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I’m wearing this for Halloween

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why are the so beautiful!? 💜 -🐶K

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omfg i dOnt understand chem and phys hate me the two things that are like physically impossible happened and we basically had to take other people's answers to do our report tWice iN a RoW like legit for chem we got something that wasnt sCientiFICaLlLY POSSIBLE and the lab dude had no idea what we did wrong:-()-(-) im telling u its a sign from the universe that chem and phys arent for me

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not guilty 😂

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"wHy dO YOu LIstEn To MuSiC THat yOu DonT eVEN UnDERstAnD"

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Nebela left me all alone in the bar place of the club because I was late. She knew I hated the bar section. That is because, that’s where drunk people are and drunk people go crazy and pervert mode. I just hate it. With our little mini fight in texting, she came over to me and gave me a lecture of all the alcohol in the planet. I had to listen of course, but never wanted too. After 15 minutes of her giving her alcohol speach, she made me order one. “Uhh.....”I tried to remeber one alcohol Nebela said in her speach and I did remeber one. “1 whiskey please?” I said and the bartender nodded and started to make my drink. Nebela was smiling at me when I turned to her. “You orderd whiskey! I’m so proud of you!” She cheered. “Thanks?” Nebela then ordered a whiskey too and when both of our drinks came I didn’t know what to expect. “Drink it in 1 shot.” I looked at Nebela and then the drink. I picked up the glass cup and dranked it in 1 shot liked Nebela told me. It was...acually good. Nebela already dranked her whiskey and ordered more for both of us. Soon enough both of us got drunked like the other people in the bar who had too many shots just like us. Nebela went to the dance floor and dance like she had nevee danced before. I was still at the bar and I felt like my head was going to explode. I leaned my head on someone’s shoulder. Wait, someone’s shoulder?! I plop my head up and turned to face a young boy that looked like my age. I looked at him and apologised to him. He just smirked and said “ you’re lucky I’m a nice person or elsed, you would’ve gotton punished”. Hope you enjoy part two! bts bangtan bangtan bangtanboys bantanboys bantansonyeondan bangtansonyeondan kpop korea btsff btsstory jin jimin namjoon rm suga yoongi hoseok jhope jungkook v taehyung

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Mismo energía

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THE TEA IS INTENSE (PART 8)🍵👀 ( also I just realized I been using the coffee emojis instead if the tea emoji rip)

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☑︎ . . こんなのに付き合ってくれてありがとすぎる😭👏🏻💞 ナイスジミンちゃん×100000000 だったよさすが祐茉。。 . . (armyの皆んな、祝ってますか?とか普通アドリブで出なかろう) . . bts jimin chimmy bt21 happyjiminday birthdaycake cake 지민 ジミン 誕生日 생일 생일축하해 생일파티 아미 dog happybirthday bangtanboys バンタン 방탄소년단 birthdayparty 사랑해 귀여워 한국 センイル渡韓 オタク bantansonyeondan