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Did you know?? 🤔 — — Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon, impostorism, fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of not being skilled, accomplished or capable enough to do the tasks they are already doing. Or a fear of being exposed as a "fraud". DrowningInAglassOfWater🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 — — So go easy on yourself. Its probably in your head. It’s okay to give yourself some credit. You’re doing great, and yes, it’s you doing the great. Really. — — Just because someone may do the same thing differently doesn’t mean the way you are doing it or plan to is wrong. — — keepkeepingon yeahyou yougotthis beproud beconfident liveandlearn fall&getbackup learnfrommistakes dontgjveup nobodyislerfect ifyouonlyknew HotFlamingMessOfDoom WouldntChangeAthing

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I used to think a transformation meant you physically looked different. It was losing weight, smaller clothes, and a number on the scale. It was that word “skinny” That’s what most women are working towards right? For me, I learned it’s not about that at all. . What matters most is the transformation that happens on the inside. What you think of yourself is so much more important. Being proud of what you’ve accomplished is the greatest feeling. Knowing you made the choice to begin, to start over, to say NO this is not how my story is going to end. . For the longest time I felt so unhappy with who I was and I just felt stuck and thought, well this is just the way it is. BUT NO! That is not true! It doesn’t have to be that way! You do not have to accept where you’re at if you’re not happy. There is hope, there is a way for you to change your story. But YOU..and only YOU can do it. . I was able to change my story because I decided to do something different. I committed to doing a 21 day fitness program from home, with support from women who were doing the same thing. I told myself I can do anything for 21 days. It’s only 3 weeks and I deserved to give myself at least that. That group was a game changer for me. I hadn’t felt that great in years just after 21 days and it led me to where I’m at now 2 1/2 years later. . Now I’m paying it forward helping other women on their journey because I BELIEVE so much in these programs! Of course you will see a physical transformation but you will gain so much of your life back. Thousands of people have transformed their lives, mind, and body! If you are still reading this and have this desire to work on your health and fitness and just don’t know where to begin. I GOT YOU! We can do this together! I’d love to take you through the exact same steps I took in my Virtual Gym. . All you have to do is comment under this post or message me. Who’s ready to change their story? 💪🏼✨💖✨ . . . TransformationTuesday TransformYourLife MindAndBody SelfLove YouCanChangeYourStory DoItForYou YouAreWorthIt BeProud YouCanAchieveAnything ReachingGoals Community StrongerTogether WomenWhoSupportEachOther MissionFeelYourBest

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insprational motivation ' Harvest Leaves EP🌺🌿' 'Always Do Your Best, What You Plant Now , You Will Harvest Later, Og Mandino'.What We Plant In The Soil Of Contemplation, We Shall Reap In The Harvest Of Action, Meister Eckhart. 'When Autumn Darkness Falls, What We Will Remember Are The Small Acts Of Kindness , A Cake, A Hug , An Invitation To Talk & Every Single Rose, These Are All Expressions Of A Nation Coming Together & Caring About It's People, Jens Stoltenberg'. The Garden Of Love Is Green Without Limit & Yields Many Fruits Other Than Sorrow Or Joy, Love Is Beyond Either Condition , Without Autumn, It Is Always Fresh, Rumi. 'I Thought I Come Out Here & Post This Beautiful Story Rarely I Don't Post Much On Here But I Really Love The Fall Season It Brings Out a Different Vibe In Me Every Season , I Love Wearing Denim Blue Jacket , Warm Sweater, Khaki Pants, Nike Blue Air Forces , My Smartphone Apple Earbuds With Mic Just Put On a Good Tune To Vibe To On Spotify & Just Be Myself Doing a Small Act Of Kindness Like What I'm Proud Of Was I Hold My Umbrella For a Friend & Help Pay For There Bus Fare So They Won't Get Soaken Wet, Makes My Day Feel Better When Something Brings Out The Good Heart In You, During Autumn Season I Like To Put On a Great Music I Can Vibe To On My Spotify Playlist Just Remember When a Good Feeling Really Means Something & For Every Moment Of My Nights I Just Think Of Something Beautiful & Have To Cherish Every Little Thing I Do Is What Brings Out The Best Of Me, I Don't Care How Cold It Is Outside , I'm Just Believe In Myself & Never Stop Being a Mature Young Man , Being Blessed For Every Chance I Get . Like 2 Pac Said You Gotta Keep Your Head Up , Things Will Get Brighter. Just Love You For Who You Are, Leaves Comes Down On Me Fallen From The Beautiful Winds Of Light , It's Never As Good As The First Time '. 'Kareem🌺🌿🍁🙏📝🍒' insprational motivated wecandoit empowering thinkpositive inspirationalquotes dedication ambition love loveyourself lovewhatyoudo giveityourall beproud beproudofyourself leadership rolemodel goodvibes goodmorning cherisheverymoment haveagoodday poetry haveagoodheart hardwork

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Não acredite em algo simplesmente porque ouviu. Não acredite em algo simplesmente porque todos falam a respeito. Não acredite em algo simplesmente porque está escrito em seus livros religiosos. Não acredite em algo só porque seus professores e mestres dizem que é verdade. Não acredite em tradições só porque foram passadas de geração em geração. Mas depois de muita análise e observação, se você vê que algo concorda com a razão, e que conduz ao bem e beneficio de todos, aceite-o e viva-o. Buda blessing jampafit motivate motivation inspiration worldgym gym awesome aesthetic workout noexcuses nopainnogain npng bodybuilding beproudgreatfull life saude bearded barbas muscles musculos brazilianmen flexin muscle men

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Be brave enough to find the life of your dreams and courageous enough to chase it.

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This mess is my delicious dinner that I threw together sans recipe, by just picking the ingredients that I wanted. Thankfully it all worked out. So this is my grilled chicken and shrimp quinoa salad with a creamy balsamic Greek yogurt vinaigrette (this I had to look up) yum! 😍. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lifestyle fitness fitfam hardcoreladies fitchicks womenwholift bodybuilding muscle workhard abs glutes beproud exercise body workout training getfit toronto strongwomen personaltrainer healthy strong booty cleaneating fitfood healthyeating foodporn protein simplefood deliciousfood

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//ufa, demorou, mas finalmente terminei! Vou colocar o arco-íris em tudo quanto é canto que eu puder colocar! 🏳️‍🌈♥️💛💚💙💜🌈🏳️‍🌈 Tô bem Poseidon nesse desenho né?! . . . instaboy instagay gay gaybrasil boy gayboy lovewins afeminada gaybh gaymg queer gayart gaybrasil gaybrasileiro diversidade pride rainbown beproud androginia androgena designdemoda Estilista Moda Figurinista criatividade design arte fashion ilustração desenhodemoda desenhistadesonhos

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“I hate the word HOMOPHOBIA. It’s not a phobia. You’re not scared. You’re an asshole.” - Morgan Freeman One of the many reasons that I love him so much! morganfreeman gaypride lgbtq🌈 beproud ~🐬

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Today I walked in to the gym definitely not feeling it. I was just off my game completely. Then I reminded myself something really important; like any other job out there, if you dont WORK, you dont get PAID. Its plain and simple. This is not a fancy motivational quote or any of the sorts. It's just how it is. Today I wasnt feeling it but I knew it had to get done. - - - gohard bodybuilding life pursueofhappiness fitness gym beproud dream fitnessaddict doitforthegram staymotivated nutrition flexfriday workout fitfam fitnessgoals goals instagood instafit picoftheday followforfollow follow4follow gobigorgohome trainhard motivation builtbyrocks rocksbuilt lifestyle dedication nopainnogain vi3txboii chance_quick svt_drew20 abs_olutelyjames rocksdiscount

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Kind hearts make great people

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Be proud of who you are, how far you’ve come. Look back and see where you took that first step towards stability. Keep moving forward, taking a step at a time, a breath at a time. Set daily goals, weekly goals, and just keep going. You’re healing and growing at your pace. There isn’t a time limit on this, each journey is yours, you have to make the journey, no one can do it for you. Don’t measure your steps to regaining yourself, clap for yourself, and appreciate each effort made towards healing, towards reaching your true self. 👏👏👏 healingfromnarcissisticabuse healing growing selfgrowth babysteps beproud appreciateself heal goforward

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King 🤴 , Queen 👸 🇭🇷

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The longer you take to start, the longer it takes to reach your goals. Girl, don’t forget you are STRONG! You have everything it takes to be successful, you just have to get out of your own way. A couple months ago my foot stayed on my calf, now it’s on the thigh above my knee. And I can hold “Tree Pose” Vriksasana for quite a long tome now. It may seem like such a simple pose and it may be. It took work for me to get here though and I am f*cking proud of that! When you reach an accomplishment, feel good about it and be proud!

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Whale 🐳 this wasn’t pretty, but it was my first time getting 200 over head since surgery • There haven’t been too many things I’ve been afraid to do since surgery, but split jerking is probably at the tippy top of the list. No pain, just afraid... it’s been a really really long time since I’ve been able to push any heavy weight over head, so that’s expected. • Yet all I can do is offer myself a little grace, and try. Failure is something you can learn to accept, it’s how we grow, how we learn how strong we are...not trying is no excuse. • 🎥 cred: julz.ponder thank you for your continuous support💕

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Tbh I’m just waiting for these period cramps to bounce.

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We are not just a gym, we are family. ♥️ “Fue sin duda una buena decisión haberme metido a Crossfit Fracas me siento muy bien me gusta como me veo y estoy conociendo personas geniales!” —— “It was certainly a good decision to have gotten to Crossfit Fracas I feel very well I like how I look and I'm meeting great people! iamfracas crossfitfracas crossfitfamily workhard liberal beproud 4:30crew

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What is it that you find yourself consistently wishing and thinking about? For me it was “I wish I could make my living being outside and active, I wish I could speak that language fluently, I wish I could run well, I wish I could actually get fit, I wish I wasn’t so damn insecure.” I am by no means at my peak, I am not always a skippy happy bubble of joy, and I know all too well there still is so much left for me to learn, but one thing I honestly try hard to incorporate daily into my life is making my wishes a reality. Instead of wishing, I started planning. Do you love your life? Do you love what you do? If not then I urge you to PLEASE start making changes. It might just be a small perspective alignment, but if you’re honestly just settling for a position because of the financial security even if you KNOW it’s not for you, then DO SOMETHING. Don’t wish, start LIVING the life you want. And if you’re in the process of FINALLY fighting for what you want, then GOOD FOR YOU!! . . . dontsettle yourpassionshavepurpose yourstrengths adreamwithoutaplanisjustawish thrive youcanthrive feellikeabadass beproud feelaccomplished choosehealth fitnessforlife truestrength reachyourpotential youreabeast justbelieveit showyourselfyoucan proveit youabsolutelycan

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I didn’t post this picture at first because I have always been SUPER self conscious about my teeth. I looked at this picture and I liked it because I was generally happy at the moment I took it. But then I saw my teeth and decided against posting it. Today looking through pics I saw it again and was like WHY should I care. Getting older really makes you realize that stuff like having crooked teeth or whatever your “flaw” may be is the least of your concerns. I do truly believe imperfection is beautiful. So embrace your flaws and imperfections because they are a part of you and you are unique and perfect the way you are.💖 flawsandall unique embraceyourself teeth selflove beproud flawsarebeautiful

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Today we heard alvinkamara came to practice with our middle school football team, and we were CONVINCED if we turned our simple sentences into compound sentences with enthusiasm and tenacity that he would come up and watch us write clear and compelling assertions! Instead, we were able to make such a scene in the window that we didn’t just get a wave, we were featured on his Instagram story! 😂🤩 Syracuse 2027 is FAMOUS!! • • • teachersofinstagram kmp kipp kreweofkamara grammarnerd workhard bekind beproud

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The biggest insecurity I have are my legs. Which I now put out for the public to see. It can be scary to post. I haven’t fully embraced them, but I do always try an appreciate them. They have carried me through my whole journey, my whole life. I know seeing them on social media and certain angles they can look toned or good or this or that... but remember it’s just that... angles, gravity, lighting, all of those play a part in pictures and what is captured. As weird as it sounds I like to talk about what I’m insecure about because not only does it make me stronger, but I want all of YOU reading this caption to embrace your own insecurities. && remind yourself daily, just like I do that even though we can get caught up in wanting to always be better, change something, etc.... We really are always beautiful at any stage. I wish the person I am today was around to tell the old me that. So no matter where you are in your journey - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL 💋 beproud embraceyourbody

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Hey peoples! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I just started at a new school and I had major mistakes with my schedule so I’ve been super busy. Anyways, I saw these doc martins boots on sale and I was very exited but it turns out they weren’t my size. Hope all of you who are still in school had a good start to the beginning of the year and I’ll try to post more often from now on. -Wilder 🖖🏻 ••••••••••••••••••••••• 1. I speak German, sign language and English fluently 2. I play trombone... a lot 3. I’m a total geek 😊🖖🏻 4. I have a giant LEGO collection 5. I love music ⬆️ now you know me •••••••••••••••••••••••• pride pride🌈 loveislove equality lgbtq lgbtq🌈 activism gay lesbian pansexual bisexual transgender genderneutral genderfluid rainbowpride pridelove pridelovepride pridelove🌈🌈🌈🌈❤️❤️❤️❤️ safespace safespaceforlgbt lgbt lgbtpride mentalhealth mentalhealthawareness beproud beproudofyourself

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Are you evolving? 🤔 She dares to dream..... and then lives like she means it! Embracing triumphs and tragedies of her life as the rich growth opportunities that they are, she refuses to let either one distort her view. Seeing new possibilities at every juncture, she makes the world a better place and infinitely more interesting. With wild abandonment she seizes the moment and truly lives every minute of her life.... measured not only by the length but the width as well. Basking in unparalleled opportunity for the chance to be more, she has finally evolved into the magnificent woman she was intended to be! - - - - - ILoveMyLife💋 💋💋BetterThanNormal BetterThanNormalBeauty Success BeProud WLS SelfLove BelieveInYourself Beauty InnerPeace DogLover Blessed Beautiful Confidence Truth Motivation BeBold GastricSleeve Change EatWell Choices Evolve Happiness Faith LifeStyle WeightLossJourney Dream Powerful MoMpreneur

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Some days you’re just not feeling it, some days you want to kill it 💪🏼 BUT what matters is you showing up & putting the work in. . . Stretch + warmup lap 100 meter sprint 20 body squats 10 burpees 20 Stadium mountain climbers 10 push ups 1 min wall sit Chug yo water & REPEAT 4 times! Stretch & relax! Enjoy! - MPZFif

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Don't let anybody tell you what you are. We're all natural engineers whose purpose is beautiful, meaningful, special and ours only: to build someone who's capable of pursuing his/her dreams without regarding people's subjectivity higher than our desires. Go out there, aim at something and get to work. If you fail, remind everyone that you haven't lost anything. If you succeed, remind them that you wouldn't have achieved this if you had let your fears stop you. nyc bebrave bestrong beproud bsp

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“The crossfit community is doing a lot of good things on a lot of fronts. Our gyms are thriving not only because of our impact on chronic disease. They are thriving because the end users, the customers, are extremely happy with the transformation. And it is part physical, part emotional, part health markers, part relationships. That is the miracle of CrossFit: People are getting something that they did not even know they wanted or needed.” Coach Glassman TransformationTuesday 👊🏻 HWPO —————————————————— Repost iron_dad_ ・・・ I don't ever really post pics or ever really share my story. I often get so caught up pushing forward that I forget to remember where I started. The pic on left is from 2014 the right is today! I'm stronger faster and over all WAY more healthy and happy then I have ever been. Though I will never truly be done improving I'm damn proud of what I accomplished so far👊💪transformationtuesday hwpo neverquit fitnesseveryday bulkharderthenme goodbyejunkfoodbelly bulkgonewrong weightlifting strengthtraining crossfit

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Completed workout 6* day 6 of the bettyrockerchallenge. Upper body 30day wow lovedit 3 rounds 45 sec each with a 10 sec rest in between 🌞 3-way push ups 🌞supermans 🌞 towel bicep curls 🌞wall hold ups 🌞 bodyweight Renegade rows 🌞triceps dips . . . . . fitness fitfam weightloss loseweight behappy fitbit  believeinyourself smile Alta progressnotperfection  feelgood weights determination beproud workout motivate justme 2018 challengeyourself selfie inspireothers progress motivateothers dontquit hardwork motivation