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maryann_ivy’s entry: "Monologue: R is for Rebellion written by Othuke Isaac Umukoro pawstudiosnigeria raconteurprod brendaupoho kennethuphopho othukeumukoro Augustmeeting acting monologue thespian I need to add that this monologue was made for a giveaway by raconteurprod for a 2 day actor's boot camp presented by pawstudiosnigeria. I asked Isaac to write me something deep and personal about the Aba women riot. I read this monologue and it resonated within me. Enjoy🙏 ActorsBootcamp

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It was a pleasure to photograph a dress rehearsal performance of "A night at Stobs" at Chalmer's Church on Monday. "A night of music & comedy, as performed by internees during First World War at StobsCamp, Scottish Borders". Find them on Twitter: anightatstobs Read what it is all about: https://theconversation.com/german-prisoners-held-comedy-nights-in-british-war-camps-we-recreated-one-98192 theater portrait actor anightatstobs theaterphotography play theaterplay acting

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From this week. Looking forward to seeing much more from these talented individuals Got the look? Stand out from the rest with a cinematic headshot New DTLA STUDIO is offering $200 headshots for a limited time. Got headshots? acting actor actress hollywood losangeles headshots actorsheadshot actorslife casting headshotphotographer losangelesactor actorsaccess sag sagaftra laheadshots losangelesheadshots commercialheadshot theatricalheadshot LA studio dtla morganwitkop grant.witkop

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Me kya film dikhai deti hu 😂😂😂😁😁 Acting funny😂😁

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Method (South Korea, 2017) is one of my favourite Korean films. Veteran actor Jae Ha (Park Sung Woong) is set to star in a play with inexperienced idol Yeong Woo (Oh Seung Hoon). At first the youth has attitude but soon becomes fascinated by theatre, the production, and Jae Ha’s passion for his craft. The love affair onstage soon spills into passion offstage. We learn from Jae Ha’s artist girlfriend Her Won (great performance by Yoon Seung Ah) that he does this when he goes “method” for every role. She’s at breaking point: I think deep down her fear is one day an obsession with a co-star will truly cross into reality, and in reality she plays the part of his girlfriend. Yes, life is a stage. And the way the young actor documents the rehearsal period on his social media makes it clear that on some level his entire life is a performance. The film feels like a play, and I love that. As Yeong Woo becomes obsessive and seemingly unbalanced in his passion for the older actor he now idolises, Jae also appears to be losing control of the situation. Tension builds, and it’s almost as if Jae Ha is drunk on what’s happening. Culminating in a tense opening night where Jae Ha screams his girlfriend’s name onstage instead of the character, and Yeong Woo brings realism through self-harm, we understand the student is surpassing the master. The viewer is left to draw their own conclusion as to how much of the emotion was real—and if the actors can’t be sure, how can we? I adore how Park Sung Woong doesn’t compete with Oh Seung Hoon in their scenes: a true master of his craft, he lets his co-star slowly dominate as time goes by, understanding that this transition is what makes the film so riveting. Oh Seung Hoon is a revelation, going from innocent to borderline psychotic, before stepping back to show us his was a calculated loss of control. And no I did not find the film slow, or obvious, or confusing. Like great theatre, there is so much subtext, and the play itself is arguably only the final scene of our two leads’ interactions. As an actor Jae Ha’s own process entraps him, and the newcomer schools the Master. method filmreview acting parksungwoong ohseunghoon gay

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あげようかちょっと迷ったんですが... 友人がせっかく撮ってくれていたのでサビの部分だけチラ見せ 個人的な48回魔界振り返り↓ 魔界は色んなジャンルのプロフェッショナルな方がいて、毎回凄く勉強になってます そんな凄い方々の中、自分のダンスがキャストさん達やお客様にどれだけ通用するのか。 まだ正直掴めてないです。 でも次、リングで踊る時はこれを必ず超えます。 「魔界」に「舞踊」が確実に追加されるように、必要な物になれるように私としては頑張りたいところです。 改めて舞台人として踊る人間としてのプライドが燃えました。 そのために色んな物を吸収して成長して行けるようにまだまだ頑張ろうと決意した48回魔界。 そして第49回魔界は7/20! 踊るor踊らないは当日まで明かせませんが、踊らなくても私は「演技」も同じくらい大好きで大切なので、私が演じる三好清海の「演技」生き様にも注目してもらえたら嬉しいです! チケットはコメント頂けたら対応致します! お待ちしております。 魔界 ダンス 役者 バレエ モダンバレエ ハイブリッドエンターテイメント 真田十勇士 三好清海 舞台 リング 新木場1string ヴァイオリン星野沙織 さんです overdose Rythmus MAKAI dance ballet dancer actress acting kimono japan stage sanadatenbraves followme

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🇫🇷 Le troisieme épisode de Rhapsode BΩΧ arrive ce soir à 19h00 ! Soyez-prets ! - - 🇺🇸 Rhapsode BΩΧ episode 03 is out tonight 19:00 PM CEST ! Get ready !

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My Goals for the year have been smashed by mid June. It goes to show that when you work relentlessly towards something you CANNOT be stopped. The only question is: What next? Time to set some real goals 😎 I’m just getting started.

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🇫🇷 Les 2 premiers episodes de Rhapsode BΩX sont deja disponibles ! (Lien vers la chaine YouTube en description Bio) - - 🇺🇸 The 2 firsts episodes of Rhapsode BΩΧ are now available ! (Link to the YouTube Channel in bio)

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Дорогие девочки!🍃 На проект "ХОЧУ ШПАГАТ" осталось 2 местечка)) На этой неделе набор будет ЗАКРЫТ Кто хочет присоединиться и кайфовать вместе с нами - пишите) Нас ждут⬇ 🔹8 занятий 🔹12 часов эффективной растяжки, где тренер, конечно же, тянет, помогает, подбадривает) 🔹поддержка 24/7 🔹ФОТОСЕССИЯ на студии в конце курса СТОИМОСТЬ⬇ 5500 р. ___________________________________ ЗАПИСЬ на растяжку/фитнес/танцы/актерское мастерство⬇⬇⬇ ___________________________________ Для быстрой связи в Wat'sapp/VK/Telegram ➡ идем по ССЫЛКЕ в шапке профиля 📲 8(926)703 53 10

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🇫🇷 Avez-vous vu Rhapsode BΩX episode 02 ? Regardez-le dès maintenant (lien en description) - - 🇺🇸 Have you seen Rhapsode BΩX episode 02 ? Watch it now ! (Link in bio)

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Repost orangewolvescreativetraining TIẾN LÊN NÀO ĐÀN SÓI ORANGE WOLVES ( ENGLISH BELOW) Vậy là chúng ta đã đi được nửa chặng đường trong khóa đào tạo diễn xuất và sản xuất kéo dài 10 tuần. Chúng ta đã có những tiết học tuyệt vời, đầy cảm hứng và tràn ngập niềm vui! Cám ơn các bạn học viên và các bạn phiên dịch vì những thành quả mà đàn sói chúng ta đã cùng nhau thực hiện được.... (tiếng sói TRUUUUUUU) GO ORANGE WOLVES TEAM!! Half way through our first 10 week acting and music production courses. It's been great, inspiring and an awful lot of fun so far! Thank you students and a special shout out to our fantastic translators for making this work... (sound of wolf HOWLING) orangewolves hochiminhcity thaodien amnhac dienxuat hoc sangtao film acting musicproduction lamviec

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Celebrating the world cup fever with singtel . ⚽⚽⚽ TGIF everyone! 😎

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Don’t the weeks just fly by?.. It’s Friday again, so here is a little clip of my filmingfriday for you lovely, lucky lot!! 😆didireallyjustsaythat Now this one comes with a warning‼️ The language and the views spoken are definitely NOT my own!! 🙄 x . dontblameme sorry theymademedoit acting poshlady actingdrunk actor actorslife actress actresslife film filming sitcom comedy posh woman drunk dinnerparty banter notmywords ilovetheirish badlanguage alcohol thealcoholmademedoit alcoholic languagetimothy thealcohologist