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1 week until jeraonair !!!💥 I'm ready for happiness, good music and beer. There is a lot of shit going on in my Uni/work-life that i can't really change atm that makes me kind of demotivated about everything. I need to look forward and be happy about the 2 months of holidays I will have very soon! Afterwards I'm starting my apprenticeship for about 5 months. I hope that i will actually learn a lot this time 🙆🏻I hate those jobs where you just sit around and have nothing to do😑why is this always happening to me?? My question to you: Would you be interested in a blog about all my concerts/festival experiences?🤓 jancr0ft and me just had the idea about doing this! 🌈 Update: Already more then 2 months into full veganism! I miss NONE of the food I used to consume before. And also something positive: you just don't snack anything away what is in the table (just like I did before with cake, cookies..😅) Negative: sometimes I'm just very lazy to cook something😅 I accept no excuses anymore for murdering animals. It's freaking easy, NOT NECESSARY IN 2018 and everyone can do it. I used to think that I will never go vegan but I'm so happy about changing my view 💚 If you are still reading this: me and my a gig tomorrow, more infos seatedburial alternative alternativegirl emoscenegothfashion makeup makeupartist polishgirl follow4follow nyxfashionblogger photography vsco girlkawaiimodelvegan420fitness bluehair directions

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One my revive baby! Nobaki Ishuzu Kona in winter attire and I did only one color inking ●ω● since I don't know where I'll gonna use this uni-ball eye ... Its actually a free together with Unipin 0.1 and 0.2 ... So yeah so I used it for writing and a little bit for inking and it looks fantastic (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) but actually her hair is not blue its teal . . . . [TAGS] souleater souleateroc seijun_babyocs seijun_oc bluehair blueline lineart penart

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Hott🔥Babyy💦 🔳Follow🔳 ❤ Model - phoenix_madina ❤ ☣️ BE RESPECTFUL TO THE MODEL AND THE PHOTOGRAPHER ☣️ ⬆️⬆️ Otherwise ⬇️⬇️ 🚫❌ You will be BLOCKED ❌🚫 🔲Follow us🔲 🆔 itzhotgirls 🆔 itztattoogirls beautifulgirls suicidegirls playboy altgirls gorgeousgirls darling weedgirls emogirl hunny me cutegirls tattooink piercinggirls princess husband features inkgirls playgirls blackqueen strippergirl hotgirls gothgirl bluehair shoutout ass sexy cosplaygirls boobs muah tattoogirl

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🤦 📲3 Admin 👉 🌹( lady.of.destruction & miss_schwarzer.engel )🌹 & 🕴( good_luck.king_ )🕴 - ✝ Ser adulto ha sido, sin duda, el deseo más estúpido que tuve de niño.✝ - 👑 Si cogéis foto o frase, etiquetar 👑 - photography rose alternative punk amor rosa girl emogirl love snow ice sceneboy alternativegirl punkhair alternativehair bluehair goth altgirl whiteandblack emoboy gothgirl punkgirl girlswithtattoos girlswithpiercings tattoos selfie happy jackdaniels guyswithtattoos white

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I can't really move my arm very well thanks to this gorgeous tattoo (post coming soon!) So I had to tie my hair up and it actually looks pretty cute!?!?!? cantsleep bluehair bluehairdontcare crappy

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Look at this weird dog we found

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/SWIPE LEFT FOR THE RESULT/ Did you say BLUEHAIR ? I love doing those colors. It is always a long process and commitment. Fading is inevitable and needs loads of after care. Which I always recommend olaplex. Transparency: Full head of bleach done 2 times And then 3 blue shades from adorehaircolor. Time: 5h Price: £130

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Hey, what are you guys’ favourite anime at the moment? do you watch anime? 🖤🌌”Dancing on my own, To the sound of an enemie’s song, I’ll be lost until, You find me. Fighting in my own, In a war that’s already been won, I’ll be lost until you come and find me here oh glory”🌌🖤scenequeen alternative kawaii anime alternativekid alternativegirl likeforlike smile selfie blueeyes bands scenekid scenegirl scene emo emogirl emohair scenehair bluehair purplehair eyeliner scemo visualkei cute sceamoaf scemoaf altrocktime simply_alternative perfectly_alt2

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I noticed that I haven't posted anything in a long time... Oopsie uwu Anyway, mr Anonymous, please, stay strong. You can make it all, u made the right thing and even tho it'll be kind of difficult rn, you'll be better. Trust me. I'm here for you and I'm doing my best to help you. I love you, don't let yourself down. <3 . . . spacebabe aesthetic arcticfox makeup emo emogirl emoboy emoteen emohair scene scenegirl sweet cute kawaii summer bluehair piercing germany alternative alternativegirl chokers f4f l4l neko monster otaku coloredhair galaxy babygirl

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A very extra look for going out to grab fries and yes, my hair is black and blue now 🌈

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🤴🏾Golden Hour☀️ (don’t get on a boat with travel bloggers🤷🏾‍♂️)