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La vérité est une ligne tracée entre les erreurs

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I'm continuing my post on porn because frankly, I like porn but also because I'm trying to understand the business more. In doing baseline research, I was appalled to learn that "adult media is the only major business that allows for the practice of exclusion based upon race." Second, it was frustrating to find out that one of the most popular categories, which is Kanye West's favorite category "interracial"; is the cause of several lawsuits because white counterparts have or have been asked to call black performers "N**ger" and/or came right out and refused to do scenes with black stars. Some white stars have even stated they wanted to be paid more money for scenes with black performers, specifically white women when asked to have sex with black men. One director stated "This practice—fairly common within the porn industry—implies that a woman needs to be compensated extra for having sex with a black man". Lastly, the porn titles of some are disrespectful like, "Blacks on Blondes. Blacked. Black Bitches" as the article "The Rise of Racist Porn" cited. And, not to mention the category names such as big black dick. Although, some porn sites are trying to get better; black porn stars have a long way to go still. Black porn stars are still not visible and underpaid compared to their counterparts. I'm so excited about doing more research and writing other IG and blog posts on it. This post is part of a blog, I'm writing, so if you repost; please tag me prevention_is_key preventioniskey ashaad ispeaksexhealth sexeducator sexeducation socialworker blackmen blackporn sexpositive entrepreneur LGBTQ queer pornhub racisminporn kanyewest representationmatters Picture Credit: https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-rise-of-racist-porn

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Sunset and you. "Just beyond the sunset, But before the night, Before the blues turned purple and then something without the white. I saw you lying there deep in tranquility, Wrapped in the sunset's splendor. I have been searching for love, you ; since eternity, My mind filled with thoughts of you so tender. With the sparkles in your eyes, You averted everything uncanny, nullified every offset. And with the universe contoured within the palm of your hands, You were my star rise, after the sunset." - Shardul Mhatre word wordporn wordgram writer wollongongdiaries wollongongbeach writersofinstagram writing writerscommunity writersofig poet poetry poetcommunity blackandwhite instawriter igwriter instapoet IJ blackandwhite blackporn family instalike gooddays

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Black Porn (serie n°2) blackporn

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Thoughtfulthirsttraps: Chapter 1- Blackporn ❤️🖤💚 BlackPorn is important to me because growing up, I never saw many black or plus size porn models in the industry with black performers. If I did, most of the time it was only interracial porn. The stigma that black people don't love on each other enough, can create this false allusion that black people can't create beautiful, meaningful and sexy content together and actually be successful. (Which is just not true). Seeing people who look like you in this industry, be confident in their own self and shared relationships, helps to create more spaces of creativity for black sexworkers (& more black love ❤️🖤💚) Growing up, sex was not a freely talked about subject in my home or amongst many of friends in the black community. When sex was brought up, it never was looked at in a positive light. It wasn't a norm to talk about masturbation, watch porn or speak out about it unless in the context of procreation. I believe if more black folks were educated on a positive sexual lifestyle we would have healthier sexual practices & relationships. Black love is so important to me! Having black performers in all aspects of the industry both amateur and professional is vital in creating this space of inclusiveness. I'm not looking for a seat at the table but rather the opportunity to have our own. This way we can pave the way for more black artist & performers and reach untapped & underserved audiences. As my journey continues, I strive to use my platform to bring more awareness to the blackporn industry & appreciation for blacksexworkers ❤️🖤💚 Make sure to check out some of my fav black sexworkers & supporters -please feel free to tag your fav & post some of your fav black porn sites!! gaiagraphy blkdickmatters raquelsavage staxx.entertainment itsnurseblk01 pleaza804 sourpatch_kia stormtheintrovert inastymontana mystic_blac certifiedxlovely wetn_juicy hitta318 soakmybeard havana_blue_ rocandshay