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Je veux vivre sur la mer !!! 🌊❤️🇬🇷🐬☀️blueporn

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Walking here, trekking on these paths, makes you feel in full contact with the Earth and the his story. A Jurassic environment, dry, warm, in the sea for miles, not far from the island where the last dinosaurs live (the Komodo dragons on Rinca Island). Beautiful trip, unforgettable colors. • • 🏞 landscape trekkingday view trip trekkinglovers sky mountains nature landscape_lovers landscapelovers landscape_lover jurassic landscapes komodo indonesia_photography padarisland seaside blueporn naturelovers naturelover nature_seekers natureonly nature_shooters nature_perfection naturediversity naturephotography naturewalk naturegram naturelove naturephoto

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carefreeness 🦋

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One planet embroidery a day. This is a pure patience training. Workin' on a whole series in one hoop is a rare event for me. Today's one was Neptune 🧜‍♂️🌊 Blue is my color 💙 Off to bed now. Gn8, lovely people out there! handembroidery embroidery embroideryart threadpainting space galaxyart galaxy planet mercury venus jupiter neptune dmccrafts olympusthread earth motherearth astronomy stars lostinwonderland mysteriouslybeautiful beautyofnature lifeinthesky goodnight tomorrowisfriday blueporn cozylife