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Compañero de equipo alex vamos con todo mañana 57-34

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I dont know where to start umm...... * I love u soo dam much alex I hope one day you notice me My biggest wish is to meet you and I wish nothing but the best for you I hope you never forget about us the blesivfam we all love you so much haters can stfu to me u are still a baby and I hope you dont grow even more,You are so sweet and kind you are caring cute and a wonderful human being you are my blessing your mom went trough a lot to get u where you are,Never forget to tell your mom that we all thank her for making a amazing human being and that ur name blesiv comes from her blessing I am a real fan I would never call u sum thing u dont wanna be called I love you with all my hart I know you will never READ or NOTICE ME but I do all of this for you,A year ago I went into deep depresion and it hurt me a lot u made me realize that I should keep going never give up thats why I love you soo much you make my day happy when I see your face on ma screen I love you never forget that will always be her to support you and to love you, I will have ur back whenever u want me too without you I would have probably not been here by now I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH words can not explain how happy you make me but I have so many more things to say but its probably too long HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLESIV I LOVE YOU SOO MUCHH NEVER FORGET THAT!!!!! * * * blesiv blesiv blesiv blesiv blesiv blesiv blesiv blesiv blesiv blesiv wtfblesiv wtfblesiv wtfblesiv wtfblesiv wtfblesiv wtfblesiv wtfblesiv wtfblesiv wtfblesiv wtfblesiv blesiv yomamablesiv blesivfam AlexGuzman Guzman Alex Bletzel Iloveyou explore blesivbabe foryou

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I misses you 😞 Music: Alex & Sierra - Little Do You Know lomotif 使用 lomotif app 製作

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!! ilysmmm!! I know you we'll never see this but I'm saying this anyway I've only been in the fam for a few months and it's feels like it's been forever. The blesivfam is so friendly and supportive. I cant wait to see what the future has in store for you. You have to stop growing up! Your 17, that's so close to 20! Your almost an adult. Ive been supporting you for exactly 2 months and 8 days (since you hit 500k)! You've grown so much since then. Ill always be here for you and ill always support you!! I hope I can meet you again! Come to ny please💕 Ilysm and I hope you had an amazing day, because after all, its your day!<3 . . blesiv wtfblesiv explorepage edits hbd happybirthday 17thbirthday 17 seventeen birthdayedit birthday explore edit alex guzman alexguzman blesivedits blesivfam blesiv iloveyou ilysm noticeme omgpage omg imy

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💡Ну вот господа, вам тренинг от миллионера! ⠀ 🕑В какой-то момент надо осознать, что пора менять мышление. ⠀ 👨🏻‍⚕️Когда ты помогаешь людям, люди все больше тянутся к тебе. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Потом это превращается в сеть, 🛒сеть переходит в спрос, 🏦а спрос создаёт бизнес. ⠀ 🌍Так давайте попробуем вместе помогать людям, потом ещё и зарабатывать начнём. ⠀ Alex._kovalбизнесУспехвместе здоровьестратегияелев8жизньбезболиуспехиркутскдоренбергпрезентациямотивациямыслиподругомуначинающийбизнесменпредпринимательжизньприжизнибогатыйумздоровоетело

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Alex XBB Housemate , Dancer and Celebrity Host looking beautiful on a red outfit redcarpet Host - - Pls ❤️❤️Don't just like, do more to follow fkirian2299 and fkirian_ for more 🙏🙏😍.. Updates , instant post, celebrity gist, politics etc 👍👍👍 - - - alex_unusual alexunusualdaily bigbrothernigeria bambam ceec tobi bamteddy nina miracle teddya mina tolex alexunusual tobibakre ceena ceebi ceeleo bbnaijafans doublewahala celebrity blogger follow4follow followforfollow like4like likeforlike likeforfollow shomoagemini givememyaccolades accoladesinmaking-

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Damn the big 17:,) Happy birthday Hamid Alexander Guzman. I have not supported you a full year but the first time i saw you on musicly was when i started supporting you. You're smile. You're personality says a lot about you. Im glad i get to support a smol bean like you. You are a true inspiration to all the blesiv fam. Cutiee. Again happy birthday have a good day. I love you with all my heart❤💘💗💘💗 blesiv (my edit) just diff fp. HAPPY birthday alex lover idol followforfollowback likeforfollow bodypaint blesivedits🌴❤️ blesivmusicallys blesivfam🌴❤️ hate likeforfollowback follow4followback LA Alex puppys instagood omgpage dirtyconfessions followforfollowback plamsprings cutie juicy manz happylifequotes blesivfam Blesiv homecoming

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Y aquí ALEX el nuevo integrante de la familia ❤️ betta

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Pareja que hace ejercicios juntos, permanecen unidos 😍. - ¿Qué pensará Jlo cuando ve a su novio alex y viceversa?