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1 week ago

Getting lost in Old Town Corfu... Limestone streets, New smiles, Old souls and even older buildings 🇬🇷👌🏾🌎

1 week ago

“ Corfu - Greece, my heart is so happy” 😌 walking the streets here makes my soul feel at home. Every country I have been to I have absolutely loved but for all different reasons. Some I love the people, the food, the views... Friends tell me their opinions & experiences good & bad of countries that they have been to but nothing has been quite “spot on” for me, which I love because I have learnt that “NOTHING IS EVER AS IT SEEMS” never let anyones opinion shadow yours... My eyes are open wider than ever.. more inspired than ever and feeling more alive than ever before.. traveling makes me happy and if happiness is a choice than I’ll travel forever 🌎✨ atlasinhereyes wanderlust homeiswherethesoulfeelshappy happiness travel corfu greece aussieabroad gratitude yew nothingiseverasitseems

3 weeks ago

No filter just perfection.. Sali the port we were ment to go back to was booked out so we came here by chance and my god were we happy about it 🙌🏽 A tiny island with one restaurant and a small shop.. no houses.. just a crystal clear turquoise marina, most ports we had been to in Spain & France you wouldn’t even put your big toe into (or if your Birkenstock blew over you wouldnt jump in and get it) but this one we were jumping from our birth off the boat into this dreamy sea 😍🙌🏽 after an amazing massage by the sea, a video chat to my dad (hadn’t seen his face since I left In feb) and a swim I’m feeling so happy I could cry 🤗🙃 I may work hard and crazy hours but days and moments like this makes it all worth it! happybythesea atlasinhereyes wanderlust gratitude happy aussieabroad yew mediterranean croatia islandlife turquoise turquoisewater superyacht workandtravel traveler travelphotography travel love

1 month ago

And just like that our 2 and a half months from Spain to France & Monaco are done ✅ The crew & I are currently crossing around the big boot (Italy) to reach Montenegro, Croatia & Greece for the next few months 🇭🇷🇲🇪🇬🇷 excited is an understatement! ilovemyjob workandtravel travel traveler fun glitter wanderlust atlasinhereyes yew aussieabroad gratitude grandprix cannesfilmfestival 2018 monaco france spain italy montenegro croatia greece mediterranean medsummer summer superyacht happybythesea