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The truth!! Self care Sunday at its finest ❤️

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Repost officialslystallone: And interesting picture. This is one hour before Rocky came out. Just 60 short minutes later , my whole world flipped upside down and would never be the same. I Thank you all for that… PS, I’d like to add that just 2 years earlier I worked as an usher at that theater and the one down the street called the Baronet... Follow mnnewsid for more.👍👍👍 ⏬ ⏬ ⏬ ⏬ ⏬ silvesterstallone Creed2 Creed rocky rockybalboa rockybalboa1976 arnoldschwarzenegger apollocreed ivandrago mgm box fight america creedmovie philadelphia usa rusia fitness muscle gym terminator rambo firstblood unitedstatesofamerica legends wrestling michaelbjordan november trailer

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Boom 💥 Boom 💥 Boom 💥 heute war ein langer & anstrengender Tag, wir haben viel gesehen und kamen vor lauter staunen nicht weiter 😂 ein Besuch im Gold‘s Gym musste sein 😁 leider war unser bester Austrian Oak schwarzenegger nicht da 😔 denn dies wäre der perfekte Tag geworden 💪🏻 jetzt war noch ein Nacht Spaziergang am Venice Beach am Plan & daher gibt es nun zum 2. mal Burger 😁

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💥Operation growth meant a visit with a champ to be taught some focused movements for shoulders!!!! I want to rejoin the itty bitty waist and ginormous shoulders club🎉, so 🏆feddymoe 👀 was a natural choice for my journey to train in San Diego Friday!!!👊🙌 Thank you for the push and the knowledge!! We'll set up another session after you battle it out on the Olympia stage!!!! 🏆🙌🏋️ PS .. if you don't follow him you're not gonna be able to help yourself if you watch some of his stories!!! Other than choking on dry powder, he also is quite skilled at showing off his pup! 🤪 Seriously, he's an amazing athlete and hilarious too! 🤓

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Namn namn🤤😍🍓

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The best damn club ☝️ Who wants in? - ACCC Tees are live and in store right now. Available in the O.G. White on black, and the new black on grey 👌🏻

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315 pound bench press and 225 for 15 burnt out reps! 💪 All time PR for my current bodyweight of 185! Very happy with this lift! Never could get 315 weighing less than 195. Beat my goal bodyweight by 5 pounds too! ☺ Journey to 365 starts now. 🙏

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Rolê com eles Arnold e chanel, my dogs. 🐕🐩

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Per risaltare basta indossare un abito rosso 🌹 belsanastyle

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i woke up and my whole body felt very very tired so i'm planning on taking a rest day today unless i start to feel better later. probably just gonna end up taking a rest day though because those are just as important as actually training. when you're lifting weights about 6x a week your body will get very tired, be under lots of stress and need rest days. if you're body is telling you to take a rest day, listen to it!!!!

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just a lil progress pic / post. i'm soooo happy with the way my body is and all of the progress i've made the past year. noticing small changes in my body really motivates me and pushes me to wanna get more. i'm still far from my main/ overall goals but i'm slowly reaching all the smaller goals i set for myself. i really try to set different goals for each body group i train and not just goal for everything all together, and i find it easier this way and helps me focus on them better. i used to wish to look how i do now so i'm super excited to see how i look in a few more months and this time next year.

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lol wearing hats to the gym is my new fav thing. i had a reallly good lower body lift today even though i was supposed to train my shoulders chest and do some abs. this morning my whole upper body was soooo sore from yesterday i don't think i would of gotten a good workout in today if i were to train them. i'm not really complaining though because i lovveee being sore. i did so many compound movements today it felt soo good but burned. i really love a having a good lift session i always feel so good after it.

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just a lil reminder that everyone's body is different and everyone has different goals for their body. just because you don't like the way someones body is/ looks - if you think they're legs are too big, they're too small, they look too muscular, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!! if someone is working on they're body and happy with they're progress, mind your business & keep your opinions to you. and that goes for anything, if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. nothing makes me more mad when i'm minding my business in the gym & someone comes up to me and tells me i'm lifting too much/ i should lower my weight, that i shouldn't do isolation movements (one side at a time), or when the men go out of their way to try and help me put something or take something off the cables like i can't do it myself. i get irritated verryyyy easily & the smallest stuff like that will annoy me😂. people make it seem like it's impossible to mind your own business and just focus on yourself. i've been told many times before that if i add any more weight to a certain movement i'm doing i'll look manly. that is not true AT ALL. i've been lifting for a while now and been doing basically all muscle groups & i'm farrrrr from looking "manly" or "too strong". if you get any comments from people about your body or how much you lift, ignore it. do what's best for your body because nobody knows whats best for it but you. & if you're happy with your body/ your progress, only focus on that and keep doing what you like.

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i'm obsessed with the color & brightness of these leggings😩😩 i'm training my upper body today and so excited because i love the burn i get in my back so much i don't know why😂. also i feel like back workouts are so easy to make it as intense as you want. and i lovveee super intense workouts. gonna be adding in more drop sets than i normally do so wish me luckkkk.