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So I finished my scripture diary this morning 💃💃💃! I am so excited to start using this little gem on Sunday and at crc_dreamweek! . • Powerful lyrics planetshakers 💪🏼 📢 🎼🎸 . • Beautiful scripture 📝 “My heart rejoices and triumphs in the LORD; My strength is lifted up in the LORD, My mouth has opened wide [to speak boldly] against my enemies, Because I rejoice in Your salvation.” ‭‭1 SAMUEL‬ ‭2:1‬ ‭AMP‬‬ . However...when I’m in the art zone I completely forget to check time ⏰ ...when I finished I realised it was 8.55 am and I hadn’t eaten my (by now very cold porridge), or done my work out...and still needed to get ready for work ⌛️😩😩. . At least I work from home! . Time flies when you’re an artist 👩‍🎨 . . . . . . . . . . mountains strength power inspiration godisgood jesus christian art handlettering faith love joy moderncalligraphy drawing typography journal paintedscripture bible doodles design artoftheday gallery paint instaart creative artwork painting artist pray nightsky

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11/23 SLOTS FILLED! 12 SLOTS LEFT! ❗️SOUND ON! Rules: I sold out last year, so- DM me with a dm that says •1: If you plan to pre-order. •2 how many you want to buy. •3: Paypal. ❗️OCTOBER 1ST I WILL BE SENDING OUT ALL INVOICES❗️ DO NOT send an invoice if you plan on backing out. ❗️SLOTS ARE LIMITED.❗️(Can do ANY animal! $50 + tax + Shipping. ) halloween artwork anime furry spooky

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Por louisevtk Quer aparecer aqui? Siga-nos, use a nossa hashtag, ou nos marque no seu post! _____________ Do you want to be featured here? Follow us, use our hashtag or tag us on your post! . . . inspiração desenhando artesvisuais arthashtag tudosobrearte artistasbrasileiros artebrasil artebrasileira brazilianart ilustração pintura amazingart art artwork arte desenho dibujo artista instaart instagramart instaartist instaarte artsanity artfido drawing drawingoftheday illustration desenhododia sketch inspire preview.app

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Having fun at the beach 😎🏄🏽‍♀️🤳🙋🏻‍♀️🏖 🏊🏼‍♀️☀️🍦🤸🏻‍♂️⛱ • Post your pic while traveling with my new migros bags with the hashtag artenvoyage and get featured on this page. ✈️👜 ° ° ° art artist myart artwork popart color pop exhibition painting swissartist happy acrylic shopping artistsoninstagram migros creative beautiful installation beach cabas beachgirl surf traveling travel food fun biarritz eating picoftheday

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Branding with apparel and promotional items set your business a part. Need help? Let’s connect!

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Once upon a timw when I was considering becoming a full time artist I was thinking about focusing on graphics! Still my love. Black ink. . A piece from a museum visit. . For more posts like this with psychological storytelling follow my Patreon. From 1$ onwards! www.patreon.com/ArtPsychology . art psychology inspiration psychologist beauty travel psychotherapy artwork n museum selfeducation healer graphic t Jung ig_travel artpsychology_sanja shamanism counseling h iloveart transformation selfdevelopment blackink art_spotlight s artlovers artoftheday alchemist selflove mentalhealth healing healthyself artsy

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Nearly Friday people! New day = new colours! Wishing everyone a happy bright weekend in advance 🌈

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Parece milagre, mas as sementes de cura começam a florescer nos mesmos jardins onde parecia que nenhuma outra flor brotaria. A alma é sábia: enquanto achamos que só existe dor, ela trabalha, em silêncio, para tecer o momento novo. E ele chega... · · · · · love beautiful arte artpop instaart painting photography drawing divine streetart artistsoninstagram sketchbook art_spotlight newartist artsy artist draw arts artwork artistic creative art_we_inspire illustration instaartist newart art photooftheday sketch artoftheday instagood

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요새 다른 촬영들이 많아 통 꽃작업을 못하다가, 겨우 시간을 내 들뜬 마음에 가위질을 하다 지대로 손을 베었다. 원예가위 정말 무섭네. 간만에 글자 그대로 피를 철철 흘렸다. 여러분 바쁠수록 돌아갑시다. ✂️ . . . 침착해 오늘의꽃 킹프로테아 드라이플라워 사진작가 황선희작가 소니이미지갤러리 꽃스타그램 아트웍 아티스트 작업 자연 식물스타그램 영감 sonya7iii stilllife inspiration naturephotography floweroftheday fineartphotography kingprotea dryflower artwork contemporaryart lensculture 花写真 写真家

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I missed drawing this boi. yato

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Petit extrait pour un projet en cours😎 pitbull dogs label619 😉 Chasse à l'homme 🏃‍♂️ arts

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Love finding cool graffiti/street art! I’ve always had such an appreciation for unique art like this as each piece is a small reflection of the artist themselves and Because it takes some crazy talent to create something as rad as this piece! If anyone in the area knows the artist please tag them! Thank for the pic amandajwallace

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이렇게 친구 신혼집 거실에 걸려있는 웨딩그림 흐뭇하다💕 신랑분은 심지어 동네방네 자랑 + 카톡메인 내 친구 어머니까지 좋아하셨다는 후문😘 A2 화이트 액자 현정그리다 현정웨딩그림 내친구얼굴

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