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9 minutes ago

Another day, another coffee cup scavenged from the garbage to scoop water from a curbside puddle to cool his overheated body as a half smoked cigarette waits for his return to the shaded sanctuary of the canopy by the market he likely calls home. I bought him a bottle of water which he nearly didn't take so fierce was his pride. There were no words spoken in the moments that followed; merely my pointing from my camera to him to ask the pantomimed question "May I?" and his answering pose which speaks volumes. But as I write this and ponder how many are overlooked, all I realize is how the volumes are not nearly enough. Don't spare change. Make change. dontsparechangemakechange anotherday streetportraits

21 minutes ago

Is this considered a selfie? This was taken somewhere in Laredo, in some gallery that I dont remember at all. Cool photo though. Enjoy your Sunday everyone. anotherday art selfie? photography

29 minutes ago

"Eu me flagro olhando nos olhos das pessoas mais do que já fiz algum dia na vida. E me dou conta que é aí que deixamos de ser um gênero ou cor. Basta olhar bem no fundo dos olhos." - Outro dia 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️ livrooutrodiaanotherdaydavidlevithaneditoragalera

13 hours ago

Waterfall of the gods.... I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this amazing country and all of the magnificent treasures waiting around every corner. It’s literally pure.magic 😳