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Fall is in the hair! 🍁♥️ 🍂 we shifted from a cool icy blond 😎 💁🏼‍♀️ to a fun brunette 🍫 swipe for the before and after! . . . I have some color appointments for the holidays but they are filling up so fast! You can call the salon and make one or make one online, and consultations are always free 💇🏽‍♀️💛 . . . brunette brunettesdoitbest brunettesdoitbetter brunetteshavemorefun brunettesquad fallhaircolor brunettesofinstagram healthyhair healthyhairgoals healthycolor healthycoloredhair healthycolortreatedhair color colorjunkie colorchanger colorcorrection transformation instahair salon allovercolor frederick maryland frederickmd frederickstylist marylandhairstylist appointmentsavailable

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Se acerca la fecha 📆 🔜 ⚓ 💃🏻 👑 🎶 🎙️ Tributo a Amy Jade Winehouse 😎 💃🏻 🎙️junto a grandes artistas y músicos invitados. 17 de Noviembre 20 hs Saint Elmo Bar. Entradas 🎫 anticipadas por inbox PH & ART diegomurciego MakeUp & Haistyle happyvalleyrock_ Dresscode cris.feijoo ....... amywinehouse amyfans singing nogood instagood brunettesdoitbetter amyjadewinehouse instasinger soulmusic soulrock justme tribute amy noñañasallowed studio queenofcamden amymermaid cherry ......

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I’m not the best with words but I’ve got a great smile 😅

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Fresh cut for Miss whitewhaler yesterday. I’m adoring the fringe we did on her. 🌲 ***Don’t forget, San Diego, I’ll be back home doing hair in the salon 11/15 just in time to get you looking good for the holidays. Online booking is available for your convenience (link in bio). Hope to see you there. 😃 hair haircut hairstyle style fringe bettybangs blowout smoothhair volume heysandiego sandiego californiabound shorthair bob cutehair aline asymmetrical cutebob brunette brunettesdoitbetter chrispercreations

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Before and after. A few years with blonde, she be hibernating for the winter (even though it feels like summer today) newhair brunettesdoitbetter

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• WHAT COFFEE CAN DO FOR YOUR HAIR• Next time somebody questions you about your morning coffee, here’s the perfect answer.⠀ While we’ve all heard about the health benefits of coffee, few are aware of the fact that it can also breathe a new lease of life into dull hair.⠀ Its fascinating what coffee can do for your hair to rejuvenate your locks.⠀ To a great extent, the length and the quality of your hair depends upon the health of your hair follicles. Coffee is effective in stimulating not only your mind and body, but also your hair roots by improving its structure and growth. For this reason, it can even be found as an ingredient in several shampoos and hair-care products. What a fun fact to share with you all Sunday morning! ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ coffee coffeelovers brunette brunettegirl brunettes brunettesdoitbetter brunettehair brunettebalayage brunetteshavemorefun brunettegirls brunettebeauty brunettemodel brunettesofinstagram brunettelife brunettebabes brunetteombre brondehairdontcare brondehair brondehaircolour brondehaircolor brondebalayage brondeshavemorefun brondestyle brondeombre stylishgirl wavyhairstyle salonluxe

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I slept in as long as possible this morning and baby boy Watson’s helped me get ready for the day! 😎 . This entire weekend’s attire will likely be pajamas and workout clothes. Nothing wrong with that! 🙌🏼 Anyone rose rocking this combo today??? . . . . . catmoms 30something brunettesdoitbetter proteinshake catmom morningroutine carolinagirl mycatismychild catbff fitchick fitchicks weightlossstory weightwatcher fitlifestyles mealplanning motivatedaf noexcusesjustresults spartanburgsc teamnoexcuses interstitialcystitis myweightlossjourney southerngirl stayontrack teampajamas weekendmood

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Feeling badass 🇬🇧 Mood of the day. 🇯🇵 今日の気持ち。 🇫🇷 Humeur du jour. メラマン → Makoto-san 。 。 。 ご仕事のご依頼はDMでお願いします♡ 。 。 。 * This is not a sponsored post * モデル fashionmodel fashion サロンモデル ファッション ファッションモデル コーディネート coordinate 今日のコーデ コーデ 外国人モデル fitnessmodel fashion fashionmodel l4l いいね返し frenchgirl ootd brunettesdoitbetter brunette 大阪モデル fashionsnap ファッションスナップ フリーモデル model クール portrait ポートレート wannabe 撮影モデル cool

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Best friends... They paint your house and replace ugly toiletseats. They clean up your place and take care of your horse. They muck out your stable and take you on a holiday. You borrow their car and later you buy it. They come over and make mac n cheese or hotdogs, they watch your dog and do your laundry. They tell you gossips about exboyfriends and they know your passwords. They have a key of your house and they do your dishes. They come over when youre on vacation and they send cards when they are on vacation. They celebrate new years eve and your birthday with you. They buy books for you and they get the same tattoo as you. They never judge. They are always there for you. My cirkle of friends decreases in size. But thats okay, because it increases in value. You were my friend when there were no others. All of my love for you could never be erased 😘 bestfriend bikinilife brunettesdoitbetter

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I wish I was a princess 🇬🇧 Another princess shot! I had the chance to be dressed and photographed by an amazing team of a mom and daughter. I felt like a princess of a fairy tale! They rent dresses and kimono for wedding and parties on the top of doing your hair and makeup! Please don’t hesitate to visit their salon if you happen to be in Kansai, they often do campaigns including location shooting! 🇯🇵 またプリンセスの写真です!先日、とっても素敵な母娘2人組の着付師に、着付けと写真撮影をしてもらう機会がありました。 その時私はおとぎ話に出てくるお姫様のような気分になるほど、素敵な仕上がりでした! この業者は、ヘアセットや着付けだけでなく、結婚式やパーティー用のドレス・着物も準備してくれます! 関西に行く機会があれば、ぜひ立ち寄ってみてください。ロケーション撮影などのサービスもやってますよ! 🇫🇷 Encore une photo de princesse ! J’ai eu la chance d’être habillée, maquillée et photographiée par une super équipe composée d’une maman et sa fille. Je me suis sentie comme une princesse de conte de fée le temps d’une journée ! Elles louent des robes et kimono pour les mariages et grandes occasions. N’hésitez pas à visiter leur salon de beauté si vous été sur le Kansai, elles font souvent de campagnes promotionnelles incluant des shooting en extérieur ! Photographer → Wedding lemon/Kiiro-chan Styling → Wedding lemon 。 。 。 ご仕事のご依頼はDMでお願いします♡ 。 。 。 モデル fashionmodel fashion サロンモデル ファッション ファッションモデル 外国人モデル fitnessmodel fashion fashionmodel l4l いいね返し frenchgirl brunettesdoitbetter brunette 大阪モデル フリーモデル model portrait ポートレート wannabe 撮影モデル bridal ブライダル bridalmodel princess fairytale プリンセス アリス photooftheday pictureoftheday beauty