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7 months ago

As an affluent white male who grew up with all the privileges in the world, it was only appropriate that I had a dream to drop the hottest mixtape known to man. I didn’t live that dream... And thats why I'm in sales. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 BestSellerAlive BigDicky DeathBroRecords cypher officerap

1 year ago

fun weekend w/ my best friends filled with laughs, jet skiing, ice cream and Kenadi falling off the tube💛🌄 bigdicky

1 year ago

I won't rap that bitches won't fuck with me like that lil jew Dicky. My girl gets giddy and flossin' glamorous when I get done cuz it's awesome when I leave a hicky on her titty with my amorous lips scrunched looking like Detroit city. She always wants me! Mac Nifty her fav BWC! freestyle flow rap vlogger goodluck with me bwc bigdicky getme over a sissy lildicky i give a hicky shaped like detroitcity

2 years ago

The legend himself bigdicky

2 years ago

BOATLIFE,, and foot MASSAGE ,, the RIB knows the need ,,, BIGDICKY got time today 😎

2 years ago

Look who I bumped into nice shot mzthickness81 on the capture BIGDICKY,, wea his second set of LEGSSS ,,