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Estoy muy emocionada...😄 Estuve practicando mucho mi estilo puliendolo más quería ponerle más detalle algo que me convenciera y se me hiciera más fácil de hacer... Ahora solo falta repetirlo una y otra vez para que se me quede grabado y no tenga que sufrir después... 😐 - - dibujo arte dibujos sketch sketchbook art arte instaartwork doodle doodles manga mangaart acuarela cartoon cartoonart gallery drawing draw anime dibujo color mangaart anime instaart drawing artwork gallery ilustración cartoon traditionalart

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Sorry I haven't post anything for the past couple of days 😥 , because I already have school 😥😥 , I might not be as active as before , so sorry ya all 😥😥 Oh yeah here's my new oc name kateliyn , Idk if im gotta make her my main oc , if you agree I should change my old main oc to this just comment 💞💝💝💜💛💗❤💜💝💝💞💞 artartworkdrawingdrawingforlifemyoriginalartworkmyoriginalartmyoriginalartstyledrawdrewmyartmyartworkshadingcolorsdigitaldigitalartistdigitalartworkmydrawmydrewdigitalartoriginalartoriginaldrawingorginalcharacterocadorbs

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สีน้ำตามอารมณ์ ฉันจะอดทนทำมัน จนกว่ามีเงินซื้อของดีๆมาใช้ ถึงของที่มีมันห่วย แต่อย่างน้อย มันสามารถวาดได้ ปลอบใจตัวเองว่าใช้ฝึกฝนไปก่อน การทำงานศิลปะ มันต้องทุนทรัพย์อยู่แล้ว แถมยังขัดกับความคิดเห็นของผู้ใหญ่ ใช่! แต่ฉันจะไม่เลิกทำมัน . . . . watercolor watercolorpainting painting drowning art art_we_inspire artwork arte artsy artist artistsoninstagram art_spotlight skatebook artgallery womans sennelier

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Time for another book...and always another cap.

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Crayon on paper. Goodnight friends 😘

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For my birthday this year all I wanted was one of my late grandpa’s paintings. He passed when I was very young, but of the handful of memories I DO have he was always in his art studio (and sometimes yelling at me to get out as I wasn’t allowed in the studio!). By chance my grandma is thinning out her collection of his artwork (and that of my actual grandpa, who passed well before I was even a thought) and she gifted me TWO of his paintings. He was an artist for Boeing way back in the day - these two paintings were supposed to be part of a collection of artwork of the same plane that never actually ended up getting used. Regardless, I feel so fortunate to now have these in my possession. As a severely sentimental person I can’t quite verbalize just how much this means to me. But I’m very, very happy. ❣️❣️❣️

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Hands will forever be a challenge for me, BUT don’t be afraid of them! As intimidating and complex as they are to draw, when you put the time and effort into practicing how to draw them, I’m telling you WILL see results!

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First adoptables I’ve ever made, wanted to try my hand at it!! Prices are as listed, if interested comment which one you’d like and I’ll DM you my paypal info! I can also send their fullbody picture with color palette💓adoptables 1. Open 2. Open 3. Open

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All right, fuckers! I took yesterday off, but today I am pleased to announce I have set up a redbubble shop! ° ° ° This piece, Cosmic Terrain, and a few others are now available to purchase on all sorts of surfaces! Just click the link in my bio to check em out! ° ° ° Society6 turned out to be way less user-friendly than I'd like, but I will still keep the few pieces I have on there. Everything else will now be through RedBubble. I hope you enjoy what I start throwing your way! 💚 ° ° ° artlovers artoftheday artistsoninstagram colorful artwork instagay dark original dream

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Brown eyes by me it’s on my Etsy check her out 🤗🤗🤗link in bio .

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Pablo Picasso remake from his blue period the original piece drives me crazy 💎.Done on mix media paper size 11x14in.

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Michael 📸Jackson

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My fun for the day now it's time to get serious.I call her Bag Lady by the way 😂😍💰Aka-Secure that bag 😜....