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traveltuesday “Hike more. Worry Less.” - Unknown. (Featuring: the Fairyland Loop in Bryce Canyon National Park. It is different then the Amphitheater side, but equally spectacular!)

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"Sometimes it’s a valley of colors and sometimes it’s a valley of dust, but it’s always a valley I’ll think of as home." mccandme repost from mikadriedger __ Mika Driedger is currently serving with MCC's SALT program in Nepal. Be thinking of our SALTers are they prepare to wrap up their service placements soon and head back to Canada and the U.S. __ mccpeace Nepal Kathmandu KathmanduValley theviewfromhere itsgoodhere homesweethome homeawayfromhome explorers letsbeadventurers iamSALT exploreyourworld acolorstory acolourstory beautifulview

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قلعه الموت ایران کے صوبے قزوین میں قلعه الموت ایک ایسی چوٹی پر واقع ہے جو2163 میٹر سطح سمندر سے اونچائی پر گازر خان گاوں میں واقع ہے۔ اس قلعہ کو علاقے کے عوام « قلعه حسن صباح » کے نام سے جانتے ہیں۔ تاہم یہ عظیم قلعہ اوراس کے برج اس وقت ویران ہو چکے ہیں۔یہ ایرانی قومی ورثہ اور تاریخی اثر رجسثرڈ ہوچکا ہے۔ http://urdu.sahartv.ir/news/photo_gallery-i329402 scenez Scnz Iran Qila Castle Mout beautifulview mountain Tourist Tourism

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Belum bisa move on dari serunya berlibur ke Vietnam! Apalagi kami berkesempatan berfoto menggunakan baju Ao Dai, yang merupakan baju khas Vietnam. Ini baru namanya perjalanan khas Ala Lo banget! Yuk, jalan - jalan bersama AlaLo! alaloid createyourownjourney vietnam huean danang alaalalo yuktraveling jalanjalan tiketmurah tour privatetour traveling tiketpesawat wisata wisatalam pesawat hotel visa insurance instagood insta view beautifulview journey instapicture instapic amazing ajourney letsgo

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💜💜💜 наверное все фотографы России сейчас делают своим клиентам фотодни в люпинах 😀 их очень много, огромные поля и они очень красивые, и это неплохая альтернатива лавандовым полям 💜 А мы вот сами устроили люпиновый день и не только люпиновый, как вы поняли уже, )))) хорошо когда есть телефон с камерой 😂💋 люпины люпиныказань люпиновыеполя лето2018 sunday sun фиолетовый цветущаяказань цветочноенастроение природароссии природататарстана татарстан beautifulview beautifulplace tatarstan kazan lupins travelphotography всемдобра

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🌹Genuine love is the glad effort to make others glad in God forever. Genuine love is being willing to suffer and die to draw as many people as we can into the pursuit and enjoyment of God.~John Piper,🌹. . . . . . . . destinationearth coast sunset wonderful.globe journey earthofficial exploreindonesia seaside colourful visitindonesia vsconature landscape landscape_lovers naturelovers naturephotography scenery nature_addict instanature wanderlust menado beautifulview wonderful_places niceview photooftheday travelphotography tripaddict mytravelgram touristspot

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The horizon, only as far as you dare to push it. Follow thebatpacker for more travel snaps in SE Asia.

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dear future boyfriend, I’ll be happy to call you mine and I’ll probably show you off a lot because I want everyone to know your mine and only mine. I’m the the jealous type oofie. I will always be here for you. I’ll shower you with kisses and hugs and cuddles. We will do whatever you wanna do. I will write you paragraphs on daily basis and I’m weird and I will wanna wear your hoodie or jacket. 💘🤞🏼

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If Bella Swan has Alice Cullen to tell her all about Edward Cullen, I have you. We believe we can be good friends and great sisters. In the cold mist I felt his existence is fading away. Can you tell where Edward is, Alice? . . 📷: tommy_husni

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Кто такой Зилант? История тысячелетней Казани, мифы и городские легенды вы узнаете в обзорной экскурсии prilaga ilovetravel travelandlife niceday travelphotography natureporn earthgallery traveldiaries roadtrip photobomb livetravelchannel photogrid visit instafollow worldbestgram prilaga mytravelgram backpack bucketlist backpacking naturegram natgeotravel greatphotosofworld photoshoot traveltheworld naturelover beautifulview photographer worldingram earthporn getaway

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There is a deep human need for beauty and if you ignore that need in architecture, your buildings will not last ~ Roger Scrutan