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6 hours ago

Here’s a little Waterlogue to start the week! What a weekend it was! My trunk show was a lovely success and “the” wedding, of course, was the ultimate cherry on top! 🍒 These 2 babies are on their way to new homes. Scroll right for the photo details mymondaymakings

7 hours ago

Πρώτη φορά γιορτάζω; Ενδεχομένως

23 hours ago

Most things don’t come with a remote – as seen on the misbehaving poppy bud. Similarly, bowel movements are beyond our command. But still, you can (just like me today morning after a trailrun) distract yourself by swiftly collecting flowers when you really need to “go”. 😆 lifesfunnyhoneybunny weaponsofmassdistraction philosophy control attitudes flowersofinstagram flowerporn instaflowers instablooms bloomporn poppy poppyporn meadow skyporn blueporn instasky redporn instadaily bliss begood inspire morninglight lightporn instalight ifuckinglovethis creativeAF nofilter igerssk insta_svk