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Essa receita gostosa e tudo de bom é criação do nosso amigo renanvbio Fácil de fazer e umaaasdelicia obrigado por compartilha essa maravilhosa receita. _____________🍶 Iogurte de kefir com calda de morangos Ingredientes: 250ml de iogurte dessorado por 24hs 1 banana madura adoce a gosto Modo de preparo: Bata no liquidificador todos os ingredientes até ficar bem homogéneo. ____________🍶 Calda de morangos 10 morangos picadinho(mais ou menos) 50 ml de água 3 colheres de sopa de açúcar Modo de preparo: Coloque em uma panela e leve em fogo baixo até engrossar, desligue o fogo e deixe esfriar . ____________🍶 Coloque encima do iogurte batido com banana e sirva gelado. Consumo imediato . ___________♡ abs muscle instafit gymlife _fitnessmodel fitnessmotivdation fitnessaddict cardio fitgirl exercisesaude strong crossfit gains fitlife nutrition lowcarbsaude fitspiration food instafitness kefirdeleite getfit dedication muscles nutrição kombuchar kefir milkkefir

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This was my bicep routine from yesterday. I did my first set as a drop set. I started with a moderate weight and I did 6 reps each arm. I then dropped to a lighter weight with no rest between sets. I did this one more time. I did 3 sets after that with heavy weight dumbbells armsworkout bicepsworkout bicepcurls workouts workoutmotivation workout workoutroutine workoutoftheday fitness fit fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney fitnessfreaks fitnessmodel fitnesslife fitnesstrainer fitnessfun gym gymrats gymlife bodybuilding bodytransformation bodygoals muscle shredded shreds gains healthylifestyle liftingweights

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Tous les compléments de ma prepa sur Prozis.com/CH1 💊🔥 Utilise leCode ANNA10 en étape 4 de ta commande 👉 ➖🔟% sur tout le site !!! Et des 🎁 : en ce moment pâte à tartiner protéinée avec du pain sans gluten offerts, pour des goûters sains et gourmands 🤪👌🏼🍫🥖 Pour plus de renseignements sur les compléments (avant d’en acheter trop ou de choisir n’importe quoi 😡) ou pour un suivi diététique personnalisé, me contacter en MP 📩 ______________________ fit fitness legs prozis muscle fitnessaddict teamshape performance motivation bodybuilding shape training diet bikinifitness whey fitgame fitfam eatclean gainz bootybuilding abs girl squat booty selfie leggings workhard protein fitfrenchies

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Posted this not too long ago but for some reason Instagram took it down. But yeah here you see my client working on Knee and Ankle stability with the Single Leg Romanian Deadlift’s (RDLs). By balancing on one foot, she is trying to touch the floor in front of her with the opposite hand. She is attempting to do it on an unstable surface (yoga mat) to increase the difficulty of the movement. . . You can put the other arm (from the same side as the balancing foot), out beside you to help you counter balance the body. AGAIN this is a great way to not only stabilize the knees/ankles but also STRENGTHEN them. . . And ps wait until the end when she drops an MF bomb 😂😂 because she’s frustrated BUT Inlove the frustration and emotion shown here as it just indicates to me she actually gives a shit about our sessions and performing well each and everytime 👊💪

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My posing needs more practice but I got enough time to get it all together. Still in the process of cutting and it's going good. Diet, they said. It'll fun they said!! My nose is more sensitive now than ever. I can smell delicious food from miles aways and knowing I cant have it sucks ass lmao but the finish line is where the real price lies and that's wat I'm chasing. Dont fall for temptation. blackstonelabs_legion Discount code: MOFEEDTITILOPE Saves u 20% . aesthetic mass muscle body bodybuilder fitness motivation gym gymrat abs lifestyle lift healthy huntsvilletx dallas jtm blackstonelabs legionloyal hardwork heavyweight ironworks mensphysique grinddontstop buffdudes posing beauty npcmensphysique

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What would you do ? 😨 Tag a friend👇FOLLOW :motivation_mindshift for more ! _ 👉Follow : motivation_mindshift for more ! 👉Follow : motivation_mindshift for more ! 👉Follow : motivation_mindshift for more ! _ 📸 credit : yourdailyteacher (original owner unknown DM for credit or removal ) - motivationalquote inspirationalquote inspiration inspiringquotes selfimprovment abs muscle instafit gymlife fitnessmodel fitnessmotivation fitnessaddict cardio fitgirl exercise weighloss shredded strong crossfit gains fitlife insane adrenaline extreme dangerous

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What people forget is that I have been fighting this journey for 2 years. I’m still fighting. I’m not even close to done. Right now I’m losing...then I will be building and gaining muscle. This is a process that will always have new goals. instafit motivation fit TFLers fitness gymlife pushpullgrind grindout flex instafitness gym trainhard eatclean grow focus dedication strength ripped swole fitnessgear muscle shredded squat bigbench cardio sweat grind lifestyle pushpullgrind

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Got my nails done at 6 pm and by 9 pm, I have successfully chipped one nail badly at the gym 🙄🙄 annoyed but glad I went to the gym. • • • Did a shoulder workout this evening. I went grocery shopping today while hungry and craving chocolate. It didn’t go so well so I’m just going to focus on the gym this week :) you can’t always have great weeks, right? 😂 • • • fit fitfam instafit instafitness fitness gym nightworkout workout happyplace shoulderworkout shoulders muscle pushyourself growth improvement tired stressed canthaveanythingnice nailsruined stayfocused keeppushing loveyourself fitspo fitgirl fitspiration fitnessgirl selflove

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"Nunca coloque as pessoas para baixo. Em vez disso, seja o melhor que pode ser e deixe os odiadores odiarem. Eu prefiro ser uma pessoa que é odiada do que uma pessoa que odeia."Zyzz kebecfotografia segueoplano teampatrick patricktreinador botaprasubir dieta focosempre mensphysique atleta ifbb ifbbdf integralteam darkness probiotica lifestyle gymlife muscle academiaolympo disciplina treino brutobrabo 13mermo ifbbbrasil instalike shepados mensphysiquepic brasiliafit brasiliafitness dieta nutrivida

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No solo te ofrecemos las mejores máquinas para que realices cardio, también cuentas con pantallas con la mejor programación para que vivas una experiencia diferente al hacer ejercicio. Acércate y comprueba que no dejamos que te aburras de entrenar. . . . . . . inspiration blessed me life workhard grind hustle work abs fitness fitlife fitfam fitspo fitspiration igfit igfitness instafit instafitness strength beastmode muscle gymflow muscles healthy healthyliving train trainhard training exercise

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First part of our meals prep for the week. Paddy’s Market! Thanks for the recommendation hoggjacob

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얼굴 땡땡 부은채로 아침부터 스타벅스 빨리 공부하고 석촌호수 유산소하러 !! 뭐든 기초가 제일 중요하쥬?

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Sendirilah, untuk sementara waktu sementara sepatu jiwa mu dijaga seseorang yang juga menjaga kesendiriannya ____________________________________ ____________________________________. likeforlike like4like likeforfollow like4follow muscle men followforfollow explorebali exploreindonesia vsco vscocam vscoedit repostindonesian goprooftheday pictureoftheday fitnessaddict livefolk folkindonesia ayodolan lingkarindonesia travelgram travelrack indotravellers instatoday photography instatravel instapicture indoguytraveller beachVellers IT_Bali

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Congratulations to BodyByOAngel drgracesyn - 3rd place Masters Bikini 40 A class, 3rd place Masters Bikini 35 A Class, 5th place Open Bikini B Class at the musclecontest TitansGrandPrix !! 🏆🙌🏼💪🏼😍 ——— www.bodybyo.com •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• To become a Body By O Angel or Team Body By O athlete, email us at contactbodybyo.com or BodyByo.com - Coach kimbooddo •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• BodyByOAngel BodyByO OddosAngels TeamBodyByO BodyByOAngels fitness bikini figure WP MP physique igfit igfitness muscle IFBB NPC staymotivated picoftheday compete motivation inspiration instagramfitness kimoddo

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Great exercise I LOVE ❤️ is the shoulder press————-The overhead press or shoulder press is a weight training exercise with many variations, typically performed while standing, in which a weight is pressed straight upwards from racking position until the arms are locked out overhead, while the legs, lower back and abs maintain balance ——————————————————————————-FOLLOW ME on my Bodybuilding JOURNEY 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽inspirationbossbabe queen boss workout workout hardwork gym motivation goal beachbody fit fitness fitnessmodel model selfie bodygoals bodybuilding bodybuilder healthylifestyle saturdaynight exercise posing winner photographer hiitworkout photoshootfigurecompetitorpump muscle

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So... I usually don’t show my legs because well I ALWAYS wear joggers (I’m honestly not a shorts guy lol), but after years of hard work, not only my upper body has gained massive results, but so does my lower body. Never skip leg day lol seriously. Work on EVERYTHING! There MUST be a balanced proportion ☝🏽 I guess it’s safe to say that I have a Classic Physique! THIS is what a natural bodybuilder look like. No shortcuts, no secrets, no drugs and no gimmicks. Just hard work, a positive mindset, consistency and patience! me fitness legs muscle hardwork health life lifestyle shredded happy motivation gym photography amazing bodybuilding training physique fun flex weekend happy athlete tattoo chucktaylor

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Adjusting my goals lately and focusing more on weight loss at the moment. I have about 10-15 more lbs to lose where I am most comfortable with my body. I don’t dream to be a size 2 or have abs, I focus on strength, endurance and overall health. I love watching my favorite Instagram fitness accounts because they keep me motivated and inspired to chase my fitness goals. Im happy with my progress but even more excited to see what progress I can make in the next few months 😍 (last year vs this year.) fit fitness inspiration motivation determination goals progress fitmom liftheavy girlswithmuscle transformation weightloss planetfitness gym workout health healthy balance consistency happy muscle lift fitfam fitspo saturday saturyay nodaysoff

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Selain gym dan rumah, ada tempat yang boleh melatih badan anda menjadi fit dan sihat.. Pool atau kolam renang adalah lebih seronok sebenarnya kerana kita banyak bermain dengan air, berenang dan sebagainya.Anda harus kenali senaman-senaman di pool yang boleh membantu bakar lemak anda. . 1. Pool plank Pool plank ini berbeza sedikit kerana di pool ia melibatkan air. Kita tidak boleh berbaring di lantai pool namun apa yang perlu anda lakukan adalah dengan meletakkan tangan anda di dinding pool dan menaikkan kaki kedua-duanya. Lakukan seberapa minit yang anda mampu. Lakukan sehingga 3-5 set.Senaman ini dipercayai mampu menguatkan otot teras bahagian atas dan bawah badan anda. Otot anda akan menjadi tegang dan lemak anda akan terbakar. 2. Pool cardio Seperti berlari di atas mesin threadmill, begitu juga anda mengimplementasikan senaman itu di pool. Anda boleh berlari secara zigzag mahupun menegak tetapi mesti dengan badan yang tegak dan stabil. Lakukanlah selama 3 minit dan mungkin boleh melakukan superset dengan senaman plank tadi.Ia mampu memberi kestabilan dan keseimbangan otot anda. Dan lebih menariknya anda tidak perlu risau akan peluh. Senaman kardio ini mampu membakar 17 kalori setiap minit lebih dari darat dan ia menjadikan anda lebih kuat. Selamat mencuba ! 😁💪 mesotropinsupplements supplementmalaysia supplementshalal binabadan bodybuilding bodygoals gymquotes gymmotivation gymrat gym motivation fit fitmalaysia fitnessmalaysia fitnesslovers fitness fitnesstips sado abangsado muscle pump workoutdaily wheyproteins massgainer fatburning jomkurusjomsado

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Calling out takers to try this beast of a workout 🏋🏿‍♀️. Let’s call it the beast challenge ceaser_dizzy17 44_ace king___charleyclips doyle.jones themostperformance tylerhturner coach2letters .....Where all my beast at‼️ If I didn’t tag you 👊🏾 F it still do the challenge don’t count if it’s not on video 💪🏾. 👀👀👀😈🔥🍿✊🏾🙌🏾 fitnessmotivation teamkjays houstonfitness beastmode kevprofitness gains personaltrainer personaltraining mocity mocityfitness fitnessmodel fitnessaddict fitnessjourney fitnessmood businessman goals grind supersets muscle sportstrainer sportstraining kevpro houstonbuzz houstonsports kevpro goattrainer explosivetrainer supergains fitfam beastchallenge

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Had a great first range session with my newly lengthened and regripped irons this morning (swipe right for pictures). After some trial and error to adjust my setup, I'm now striking the ball more consistently than I have since putting these irons in my bag. Getting used to these midsize Pure Pro grips is the next big challenge. golf golfing golfswing golfer golfers golfstagram golfwang instagolf work athlete practice fitness fitnessmotivation workout pga pgatour athletic homemade nike muscle muscles gym usa weightloss sport sports train training coach coaching

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"If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way." - Martin Luther King Jr . . Just filmed my armday video! Alot of goofing around in it! I do this as a hobby for fun! Hopefully in efforts to motivate and teach you guys stuff! Possibly Make some of you laugh! . . Switching back to muscle specific days more gains in it for me! Gonna show y'all some cool shit soon! . . ironaddict makavelimotivation pumpingiron bodybuilding alphalete gymshark aesthetics muscle weightlifting igfitness motivation fitness gymlife gymshark gym fitness pumpchasers aesthetics physique collegelife student gains motivation dedication bodybuilding armdayeveryday

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MAIN GYM TAK SAMPAI SEJAM DAH PANCIT? OTOT LAMBAT NAIK? . Tu bermakna energy and testosterone dalam badan tak cukup bro! . Bro kena ambik Msotropin testosterone booster ni untuk tenaga yang maksimum ketika aktiviti berat and menggalakkan penghasilan hormon testosterone dalam badan dengan selamat dan berkesan! Testosterone tinggi baru la otot cepat naik 🔥 . Jangan risau bro! Produk kami semua 100% lulus KKM dan halal JAKIM 💪😉 . Nak try? Berminat nak sado? Kami guide pemakanan and workout bro sekali cun tak? 😎 . TEKAN LINK DI BIO KAMI 😁👆 mesotropinsupplements supplementmalaysia supplementshalal binabadan bodybuilding bodygoals gymquotes gymmotivation gymrat gym motivation fit fitmalaysia fitnessmalaysia fitnesslovers fitness fitnesstips sado abangsado muscle pump workoutdaily wheyproteins massgainer fatburning jomkurusjomsado

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If you can dream it, you can do it . 夢見ることができれば、それは実現できる。

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La progression se fait ressentir. 💪🔥 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- basicfitfr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📩--->clementpiqrgmail.com

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C'est la que tous commence 🙏 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- basicfitfr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📩---> Clementpiqrgmail.com

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Séance bras qui fait plaisir 🙏 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- basicfitfr 💪 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📩---> clementpiqrgmail.com