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It's been more than a year now! I know many things have changed. And you know that you have a place in my heart that no one else could ever have. Okay I won't add anything else but I filled the emptiness left in my heart with words just as beautiful as you are. Ps: Kaisa laga mera mazaak? . harshitjain harshitguy harmanjn shitguy vine 15svine allindiabakchod aib denver black code denverblacksky aiims examsyaar notfunny okay hindi bollywood srk script kolkata video hattbhosdiki okbye

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वो सभी भाई बन्धु जो धोखा खा चुके है या खाने वाले है उन सब के लिए सलाह है- सुधर जाओ क्योंकि प्यार एक धोखा है । -बागीशायर