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July 15th 1937 Square Deal Lodge 159 Was Born. It Has Been 81 Years Of Brotherhood, Service, And The Continuation Of Prince Hall Masonry. I’m Grateful To Come Into The Order When I Did And I’m Grateful For My New Family. Happy Founders Day Brothers. freemason SD4L princehallornotatall

5 days ago

Yuh nuh see how mi sexy an mi ave a likkle cute face nth dem nuh ave ova mi 💖 cutealways uphot like 🔥🔥🔥MC4LSD4L 💖💝❤💗👀😘😍💏💙💚❤💘💋💋💓

3 weeks ago

Miss you bro can't wait to see you again R.I.H sd4l

1 month ago

My devil is everywhere for my boy styxx stay strong my baby see you soon sd4l

1 month ago

Missing my brother Styxx rest easy sd4l

1 month ago

Loved and miss brother fo life till the end sd4l

1 month ago

We misss you styxx ride or die to the end sd4l

1 month ago

Miss you always my brother sd4l

1 month ago

Your loved by many mised by more my brother never forgotten always in are hearts ride high see u soon sd4l

2 months ago

gracedircks, you my love, are my wcw. Your friendship, love, life and presence in mine has been such a blessing. I can’t imagine my life without you-mysavinggrace. Being able to have shared this with you...I thank you to the moon and beyond for inviting me into your life. Your beautiful friends and family have quickly become mine and this experience has left my heart full, my passport stamped and face in pain from laughter and smiles. I love you and dirte_dircks with all my heart and pray your life together is full of love happiness and blessings ❤️ gracegetsdirte SD4L ahaniguana

2 months ago

Haven’t been on here a while but she did my challenge I been made tharealestprincess_ ❤️

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Lol 😂 even though relationships failed🤸🏾‍♂️, friendships/bonds were broken🏌🏾‍♂️, and egos were outta this world🧘🏾‍♂️, I’d still kill to dance with every single one of them just one last time💙😭(most of them probably won’t see this but 🕺🏾) sd4l explore

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YOUNG DAD IS OUT NOW !!!! GO PEEP!!! Make The Project Hit 1k On Spotify And I'll Put It On SoundCloud.. Deal?? You'll Have Two Opportunities To Hear It Live TONIGHT!!!!! Pulla To The Finale Of The Release Series And Then Follow Us To My Brother aares.gge STOP DRINKING 4 LOKOS Release Show Its Act Bad Season ActBadSeason IsHere NewMusic LinkInBio Sandlot YoungDad Ep 420 StopDrinking4Lokos SD4L WeDontLikeFatKids TheMovement ImTrunks FinnaGo SuperSaiyan Sensei DopeHogan BeProductive

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Iight peep.... aares.gge SD4L album release party tomorrow night !!! $5 at the door, a show full of amazing performers....Hosted by THE most ShonDonified man in America 🇺🇸 Come support ‼️Finna be LIT 🔥🔥 Artwork: slideaudiovisual GGE UPINSMOKEVOL1

3 months ago

MLB OPENING DAY!! Back in 1st place... let's go PADRES!!

3 months ago

Screaming HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY TO MY KING, MY KIDS FATHER we been rocking for so long u are my best friend, and my backbone no need for a essay u already know I'm 4eva holding u down so proud of who u have become keep proving dez folks wrong we LOVE U KINGGGGG 29 BDAY TURNUP SD4L

4 months ago

Estamos em 2018 mas ainda teremos muita comemoração pelas conquistas de 2017! workhardpapai sd4l

4 months ago

First place highest score in field we did good tonight 2nd place in stands we lost by a stunt 😭😛love you guys SD4L ❣️😍 Louisville came thru today 💁🏾‍♀️👏🏾

4 months ago

it's home an snow ant staying on my car. washed SD4L

4 months ago

Bummed out that we lost yet another close game, but I still love my team... FORKS UP!!! ASU SUNDEVILS basketball🏀 SD4L

4 months ago

And that's a wrap! . . Thank you Linkedin for the people I met & the opportunities that came along. Glad to have met some of the most talented bunch of people. Now off to NextPlay 🤙🌍🌞 SD4L

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forgot to upload but popped out with shawty for her birthday🎂 🎉😍😎🔑SD4L birthdaygirl