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Tuesday Pigeon Feed Exercise. No easy task as we have all walks of life in this pack and not all dogs like too share. All dogs deserve structure, obedience ,exercise, and routine each and every day by all involved in their upbringing.. Wayne Dorman www.dogzies.com dogziespetservices dogzies dogziespetservices dogzieskelowna kelowna train training kelownabc dogtraining teamworkdog dogtrainer dogtraining consistenclabradordoodle frenchbulldog vizsla rescuedog trainhardorgohomedogstagraml offleash treats doberman kelpie beagle bordercollie poodle germanshepherd dutchshepherd feed

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September 25, 2018. It was a magical morning for the Izzard during our early walk. We made it halfway through our first trail when, out of nowhere, it rained down one very exciting thing – a squirrel. I think whatever branch it was trying to jump to wasn’t stable enough to hold it so down came the branch, down came the squirrel, and straight into frenzy mode went the Izzard. Lucky for me I immediately let go of her leash so as to keep my arm in the socket where it belongs. Sir Squirrel had luck on his side this morning to and a quick tail nip is all Izz managed to land on him. Sonny joined in by charging at the tree and immediately tripping over a piece of bark in the path so…not exactly his most athletic moment. The squirrel best be glad he was quicker than these two vicious beasts. 😅🐶🐾pawsome barkhappy bestdogsever pets dogstagram doglover dogoftheday dogs dogsofinstagram jrt dog jackabee jackrussell dailyfluff instalove instadog instapet ilovemydog instacute rescue adoptdontshop beagle buzzfeedanimals ruffpost dogsofinsta doggram bff doubletrouble dailyfluff bffgoals lemonbeagle

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Happy Birthday to Stella!!!!! Thanks for tagging us in your post. Stella is swearing our new birthday bandana in pink!!! You can pick one up too at https://www.amazon.com/Pooch-Perfect-Birthday-Bandana-Princess/dp/B07FK2L3P7/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1537931433&sr=8-1&keywords=pooch%2Bperfect&th=1 Repost samtaccca • • • • • My animal is 1 today!! Happy birthday to the most vocal beagle I know 🤦🏻‍♀️ Stellaaaa ... ... ... beagles beagle puppy dog canine beaglesofinstagram puppiesofinstagram dogstagram dogsofinstagram cute adorable cutie sweet pink bandana birthday love awesome wow instapup instadog hound

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I'm a bad dog mom- I abandoned my first born on her very important 10th birthday. So, I'm a day late, but hopefully made up for missing her birthday by getting her a fancy treat from a pet store in Jackson Hole on our way home. She paid me back by being very displeased with her birthday hat and refusing to sit still for her picture. Zoe is getting grey in the face, growing lots of warts, and her bad back flares up from time to time. Still, she's sassy as can be. She loves instigating trouble among her sisters and then sitting back and watching chaos ensue. She enjoys barking at nothing, taking naps on the couch, and stealing treats. It's hard to believe she's already 10 and still not really slowing down much. Wuv you Zoe Beagle! beagle beagles instagrambeagles beaglesofinstagram zoeprincess lovelikelucy kelseyjotheborgi

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Sending you all the flu season support...take care everypawdy!

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最近また一段と「痩せた?」と聞かれるんだなぁ 毎日の様に会ってるご近所さんにも聞かれる ①僕もっと食べれるよ! まるでご飯あげてないみたい😥 ②昨日の夜散歩 雨でも用が無くても病院には寄るのね ③今朝のお母さん待ち ④八ヶ岳の写真 プリンちゃんとこから貰いましたー こんな写真でいいの?と言われたけど、私が撮ったのよりプリンちゃんとマックがわかる🤣 mac beagle dog cute ビーグル 痩せすぎ 病院ではベストと言われる 代謝良すぎ 快便なの 羨ましい 病院大好き お母さん大好き オヤツくれる プリンちゃん 八ヶ岳の思い出 また行きたい

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snuggling mum 💤💤

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Handsome as fuck