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3 minutes ago

I think if you've followed me for long enough, you'll know I'm not the biggest fan of fades. It's the hairdresser in me that feels more at home with scissors. However now I do probably 2 to 3 a week, where as I'd do that before lunch. I also have almost an hour to do them so feel I can put more in to the top. soulfood summertime Norway vikings underwater scubadiving skjegmenn beardcode explore nomad travel barberlife tattoos bluesky thinking beardlife barbershop hairdressing hairstyle ethical veganproducts crueltyfree musiclover coach inspire malegrooming mensstyle

5 days ago

Looking forward to going to back to Berlin soon. 💕 . The semester is finally over and I have a whole list of things planned. Very exciting! 🤩 . . . endofsemester river city ig_berlin berliner

5 months ago

🌱 يأتي الصباح وأنت لازلت على قيد الحياة ليخبرك أن هناك متسع للحياة للتوبة للذكر للعفو دائما هناك متسع للنوايا الجيدة🌸 🌱 وأن تبدأ يومك وقد أيقنت أن جميع أحداث يومك تسير بالقانون الإلهي "فإنك بأعيننا" فيسكن القلب ويطمئن 💗🌸 mood good happiness ma luv daylight trees sky colours bluesky black doctor turkey style hijab fashion holidays weekend love smile fun bestoftheday bestfriends friendship türkiye girl italy islamic medicine sunnyday