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La veille du jour J : l'équipe de tournage est officiellement arrivée aux Îles et c'est demain que nous commençons les tournages du court-métrage documentaire. On part à la découverte du fascinant Rocher-aux-Oiseaux et de son histoire légendaire. 🎬💙 Nous remercions SLA Location pour leur précieuse participation à notre film! SLA Location est un centre de location d'équipement cinématographique : une entreprise avec également un catalogue en ligne d'appareils en location de types machino, éclairage, caméras, objectifs, filtres et plus. Pour plus d'informations sur les services offerts, nous vous invitons à visiter leur site web 👉 https://www.slalocation.com/ ainsi que leur page Facebook 👉 https://www.facebook.com/slalocation/ Photographie : David Marcotte

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Chasing Waves

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THIS PLACE HAS MAGIC. (Keep scrolling for a little piece I wrote about it). 🌊 . I spoke to my mum and step father last night who are currently at the beach in Portugal and it’s had me thinking about my most favourite little corner of the world. I must have been thinking about it so much, I actually visited whilst I was dreaming last night. This morning, it called me to pull up this piece I wrote about it a few years ago: 🌊 . A long, golden, sandy beach surrounded by high cliffs and two green but rugged headlands. At one end, there is a pile of fallen rocks; a rainbow of grey smattered by well-formed and aged rock pools. At the other, the sea facing rock paintings of a dolphin, the moon and some cat eyes are ever-weathered fainter by the seaside elements. The sand is dry, fine and hot near the cliffs, perfect for laying your towel over to bathe. It is damp, firmer and cooler near the water, perfect for playing boules and running races. 🌊 . The sky and sea go from deep to turquoise blue. But sometimes, it’s all grey, blue, white, wild and fleeting; a changing canvas. On such a day, when the grey imposes the blue, the light can pierce the clouds and shine like a beacon over the whites of the waves, as the pools reflect the cacophony of colour found by turning your head skyward. 🌊 . It smells like summer, sun cream and seaweed. It smells like tuna mayo sandwiches and slightly damp wetsuits. 🌊 . It sounds like the roll of waves breaking and crashing on the shore. Grasshoppers chirping in the tall dry grasses and children playing in the sand. As I turn my head, I can hear the wind blowing on through the cove. 🌊 . I feel nostalgic joy and delight; a sense of peace and deep gratitude for the beauty of this place. The place my literal younger and adult selves run free. “ 🌊 . abersoch porthceiriad

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When I was making raft_handplanes in big batches, I wanted to do something a little different. I collected some trash from a garbage heap, some old wood, furniture screws, a blue nylon strap that was about to go down the drain in the gutter, and whipped up this guy. Did it as my own little statement piece for take3forthesea , and then stored it in an old shoebox with wood shavings and a fabric carry bag. This one got handed over to a traveling buddy who was without a board. My next goal is to make up a few, and to leave at least one at each place I visit on a surf trip. Be great to track where they end up and who with. . . . . . . . . . raft bodysurfing handplane surf surfing waves womp shorebreak take3forthesea recycle upcycle wood trash environment nature beach ocean sea aloha shaka bodyboarding travel goodtimes

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😤😤people just ain’t woke enough😤😤 (saqmemes)

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Demain, c’est parti pour le tournage de notre nouveau projet documentaire que je réalise à propos du Rocher-aux-Oiseaux 🌊⚓️ (📸 David Marcotte • film : Un signal du bout du monde)

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Mengapa Allah menciptakan laut lebih luas dari daratan?🌊🌊🌊 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊Tujuannya seperti dalam Q.S An-Nahl ayat 14. Ayat tersebut menginformasikan, makanan di laut melimpah ruah. Manusia juga bisa menghasilkan perhiasan, berniaga dll. Semua hal itu diciptakan oleh Allah agar manusia selalu bersyukur kepada-Nya. Peneletian sains jg menyebutkan: penyumbang oksigen terbesar di bumi adalah ganggang  laut. Kehadirannya selama beberapa ratus juta tahun di dalam lautan menyebabkan oksigen hadir melimpah di bumi. Selain itu, ganggang juga bisa dimanfaatkan sebagai bahan makanan karena kaya akan vitamin dan mineral serta berkadar lemak rendah. Seandainya daratan diciptakan lebih luas daripada daratan, maka atmosfer bumi akan didominasi oleh karbondioksida, sehingga akan menghambat hadirnya kehidupan di planet bumi. Semuanya diciptakan oleh Allah agar manusia tidak bersusah payah mendapatkan makanan yang melimpah, perhiasan dan oksigen sebagai unsur terpenting pendukung kehidupan. . . . beach sun nature water envywear ocean lake instagood photooftheday beautiful sky clouds cloudporn fun pretty sand reflection amazing beauty beautiful shore waterfoam seashore waves wave