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I’m not trying to be that cliche hopeless romantic but it only took a second for me to realize that I have to have you in my life! In three years I have realized it each day how right I was! Thank you always for gracing me with your beautiful soul! . . . 노무 사랑해 (that’s I love you in Korean for the illiterate ones like myself!) speechelss had to help me there haha! . . . Happy anniversary bae ;)! ————————————————— werkwanderrepeat werk wander repeat canon canonphotos canonphotography devilsden wandererbracelets traveltagged 3years forevertogo floridalife babe mymodel thatsbae wce

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In honor of of Disney’s 63rd birthday here’s a picture of the two things i miss the most DISNEYLAND & my BLONDE locks 💫 Need to make a trip ASAP

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Summer stripes. HAMPTON Bikini Set✨

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What a fucking babe 😍😍😍

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I've spent the last 7 years of my life with this adventurous babe (though technically the 1st was just as roommates) and it's safe to say my life would have been a lot less amazing without her. Thanks for being my literally everything-partner. You make life sweet. Happy birthday getafteritali. birthdaygirl babe adventurewoman hottie shesa10 luckyme

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Beauty 💜 Babe ohsofittt Search: "Forever Young Dress" www.GurlHouse.com 🌼

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They call her the bird lady. laureloneal got to throw out the salmon carcass and was swarmed by seagulls.

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I could do a month long feature on this wonderful woman for three simple reasons: (1) her photos are stunning (2) she is one of the most photogenic beauties on IG and (3) she is a sweetheart and genuinely kind person. Stop by Christy’s IG christylee_pnw page and follow this beauty! ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥 asian asian_girl asian_girls asian_model asianmodel asian_hotties babe beauty beautiful crazy4asians hot hottie hotbabe hotgirl hot_babe hot_girl hot_asian gorgeous gorgeousgirl sexy bikini bikinis bikinigirl swimsuit swimsuits swimwear beach beachbody beachlife

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I hear it’s tushy Tuesday! Can you spot the tushy??

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he is a wee babeeeeee 😍😍 could just cuddle and squeeze him all day nephew babe

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Slay it daddy 😍😆💕💕he is look like me when I do soprt 😆😂.he is so adorable love him ♥️❤️. tyszooted tylerbrown tyszooted tylerbrown . . . . . . . But red heart ❤️ to see how much you love daddy Tyler ☺️ Tag him 💖🌈😊 gay makeup jyler jaysquadasf tylerbrown daddytyler daddy tyszooted loveislove losangeles nyc bitch brownies pride pridemonth queen skinny skinnqueen jylerkiss jyler_11ntyszooted tylerbrown daddytyler welovedaddytyler welovetylerbrown cute adorable tylerbrownmusically tylerbrownmydad california losangeles despacito tylerbrownsbrownies brownies babe

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People are all sex workers and sex offenders, one way or another. Sexual frustration hidden behind the illusion of sexual freedom is what turns a “sex worker” into a “sex offender”. Without feeling and understanding the nature and the flow of sexual energy, there can be no balance and harmony within. Only aggression, madness and war. Until reaching that part of your essence, you are a worker and an offender instead of becoming a veritable lover.

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Do you have curly or straight hair? Which do you like better on yourself? - Annie

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