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I think I have officially gone into dad zone. This is a pic of me sleeping, or am I? 🤔 crowgarrett

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Finished up some late night painting. Guy at paint store said it would brighten the room. bedtime diy trust

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My ball

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Subconscious Conversation 😴😴

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Has your child been sleeping well for quite some time and suddenly, waking up every 2-3 hours a night and you don't know what to do?! This is a common challenge many parents face. Your child may be going through a developmental leap or "regression". Your child goes through a number of exciting changes, but unfortunately that means their sleep is often disturbed. Whether it is language development or learning to crawl or walk, they want to practice their new found skill when they should be sleeping. The same thing happens to us...we often think about work, school, upcoming events etc. when we should be sleeping. The best way to get through developmental leaps is to encourage any new skills they are learning during the day. Also, lots of cuddles and one on one time. Stay on track with your child's schedule as best you can and try not to start any new habits! • • • mom dad sleepdeprived sleep momlife dadlife parenthood parentlife momblog canada northamerica blogger bedtime sleepconsultant motherhood sleeptraining naptraining brampton toronto gta sleepexpert torontomoms momstobe baby parenting nightmare freeconsultation midwives doula babyshow

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reading scary stories before bed

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LIGHT i have a few illustrators that i love. Not simply because they are incredibly talented, but that they’ve allowed their voices to come through so clearly and crisply in their work, to be a beacon of light to those seeking their own voice, child and adult. I had the privilege of seeing sophieblackall draw live recently and it just reinforced that feeling of wonder. How do you find your voice? By watching those that are finding it. Goodnight book for good dreams childrensillustrator spoiledchildren childrensbookillustration kidsliterature kidslitart bedtimereading kidslit childrensbooks childrensliterature hellolighthouse childrenslit kidsbooks kidsbook bedtime nightlyritual sophieblackall bookswithlove booksforbedtime booksforkids irlfl

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Its nowhere near the flat back that I'm aiming for, but I can finally touch my nose to my knees and hold it for more than a painful second. Stretch daily guys.

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My old man. The ruler of the roost, the play time referee, the grump, my first fur baby. He’s old and much more of a grouch these days but he’s my baby and always will be. ❤️❤️🐶 mybabyhaspaws furbaby oldman senior snuggles bedtime

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✔Sleep Tip Tuesday✔ Your baby's room should be so dark that you can't see your hand in front of your face. 👋😀 Even the smallest bit of light🌞 can decrease our melatonin levels (our sleepy hormone)💤. Even a small light from a clock or a night light can drastically decrease our sleep hormone making is significantly more difficult to put ourselves back to sleep in the middle of the night🌒 or early mornings. 🕰 Black out blinds are expensive,💲💰💰💲 but you don't need to shell out all this money 💲on fancy black out blinds to achieve darkness🔦. You can just as easily put up a thick dark sheet in front of the window to block any light from coming in 🌠