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Я не могу сказать, что приходится много ходить пешком, в основном конечно передвигаемся по острову на машине, но есть места к которым невозможно подъехать!🧗🏽‍♀️

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В этой поездке делаю очень много снимков.. объективно хочется запечатлеть все!😅

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The Blue Lagoon was amazing. Troy was determined to get his mineral mask while we were there! bluelagoon mudmask iceland

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The sky may not be blue in Massachuestts today, but at least your drink can be with an O'brien's Blue Lagoon🍹! . 1 shot- Blue Curacao 2 shots- O'brien's Vodka Fill with lemonade Garnish with lemon wedge . 21+ Please enjoy responsibly! . O'briensvodka vodka nongmo localbusiness local rainydays rain bluecuracao blue lemon lemonade sundayfunday sunday sundayvibes cocktail cocktails bar bars drinking drinks memorialdayweekend memorialday america madeinmassachusetts massachusetts bluelagoon booze liquor nature beachdrink

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‘Look at the sun goin’ into the wather, and don’t be spakin’ a word, now, but listen and you’ll hear it hiss’ bluelagoon henrydeverestacpoole

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Not feeling blue in this lagoon! bluelagoon

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So alright. There's a lot going on. Moods change, you gotta run, you gotta catch up. You getting stressed, sad, maybe something worse. But you know what? Get yourself some good and long lasting friends. They will be there for you. Not always. It's bad to be clingy with people. But they will be there when you need them. After a long time i had a drink with one of my really good friends. We had a wonderful chat, caught up with each other's lives, we laughed a lot. A majestic night for the Queens. And here we are! Some alcohol in our blood, chill and feeling great. Yet we stand stronger for tomorrow. As bad as it may be, we will go through it. I miss all of my friends. Love you all. STAY STRONG AND GET YOURSELVES SOME GOOD FRIENDS YALL😤💖💖 pinacolada bluelagoon

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It is warm, the sun is shining, the water is blue. Is it the Caribbean? Nope. It’s even much better. It is the blue lagoon on the swedish Island of Gotland. gotlandimitthjärta gotlanddifferentdays

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Bliss. I know there are a lot of different opinions on going to or skipping he blue lagoon. Is it expensive? Yes. Did I enjoy it? yes. Would I do it again? Probably not. There are so many other hot pots and pools around the country that we also enjoyed. But can you really go to Iceland and miss the iconic Blue Lagoon? And with that, it's a wrap on Iceland! Now off to the land down under 🌏

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Four little potatoes bobbing away in the bluelagoon 💁‍♀️

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➖Travel As Much As You Can... As Far As You Can...As Long As You Can...➖