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I felt lazy, it was dark and grey outside (not motivating weather for my normal run), and I just didn’t want to get up and move. . . It’s all about perspective and how we approach life. Like the say says “If life gives you lemons 🍋, make lemonade”. . . Be grateful for everyday we are given the opportunity to be a better human being. Make a change in this world and leave a positive mark on those you touch whether willingly or not. . . behappy bekind love motivate inspire bestrong beproud beyourself

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I love to dress up! 💃🏻 It’s a great contrast to wearing training clothes mostly everyday 🌟👌🏼🌟 dress wedding athletic beproud

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❌[🇧🇪Français-English🇬🇧]--> --- La perte de poids continue ! On est content de moi, je suis content de moi. Je pensais est à 93,8 kg à la pesée, c'est finalement un beau bébé de 92,8 kg ! Allez encore 8kg à perdre au moins ! --- Weight loss continues! We're happy with myself, I'm happy with myself. I thought is at 93.8 kg at the weighing, it's finally a beautiful baby of 92.8 kg ! Go another 8kg to lose at least! --- pertedepoids weightloss weight poids proudofmyself beproud fiere content happy perte diet dietplan regime papa newme nouveaumoi

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Nutrition lo down! Yes I eat healthy 75ish% of the time. Why? Because I’ve chosen to live a healthy lifestyle for life! Not get on a strict diet to reach a quick goal to then binge eat and start the cycle again. For my 80 day obsession challenge my primary goal was to UP my Fitness. That’s it. Keep my nutrition as usual. Because that’s the way this journey has worked for me. I tackle things one bite at a time. In chunks so I don’t get overwhelmed and call it quits. That’s just what works for ME. Now that my program is coming to an end I’m proud of the progress I’ve made mentally. Celebrating the small steps like pressing play for 80 days and finishing my workouts strong. THAT is a huge WIN for me! That was my goal and I’m proud I stuck to it. It’s important to have a healthy relationship with yourself. Talk good. Be positive at all times. Fear is just doubt trying to knock you down. Don’t allow that to happen. Now, with Liift4 challenge because the fitness is less intense (less days/time) and the nutrition is also less strict (includes a cheat day) I’m choosing to focus on my nutrition more. Really go ALL in for the sole purpose of seeing what I’m capable of achieving if sticking to the plan 💯. This mindset is totally ok for me because it’s allowed me to keep moving forward. Not paralyzing myself because “it’s too much” no, you gotta do what you can and be consistent. The point is to start, without worrying if you’ll “fail”. To me failure is when you don’t even try. . . . . nutritiontalk doyou beproud progressisprogress goals💯 lunch fuelyourmind bepositive fitishmomma newchallenge mindset mindovermatter live laugh love takeachance

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This Self which lies at your core is unlimited, all-inclusive and infinitely capable of transformation. Like the leaf painted with one brush stroke by the Zen master – it is a unique microcosmic expression of the universe. . . So long as your sense of who you are is identified with the smaller self and all its mental and physical baggage, transformation remains an agony. However, when you begin to see that this day-to-day self is only a minute expression of your larger Self from which your core energy comes, and you can begin to identify with that instead, then the whole game changes. Instead of being plagued by fear and the other negative emotions which accompany it (emotions which play a large part in the development of disease, incidentally) you start to act from trust and to experience yourself as an integral and harmonious part of the all that is. . . All of this takes patience and time. It also requires a conscious effort to identify and weed out outdated thought and behavior patterns, energetic imbalance or internal pollution in the body and to replace reactions rooted in fear with trust. This in turn calls for an internal revolution in consciousness as well as learning skills in managing change. . . Your journey will be different from every path that has ever been walked. Each of us has to find her own way. That is the hero’s journey in every mythology in the world. . . selfcare selflove loveyourself bodytalk bopo bodypositive empath empoweringwomen empowered journey journeytohealth storytelling onestepatatime keepgoing bossbabe beproud bethechange changes beautywithin mentalhealthwarrior worthbeyondbeauty

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Gospodin Dalić. Zlatko Dalić. Bez riječi... 🇭🇷🇭🇷 beproud budiponosan

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When you try your best, but you don’t succeed, keep your head up. Sometimes life isn’t going to let you win, no matter how early you got up, no matter how hard you trained, no matter how many resources you had, no matter how many people supported you. You should be proud of yourself for putting in the work and getting as far as you did. Sometimes the person who is remembered is not the winner, but the person who never gave up, the person who no one expected, the underdog. You should be proud for making yourself known and taking the world by storm. You should be proud because people know your name. keepyourheadup beproud underdog findyourshawa

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My shy, insecure, scared 8 year old self would be proud of who I’ve become. I grew a spine, continue to face my fears on a daily basis, and continue to face myself to see where I need growth. Yes, I still am shy in large groups, I can still be insecure if I’m not following my healthy lifestyle, and I still have fears of not being perfect or people not like me or not being able to fix people or whatever the case may be, but I’m aware of all of it and work everyday to not let any of it paralyze me and hold me back from my goals. I’m learning to punch fear in the face and challenge myself to do the things that scare me or are outside my comfort zone. Like going to Europe for a month with my daughter. I’ve never been gone or away from work for that long. But as John Maxwell says, if we are not growing, we are dying. ♥️♥️♥️ What would your 8 year old self think of you? • • • • • fear livelife lovelife lookingback learn selfgrowth health wellness wellbeing wisdom beproud proud loveyourself justdoit faceyourfears growth development love

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🇨🇵Bonne journée happybuthungrytraining aujourd'hui ! Du front squat (avec un PR), des ring muscle ups (avec un PR) et un clean ladder, des paralette HSPU (remplacé par strict HSPU mais PR) et un snatch ladder et un peu de rameur, burpees et snatch ! Grosse journée mais bonne journée ! Maintenant récup ! 🇺🇸 Awesome happybuthungrytraining day today! Some front squat (and a PR), ring muscle ups (and a PR) and a clean ladder, paralette HSPU (scaled to strict HSPU but PRed it) and a snatch ladder and some rowing, burpees and snatch! Big day but really nice day! Now we recover! teamrichey teamshape teamcrossfitkalet domore wedontquit crossfit fit fitness squat deadlift benchpress olympic weightlifting snatch cleanandjerk gymnastics kettlebell run running strongman wod workout nopainnogain workhard beproud hwpo wearehstlmade happybuthungry

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Ich möchte zurück in die kleinen Städte mit den wunderschönen Gassen von Mallorca 😍 Und dann diese kleinen niedlichen Läden mit so vielen tollen Dingen drin! Sry ich verfallen ins schwärmen 😹 Direkt nach dem Urlaub habe ich erstmal einen 3 tägigen Lernmarathon gestartet🤓. Daher habe ich mich auch so lange nicht gemeldet. Leider bin ich viel zu langsam ins Ziel gelaufen 🏃‍♀️🏁und werde jetzt die Klausur wiederholen müssen🙇‍♀️. Übersetzt: mir hat sowas von die Zeit gefehlt und ich konnte nur 2/3 der Seiten bearbeiten. Seid ihr auch in der Klausurenphase? Falls ja hoffe ich, dass es bei euch besser läuft 🙈 __________________________________ *Werbung da Ortsmarkierung __________________________________ smile dontforgettosmile nevergiveup staymotivated beproud girl girlpower stronggirl vacation holiday fitnessmotivation instafit lifestyle travel traveling trainwithpassion sportskanone skin tannedskin justme