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2 days ago

When the lighting is epic so you just have to 🙋🏼‍♀️😂 atlasinhereyes france

1 week ago

WISHING MY PARTNER IN CRIME / BEST FRIEND / FISHING PAL the dirtiest of 30th birthdays ever! We celebrated early but not long till I’m home to celebrate again, words can’t describe what you mean to me and the fun and craziness we have got up to over the years - I’m so lucky to have such a loving caring best friend like you, I love you my darling - enjoy your day xxxx _jesssssssa (ps it’s not your birthday in Europe yet so technically I’m saaa early 😂)

1 week ago

Flying over the Austrian alps at sunset was so beautiful.. breath taking and super humbling as I think back over the best month of traveling, Iv met so many legends and made some epic memories from weddings, new friends, catching up with old friends, tours, new countries and some solo chill time too. Back to the daily grind ✌🏽 austria austrianalps alps ski travel fromthesky sunsetfromthesky plane flying aussieabroad europe summer travel wanderlust atlasinhereyes yew ibiza spain barcelona singapore germany france greece bali newfriends happy smile holidays

2 weeks ago

One of my many life quotes I go by is “Out of sight out of mind” this doesn’t apply for 1. Barcelona 2. Traveling of any type 3. The ocean. These things are constantly on my mind...That being said here’s a photo of me swimming in THE OCEAN in BARCELONA whilst I’m TRAVELLING. This photo puts all my thoughts into one picture.. and make my heart full 🤙🏽✈️🌎 epic goodvibes missyoubarca wanderlust travel travelling wonder wander theocean swim barcelona spain seetheworld openyourheart openyourmind smile love laugh entouragetours salty beach atlasinhereyes

2 weeks ago

Seeing my favourite dj borisbrejcha in my favourite city Barcelona in an old castle was out of this world! Legit just stood there with my hands on my head for a solid part of the set, music is something I can’t live without so to see him from YouTube videos to real life was so epic!! Daft punk in 2009 was one of those hold your head moments and this was up there with that - catch him and the fckng_serious tour if you can! ( annclue is next level good ) 🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭 borisbrejcha concert dj minimalhightech minimaltech epic germandj isthisreallife spain barcelona nightclub castle joker thejoker fckngserious europe music fckngseriouseuropebustour dj travel wanderlust atlasinhereyes inputbarcelona

1 month ago

Whilst I’m flying from one side of the world to the other - I’m reflecting and reminiscing on the past year or even two and just thankful my hard work & even harder decisions has paid off and I’m actually living my dreams... for me and only me! Traveling makes my happy soul even happier.. I don’t think I’m going to do anything apart from make it my absolute ultimate goal to travel forever 💁🏼‍♀️🌍 as hard as it is to be away from family & friends for so long I’m so restless doing normal day to day life... Does anyone have these feelings? 🤷🏼‍♀️✌🏽 travel europe bali singapore wanderlust atlasinhereyes happy soul traveler thoughts

1 month ago

Bitter sweet leaving my floating home for a 4 week holiday! Iv had the BEST summer season traveling the med - but looking forward to Flying my bestie _jesssssssa to come meet me in Bali to celebrate her early 30th/hens then another hens for bobjay57 & taylormatthews__ & their Wedding! Dreading the flights but still can’t wait! 🎉🌴☀️👙 Bali > Singapore > Barcelona > Ibiza > Barcelona > Germany > France yew atlasinhereyes travel aussieabroad traveler europe love besties wedding baliwedding hens islandlife happy yachtlife singapore barcelona germany oktoberfest 2018 ibiza summer europeansummer

1 month ago

Dubrovnik Old Town 🙌🏽☀️ the best Croasian fusion food- we dreamt about those prawns for days, never had anything like it and thanked our Uber driver 1000 times for her recommendations. Awesome cocktails and beautiful historic views. Dubrovnik is over crowded with tourist but if you can get past that it’s amazing. Having a drink on a bar on a cliff then jumping in the ocean has never sounded better. I don’t think it’s legal or aloud in Australia but here it’s the norm 🤙🏽 croatia food cocktails dubrovnik dubrovnikoldtown wanderlust travel yew aussieabroad traveler yum europe summer eurosummer atlasinhereyes

2 months ago

Getting lost in Old Town Corfu... Limestone streets, New smiles, Old souls and even older buildings 🇬🇷👌🏾🌎

2 months ago

“ Corfu - Greece, my heart is so happy” 😌 walking the streets here makes my soul feel at home. Every country I have been to I have absolutely loved but for all different reasons. Some I love the people, the food, the views... Friends tell me their opinions & experiences good & bad of countries that they have been to but nothing has been quite “spot on” for me, which I love because I have learnt that “NOTHING IS EVER AS IT SEEMS” never let anyones opinion shadow yours... My eyes are open wider than ever.. more inspired than ever and feeling more alive than ever before.. traveling makes me happy and if happiness is a choice than I’ll travel forever 🌎✨ atlasinhereyes wanderlust homeiswherethesoulfeelshappy happiness travel corfu greece aussieabroad gratitude yew nothingiseverasitseems

2 months ago

No filter just perfection.. Sali the port we were ment to go back to was booked out so we came here by chance and my god were we happy about it 🙌🏽 A tiny island with one restaurant and a small shop.. no houses.. just a crystal clear turquoise marina, most ports we had been to in Spain & France you wouldn’t even put your big toe into (or if your Birkenstock blew over you wouldnt jump in and get it) but this one we were jumping from our birth off the boat into this dreamy sea 😍🙌🏽 after an amazing massage by the sea, a video chat to my dad (hadn’t seen his face since I left In feb) and a swim I’m feeling so happy I could cry 🤗🙃 I may work hard and crazy hours but days and moments like this makes it all worth it! happybythesea atlasinhereyes wanderlust gratitude happy aussieabroad yew mediterranean croatia islandlife turquoise turquoisewater superyacht workandtravel traveler travelphotography travel love