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I swear this the truth. So from my personal experience. Meeting women nowadays they are just as busy as me. The situations usually fail because there’s no time to even get close. It seems obtaining more goals is more important than obtaining a family. But hell I can’t blame you. There’s rarely anything we see that makes the situation look like being wanted. Side chicks have become popular, why? Because from a mans perspective if you always busy and I want to spend emotional quality and your never available. What you think a man is going to do. No cheating isn’t right but I swear I think this is why. It’s like it’s power struggle now. Many aren’t willing to sacrifice everything they built when a man wasn’t there for a 50/50 Chance to be set back due to a failed marriage or relationship. I don’t have to wonder why women can be strong and raise a family on their own. But that same energy was designed to keep a family strong. Meekness is not weakness but I Understand society isn’t necessarily promoting families staying together. This world is going in a different direction. I plan on being married only once. Girl you better go in that other room and vent or go shopping. You ain’t gout nowhere‼️😂I just want that ole school shit our grandparents had. A life sentence 🔐💍👴🏾👵🏽

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My aesthetic for you guys! I know it’s probably not what you wanted, but it’s what I wanted!👍 Also I used Nancy because.....Bae, and also she’s just so aesthetically pleasing!❤️❤️❤️ also have you listened to Taeyeon‘ new album?!? I’m in love! My favorite song is obviously Circus as you can tell!💕💕💕 aesthetic aestheticallypleasing bae taeyeon nancy

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If you wake me up

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I lost myself in your sight that I did not have time to think what would happen after you polite the cord that unites us...

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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. When life's a bitch, beer is a must.🍺🍻🍺 summer bae drinks

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Cotton Candy Couple 💕💙

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So much preparation goes into this one day but it goes by so fast 😩 at least it’s finally time to relax on our honeymoon 😍 mrandmrshucker