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Good Morning from Northern Thailand

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YouTube fbe video https://youtu.be/KFChuq6piZ8 ——————————————————————————— “What is she, like some goddess or something?” TF? Uh, that’s exactly what she is... ——————————————————————————— “She’s trying to look like an angel, with her halo... She’s no angel.” Of course she’s an angel!! 😇 ——————————————————————————— “We shouldn’t be ashamed of our bodies, but when it’s in this context, it’s just not, really, getting a good point across.” That’s exactly the opposite of nickiminaj’s point. nickiminaj exposes her body as a “work of art” to show that woman are allowed to and they can do whatever they want with THEIR bodies. ——————————————————————————— “Woah. woah, come on! Breaking my ears!” TF?? ——————————————————————————— “Very sexual. Uh, sounds like, uh, porno set to music.” It’s supposed to be “sexual”. She’s broken boundaries for woman with this. 🤦🏽‍♀️ ——————————————————————————— “I tried to —— 50 for a powerful hour, but all that — Good gravy! You can’t say this kind of stuff.” Why tf can’t she? ——————————————————————————— “... She had to have just been going down of- of ‘How could I get more attention?’” What makes you think she needs or wants more attention?? ——————————————————————————— “I think she was just, uh, having fun at somebody else’s expense.” What “expense”? Who’s “expense”? Of course she was having fun!! ——————————————————————————— “If that’s poking fun, it’s the nastiest. I- I mean there’s nothing redeeming about it. It’s not funny.” Lucky for you, it’s not poking fun. She said she was playing around. She said she knows they could deal with it because she fw them. ——————————————————————————— • • • • • • • • • • • • ignorant judgmental nickiminaj nicki minaj queen gangaburn barbiedreams chunli bed rude oldpeople feminism queennickiminaj deaf workofart attention fun angel goddess underrated anacondanickiminaj andaconda musicvideo barbie dreams disrespect respect youtube video

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sleeping from bed to bed bed

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How’s your Sundaymorning? 😍🤗 SeoWonCouple comfortlevel through the roof behindthescenes 😍 ___ ParkSeoJoon and KimJiWon relax in bed together watching an episode of SsamMaiWei as it aired while they wait to shoot their bedscenes 😜 in the comically named location WeDidIt motel in Daechon 🙈😆💕 ___ If you have time, please check it out my completed SeoWonFanfic, TOLOVEYOUOPENLY, which last chapter is entitled Sunday ☺💓 https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1368543 ___ KoDongman ChoiAera KDrama FightForMyWay ssammyway thirdratemyway seowon seowoncouple bestpartners seowonshipper hwaiting 💪🏻 seowonisreal ❤️