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The Way You Look Tonight ~ Frank Sinatra So I filmed about ten takes of this song, but it just kept not sounding right. So on the eleventh take, I decided to stop trying so hard, and this is what came out 😂. Although it's definitely not perfect, I do feel it's genuine. And sometimes, genuine is what sounds just right to the ear, or at least to mine 😊 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ voice cover coversong love franksinatra brightvoices followforfollow likeforlike thislove jazz love singing sing singer song talent uke perform brightvoices talentedvoices cover giftedvoices listentothesevoices giftedvoices allaboutvoices chorus chorus brightvoices crazygoodvoices crazygoodvoices.1 talented_musicians greatmusicunited greatmusicunited sinatra bestindiecovers acousticpearl acousticpeople acousticpeople acousticpearl

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I’m starting to post again. I’m trying to find a way to “show creativity” through my feed. I don’t really get what I’m supposed to do or how but be prepared for weirdness.

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Friday night at Bielsko it was great! Beautiful city and lovely people. After all songs, we were encouraged to have one more, so we played Say Hello to Heaven by Temple of the Dog. It’s always a huge pleasure to play the song, as a fan and eternal admirer... and also having the straightforwardness to step on Chris Cornell’s shoes, at least for a few seconds, and try them on, just to see if they fit... they’re never going to fit the same way, but we are happy to enjoy his music! Anyways, huge pleasure there thanks to the organization of the festival for having us on such a short notice. We’ll be back soon I hope. Cheers! themoodswingerandquietfriends liveshow bielskobiala beskidy folknoir rock sayhellotoheaven tenpleofthedog chriscornell coversong acoustic acousticpeople dobro fullrangevocals poland

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Bangga bisa berdiri disana. (mungkin) bisa mewakili perasaan kalian teman teman wisudawan/ti yang juga ingin menyampaikan ungkapan terimakasih kepada kedua orang tua hebat yang slalu memberi dukungan serta doa selama ini. Sampai kita berada di titik ini. Ini juga persembahan untuk kalian orang tua kedua kami. Bapak ibu dosen. Yang senantiasa membimbing kami. Tak hanya memberikan ilmu bermanfaat. Tapi juga membantu membentuk karakter yang santun serta profesional. . . . Ada band ft gita gutawa - yang terbaik bagimu. fajar_sugito.h hmjkeslingbkl hmjkebidananbkl hmjanalisbkl bempoltekkesbkl ipkakeslingbkl kesling poltekkeskemenkesbengkulu wisuda musikalways musiclife.id indomusikgram mussy.co_id coversong_id- videomusikgram coversong_id indovidgram daily.musicians vocalplus cover indomusikgram acousticpeople musiclifeid videomusikgram covermusiksederhana vocalplus coverasik mousaik coverlaguindonesia coverindo like indovidgram vocals

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Cheap Thrills by Sia 🔸🔶🔸

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🎶 Sweet Looooove... 🎶

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Okay, well... 18.8.2018 My official album is ready. Well, if you can call that an album. 😃 So for quite a while now I wanted to make a collection of my original songs that represent the style of music that I play, sing, and admire. I always have been fascinated by all sorts of different music genres and interpretations from a big variety of different musicians. And because I hate labels and rules in the creative process of art I always loved to float with the flow that inspired me in that situation. The result of that drifting is a picture of different music styles combined in one artwork. In my mix called 'COLLAGE'. Music is so much more than words could describe in a whole lifetime. Music saves, music lifts, music heals, it brings memories back and creates new ones. Music contains a whole different universe in itself and sometimes it's the only thing that keeps you grounded in this world. Music sometimes stops our accelerated world for some minutes so we can breath again, take a moment, feel free, feel alive. With my music I want to make people feel free, I want them to remember to be alive. 🕊 My single 'HONESTY' is on my IGTV and all tracks of the album are on my SoundCloud. Link is in Bio. All tracks are available for FREE download on SoundCloud. Peace my dear Internet people! collage original johnmayer instamusiciansdaily acousticpeople guitarconscious solosection talentedmusicians teamgemcovers coverslot imasingersuperstar music guitar boy style fashion cover blues jazz rock peace love gibson fender epiphone singing instagood pictureoftheday stevierayvaughan

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Después de la calma, llega la tormenta... con muchas ganas de los próximos conciertos: . . . 📍lunes 20: LA CALITA DE PORTALS 📍martes 21: SANTA PONSA BEACH 📍miérc. 22: LA CALITA DE PORTALS 📍jueves 23: BALNEARIO ILLETAS 📍viernes 24: SANTA PONSA BEACH 📍sábado 25: BALNEARIO ILLETAS . . . . . . musica guitarist guitarrista folk acousticmusic acousticaguitar acoustic acousticguitar singeracousticpeople acousticcover singer singersongwriter singer🎤 sunset musicianslife cantautor guitarraacustica cantante mallorca livemusic cover summer verano beach playa beachmusic balnearioilletas umthebeachhouse

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Got a new BLOG post and VIDEO up this morning about one of our favorite songs we’ve written thus far. Here’s a clip of it, we hope you like it! fallslikerain originalsong • PS If you hear the little scuffles in the background, it’s because our littlest kid was sitting off to my right in Corey’s guitar case, trying (and kinda failing) to be really quiet. 😉 • {link to blog in profile}

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Music bequeathed, A joy promised, The creator knew what he was doing. Oseun Olodunmare 🙏🏾 Cc: bezuidenhoutjerome mdmmerlin 🙌🏾✨🔥🎶 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Worldmusic Nujazz Afrobeat AfricanMusic Jazz Blues Funk Guitar Vocal Singer Guitarist Electric Classical Acoustic AcousticPeople Soul Jazz Pop Nigerian Yoruba SouthAfrican Ethnic Folk Akinwale RockNRoll Ethnic Poetic NeoSoul Soul Acoustic Therapy Unplugged AcousticGuitar

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🎤Sé que hubo otro que no supo valorar lo que tenías para dar 🎤 Ayer puse la radio y me encontré con esta canción que ME ENCANTA! 🙌🏼 Justo hoy es viernes así que los invito a que la canten y bailen conmigo 💃🏻🕺🏻💕 Gracias al genio de miguelbistoletti por filmarme ♥️ Buen fin de semana para todos gente 🤗💕 unaladycomotu acoustic acousticpeople cover reggaeton acustico musically

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It’s not Wednesday, but I feel like this song deserves a day of its own. There’s a simplicity to this song, and it’s for a few reasons: - I’ve learned that love does not have to be difficult - I’ve learned that love can be as simple as someone loving you for exactly who you are - I’ve learned that life is easier when you find someone who loves you deeply but simply I’m lucky to have found a love like this. I’m lucky to have someone who supports all of my dreams and sticks by my side through everything (and willingly listens to my music over and over and over again). She’s at every gig and by my side every step of the way. She is always patient, always listens, and always understanding. She tolerates all of my sporadic creative moments, and when you find someone who can tolerate that craziness, you keep them around. “Yet Still” 📷 aqualight_photography newalbumrelease yetstill desolate kayceekerschmusic femalemusician originalsong originalmusic acousticmusic acousticpeople sneakpeeks sappy lovesongs livesimply simplelove simplicité

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i have a TS surprise coming up! i have been obsessed with her lately (ok since i was FIFTEEN) (THAT IS NINE BLOODY YEARS!!!) so... this is why we can’t have nice things 😁

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Volvemos a la carga gente y con grandes noticias! Tenemos el honor de participar como artistas invitados en la gira de donutsholeoficial compartiendo escenario con los grandes de bostokband 🖤Apuntar esta fecha en el calendario porque se va prender esta wea🔥Primera fecha de la que va a ser nuestra primera gira como banda, pronto recibireis noticias sobre que ciudades visitaremos! 😘 Y ya sabes si quieres que pasemos por tu ciudad háznoslo saber🤘🏼 peace love respect bboy happy freak nerd cool pic instapic picoftheday instagram metalcore guitarrist vocalist music youtube cover acoustic vocal guitar acousticpeople quotes goals posthardcore ink tattoo thirteenicecontinents thirteen

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Í don't hv a lot of finesse when ìt cms in playing a guitar... bt i get amazed hw the rhŷthm find its waŷ dirëctly into my $õul... ThrowbackOnSunday . . KnowYourTone heart_guitar_ guitarspotter . . . . . .musicals VoiceofHeart guitarsolo AcousticPeople  guitarplaying guitarfreak guitarlove guitarlover guitarplayersunite music rock guitarsdaily guitarnerd iloveguitar instaguitar instaguitarsdaily  gipsysoul flamenco musicislife  guitargasm beautiful  sologuitar guitarpick guitarrist musica trending housemusic