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4 weeks ago

lisa & lena, 2016 ~ ac faithlovesleli dt all the people i met thanks to them, aka lxacuna xmimas giuliabarbacci starlelli beechynight lisaandlena.austria.fan lelisvampire ~ i'm not saying i prefer 2016 leli, i'll always love them the same no matter what♡ but a little throwback never hurt nobody. ~ i love how this came out ♡ ~ i forgot grp logos damn killedgrp bobgrp amantegrp memegrp peachcloudgrp lisaandlena lisaandlena j1mo71 j1mo71 jimoaroundtheworld jimoedits leli lelifamily lelifanfamily lenaandlisa lelimantler lisamantler lenamantler lelitwins mantlertwins

1 month ago

"i won't change anything." - i'm really emotional as i write this. happy birthday lisa&lena, happy sweet 16. i want to thank you two for everything you've done for me without knowing. you're always able to put a smile on my face, even if it's hard for me. i have only one thing to ask of you: please, stay together. keep on making each other smile, keep on helping each other out, keep on pranking each other, keep on being silly together. because i've never seen anything stronger than you two together. keep on being LeLi. ❤️☁️xx Perrie - ac/ib me dt lisaandlena / lisaandlena j1mo71 jimoedits leliedit lenaandlisa leli lelitwins lisamantler lenamantler lelimantler lisaandlenamantler lisaandlenatwins lelinator killedgrp peachcloudgrp bobgrp memegrp ccpedit

2 months ago

i'm always gonna want you back - H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O T H E S T A N T W I N S I LOVE THEM SO MUCH 💗💗💘💖💖💓💞❤️💜💕💚💞❤️💘💖🎉💜💝❣️❣️💘💟💚💞💖🎉💚💙💖💟💚💞💖✨🎉❤️💝MAKSLSLWOXOWLDLEPS I'M GENUINELY HAPPY JAAHAHA WHY AREN'T THEY REAL OWEKKDDLLDSLLZZP •ac zumannaudios •cc ccpcolorings •spikes helpcutecut also this is slightly offbeat at the end but idc LMAO memegrp killedgrp bobgrp peachcloudgrp stantwins pinestwins stanleypines stanfordfilbrickpines stanfordpines stanpines fordpines grunklestan grunkleford gravityfalls gravityfallsedit omgpage cutecutpro mabelpines masonpines dipperpines

2 months ago

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, MARIA AND ALEXANDRA!❤️ - YES I FINALLY MANAGED TO POST THIS AND I'M REALLY PROUD💗 i wanted to thank these wonderful young women for all the inspiration and hope they've been giving me all along💫☁️ happy birthday 🥂🎈 maria_and_alexandra / - ac plottwistaudios cc i don't remember sry ib me dt mariaandalexandra.0 BC THEY LIKED THANKS TO HER ; excuse quality ugh killedgrp bobgrp peachcloudgrp mariaandalexandra omgpage cutecutpro idkwhattoputasahashtaganymore amantegrp

3 months ago

global edits.🌿 ——— this supposed to be my intro to my yt channel but boi it's too complex and it looks more like an edit so i'll do something different for that ; there are boarders to match my feed but the only time you can really see them is when the red line comes up ——— ac•yt ; oc•yt+helpcc cc•soft.tutorials <3 ——— {destingrp cutebeatsgrp bobgrp aesthetic soft} don't tag anyone! just leave opinions please.✨

3 months ago

love in my life💘 scrap): ——— rm•lelissoftie ac•lelissoftie cc•me oc•helpcutecut ——— this was so hard omg it's not even finished rip;totally not my style;the masking took forever istg. you should check the full&original&better edit of hers lelissoftie !1!1 she's underrated so follow her too✨ p.s.((:this is very old haha ——— {lisaandlena lelifamily lisaandlena destingrp cutebeatsgrp bobgrp}

3 months ago

No thank you🤧 Ac:mavdelaine Ib:^^ Dt:my followers🌻 I MADE THIS AT 4AM AND I NEED TO BE UP AT 6 SO BARE W ME BAJSKZKZSK bobgrp

3 months ago

🌻: signaxmae sᴏғᴛ & ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ ♡ ᴅᴛ // 💛 ᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴏᴜs ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ʙᴇᴀɴ [cc+png:ada ac:lelislaaays oc: i don't remember]

4 months ago

I love everything you do💞 Ac:Me Ib:me Cc:cutepro.help Dt:Y'all THIS IS THE FIRST TIME EVER I PUT COLORING ON AN EDIT AND THE FIRST TIME EVER I LOOPED AN EDIT AND IM WAY TO PROUD OF IT NSHZKAKA ---------------- bobgrp

4 months ago

'S AFTER EFFECTS EDIT! 😐 lisaandlena Well guys this is my first ae edit and it's sucks but show me love xd lisaandlena ❣️💖🖤❤️💚💙💘 ____________________________________________ ib:beautyslelis ac:idk pg:after effects cc 2018 DT:lisaandlena and everyone 💘 ____________________________________________ lisaandlena lenaandlisa leli lelifamily lelinator lelifandom lelifan lelitwins lelimantler twins musically lipsync bobgrp omgpage omgleli jimoedit like loveme xd