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Guys,stop being si toxic. This person work so hard to have that solo! Can’t you understand!? All members will ne releasing their own solo too! But in this Jennie’ mv is the first one! How come you can’t understand that? Omagad. That’s why Yg didn’t give them solos before. This fandom can’t understand a simple statement. So disappointing. But anyways no one can stop Jennie fromwhat she’s doing right nkw so? Back off!! Ps: No hate JUST LOVE! blackpink jennie jisoo lisa rosé blink

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[181022] Blackpink on lovemusic_fujitv last night 😍😆💋 .. Q : who's room is the most missed one ?? 3 member bp : looking towards lisa 👀👀👀 😆 Lisa : 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥 😂😂😂 cutee face manoban 🌙 follow blackpinkblink_ot4 Blackpink in your area 😘❤❤ blackpink jisoo jennie lovemusic_fuji lisa rose chaeyoung blinks blinkkorean chaelisa jensoo jenlisa dudududu playingwithfire nini ninicam blackpink blackpink lisablackpink블랙핑크 chaelisa jenlisa jensoo lisoo jenlisashipper jenniekim

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Feelings about Jennie's solo coming out soon? . 💗Jennie · BLACKPINK💗 Song: As If It's Your Last . __ BLACKPINK 블랙핑크 Jisoo 지수 KimJiSoo 김지수 ChiChoo Jichu Jennie 제니 JennieKim 제니김 Jendeukie Rosé 로제 ParkChaeYoung 박채영 RoseannePark Lisa 리사 LalisaManoban Lalice Laslisa BLINK 블링크 kpopgirl kpopgirlgroup girlgroup kpopvideo kpop __ If you have a group/idol you would like to see more, go to my request highlight and kindly leave a request!✨

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N and Ken's ballet dance😍😂 Both is perfect,isn't it?😻 وقتی هاکیون و کن باله میرقصن😍😁😂 هیچ کی انتظار نداشت کن یهو باله بره احتمالا قرار بوده فقط ان برقصه فقط ذوق هیوک و تشویق مجریه😂 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Admin : Delnaz 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 VIXXNLEOKENRAVIHONGBINHYUKCHAHAKYEONJUNGTAEKWOONLEEJAEHWANKIMWONSHIKLEEHONGBINHANSANGHYUK별빛빅스starlightiranianstarlightpersiantriples --------------------- kpopkpoperbtsexogot7blackpinktwicerosejisoojennielisagirlsgeneration

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Jennie 💕 New blackpink fanart! I said that I wasn't going to post anything today... nvm I think this drawing looks a lot better than Lisa's one, it's cleaner! What do you guys think? I'll do jisoo and rose when I have time ✨ art illustration drawing draw artist artsy instaart instaartist artoftheday drawingoftheday draweveryday illustragram arts_help artistshouts traditionalart drawdaily illo digitalart digitalpainting illust blackpinkjennie jennieblackpink kpop idol fanart