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I’m going to miss this show a lot but I can’t wait to see what things coming in the future plus now I need to start buying Chinese albums as well 😂😭😭💗 180623 WJSN 우주소녀 Cr: Produce101 China

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Good Morning/Night! smol.bouquet here! I'm finally starting my account after months of wanting to, I've just been to busy with school. My account will mostly focus on edits I make, which can consist of desktop and phone wallpaper/lock screen. If you have any request or recommendations for one just comment or DM me! I'll also post rants (mostly positive ones because we all need some positivity in our lives), random kpop pics and probably more. I hope to have some great times with you guys! • • • edits kpop bts got7 monstax seventeen bigbang sunmi jessi redvelvet twice momoland blackpink kard toomuchkpop

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Hoshi really has his name written all over my heart and I’m whipped👀🤷🏻‍♀️ -Kermit

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Q : Comment top 3 your bias in SNSD Me : Taeyeon, Yoona, Seohyun _______________🍁🍁_______________ Artist : SNSD Song: Hoot _______________🍁🍁_______________ Follow, Like, Komen & Tag Your Friends _______________🍁🍁_______________

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Blackpink got 1st on inkigayo !! Im so proud of themmm 😍🤧😩💖ddududdudu2ndwin - ——————— follow jennierubyjane.area for more updates about jennie and blackpink 💛 ——————— -⚠️: unfollowing ghosties !!- -💦: please be active !!- -🌼: like recents please !!- ——————— - [tags; 🌿] nct nahaeun girlgroup kpop snsd kpopfancam girlsgeneration aoa loona girlsday produce101 blackpink bts twice exo gfriend 2ne1 hyuna krystal taeyeon got7 redvelvet wannaone momoland

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They have to eat mouth full of candies and try to whistle. JooE is soo cute when her tongue curls😂😍 Ps: Thank you zarapotpot for the video idea, go follow her!!❤ . . ❤ Follow jooe4life for more!!!❤ . momoland jooe jooemomoland nancy yeonwoo daisy ahin nayun jane taeha hyebin kpop girlgroup kpopgirlgroup fancam kpopfancam momolandnancy momolandyeonwoo momolandahin momolanddaisy momolandjane momolandnayun momolandtaeha momolandhyebin bboombbooom funtotheworld momolandjapan mldentertainment dublekickcompany

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Xuanyi showing her dancing skills !!! 180623 WJSN 우주소녀 Cr: Tencent