евразия» по адресу: ул. Жилянская 75. . . . kievblog kievday kievgirls kiev🇺🇦 ukraine_blog ukrainegirl relaxingtime relaxin relaxmode bloglife happygirls ukraine🇺🇦 cafestagram cafè cafeкафешка рестораны ресторанныйдень restaurantweek restaurantlife prettywoman prettyface prettylady beautifulpic cutepic brunettegirls brunettebeauty selfiegirl selfieday

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BLONDE 💕 The gorgeous fifi_von_strudel came in on Saturday (all the way from Brunswick) and rebecca_thesalonofhastings worked her magic once again! Check out these before and after photos! Does your blonde need brightening!? 💕 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ hairstyle haircolour platinumblonde shinyhair thesalonofhastings blondehair precisioncutters experts makeup daplex haircareaustralia brunettesdoitbetter colourprofessionals feelgood lookgood foilmefoils balayage blondespecialists healthyhair futureproof zenzalternative elevenaustralia mrsmith peninsulawoman morningtonpeninsula hastings napoleonperdis nobleach

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Hakuna matata 🐸Montag 😊 Da hatte ich ja gestern fast richtig getippt ⚽😁 dumm nur, dass das eine Tor für die falsche Seite fiel 😂💪😊 Heute: 🔥VERWEIBLICHUNG DURCH SAFTGUMMIBÄRCHEN🔥 ↪ℹJoin the Team and ▶▶Spread the message😊▶ justsportsnobullshit ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ▶🔹Teil 7🔹◀ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖ Kommen wir heute zu dem Phänomen, das leider besonders Anfängern und unerfahrenen Athleten oftmals widerfährt, wenn Sie das erste Mal glauben, ihre "Abkürzung" in Form von Saftgummibärchen einschlagen. Wie wir also gestern gelernt haben, muss das zugeführte, 🔹freie Testosteron an den sogenannten 🔹Androgenrezeptoren andocken. Sind nun wie wir gestern gelernt haben, einfach zu ⚠wenig Rezeptoren vorhanden, verbleibt das Testosteron erstmal im Blut. Logischerweise möchte der Körper es dort ⚠nicht dauerhaft belassen. Was nun passiert, nennt sich 🔹Metabolismus. Der Körper beginnt nämlich, dass in rauen Mengen vorhandene 👍Testosteron in 👎Östrogen umzuwandeln. ⚠Was das jetzt bedeutet brauche ich wohl keinem mehr erklären. Wofür sorgt Östrogen im Körper? Eben für Dinge wie 🔹verstärkten Fettansatz, 🔹Brustwachstum, 🔹Reduktion der Libido beim Mann ... auf gut deutsch eine ⚠Feminisierung. Um es also auf den Punkt zu bringen, das exakte ⚠Gegenteil davon, was der Konsument mit seinem Saftgummibärchen eigentlich erreichen wollte. An alle die darüber nachdenken.. Da kann wirklich verdammt viel ⚠schiefgehen. Also Finger weg! Sowas sollte man immer mit Vorsicht genießen, auch wenn der Dealer hinter dem McFeet oder FitY euch erzählt, es wäre total harmlos ✌ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ mexico happyhappyhappy positivethoughts mondayvibes probroarmy fitfamde fitx sopot gymbuddy blondgirl kreuzberg chai fitone ga_army zecplus koblenz fitfamgermany orleans magnifique muskeln frankfurtammain smilodox writersofig heidelberg berliner youvsyou gymjunkie brunettesdoitbetter elcamino

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Me and Meghan Lee Bryan at Slammedenuff 2018 in College Park, GA. I met this dime or dominant damstrell last year at the Georgia World Congress Center for Slammedenuff 2017. I had very great, intellectual words with her since then. I thought I would never see her again, even though she's a Floridian resident. Until April 2018, I met her again in the 'hood. She's not afraid to do some "manly" work. As she says and some of her merchandise implies, she's an example of wifey material. WifeyMaterial FunkFashion realwomanalert Slammedenuff2018 internationalconventioncenter highlydesirable Sheissuchararity collegepark slammed girlpower importchicks importchicksdoitbetter doitbetter addidas casualstyle model brunettesdoitbetter fromflorida collegeparkga tricities lowered chicksandcars attractive curves behumble freespirited fitmentonpoint canibeat bootygang

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. I was reading an article about a week ago that most people do not have true green eyes...that most often they are either hazel, or were blue...and then brown melanin cells start to cover the iris, then turning your blue peepers into green peepers. I am most certain I had blue eyes for a while there when I was very little. I’m not sure when they changed over exactly, but I do enjoy my “unofficial” green eyes. Science is fascinating to me, especially genetics. I always loved figuring out if something was a dominant or recessive trait in biology class in high school. What color eyes do all y’all have? 👀👀👀👀 . And....Yes, I was wearing my hair in pigtails yesterday. Lol. (I was also wearing bright green heart shaped sunglasses and was about to go to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade) You don’t always have to act your age 😉 . jeeperscreeperswheredyougetthosepeepers peepers eyes greeneyes selfie selfieportrait tattooed freckles blackhair brunettesdoitbetter supernerd talknerdytome allelesareawesome

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My favorite program EVERRR is officially DONE!! . 3 months ago, my corporate mentor told me that I was selected to participate in the test group for the brand new program that was going to be released this fall (or NOW for my VIP peeps! 💕) and I was shocked, honored, and so freakin’ excited!! . But I was also scared…I said YES not knowing anything about it. I don’t LOVE working out. I hate cardio. And I knew that the last 2 months of ago are the absolute BUSIEST for me as a middle school band director. . So when we got started and I found out that the workouts were only FOUR days a week, for only 30 MINUTES, and the nutrition plan left plenty of room for treats to be enjoying, I knew I got this 🥂👌🏻 . Workouts are a combination of strength training & high intensity interval training (cardio!) for best results. Every single workout is different and fast paced to maximize the most out of every minute. The trainer is one of my favs (and not bad to look at, ladies 😬) & his cues were SO HELPFUL for this girl who is not obsessed with fitness, but knows that it enhances the quality of her life. . I’m starting a LIIFT 4 VIP Test Group for any busy ladies looking for a workout & nutrition program to fit into their busy lives and travel schedule that will get them great results. . …and there are no cutting carbs (you actually HAVE to eat them on this plan 🙌🏻)!! . Leave a 💙 & I’ll send you the details, or reserve your spot by filling out the form in my bio!

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This pose is the hardest! If my flexibility has never been great at least my abs used to be strong... I want to do boxing again but hesitating on the style as there is no French boxing club in Kobe... Please have a look on the account of the fantastic artist who participate in the creation of this photo by clicking on their account on the picture or here: Nail → Lady Lowrider ♡ http://nailaddict.simdif.com/ Makeup → rinats_kobe ♡ Office → ジャイグル 。 。 。 ご仕事のご依頼はDMでお願いします♡ 。 。 。 model モデル fashionmodel fashion サロンモデル サロモ ファッション ファッションモデル コーディネート coordinate 今日のコーデ コーデ 外国人モデル rockabilly l4l いいね返しfashion fashionmodel frenchgirl ootd brunettesdoitbetter brunette 大阪モデル fashionsnap ファッションスナップ portrait ポートレート pinup 50s ネイル ネイルモデル

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👏👏Golden hour👏👏

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My hair does cool things too.

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My friends make cool things🔥

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Blurred lines🔥 (3/3)

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Girl why are you plain with me✨ (1/3)

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Current status: mid hair toss while drinking my 3rd coke & waiting for my Uber that’s been 1 minute away for 10 minutes 🙃