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What’s the deal!? If you (see/like) this photo, click the link in my bio and check out my latest music releases. Be sure to give all the feedback possible. I love hearing opinions about my craft. Good. Bad. Ugly. It all helps me grow. I appreciate your support and the love. Thank you. Stay great. Stay humble. Stay real. 🙏🏾 BodyBaggJonez TheBoogieMan GreatBlackShark 420Sessions Smoke Vibe GoodEnergy Funk Rap HipHop Pop Tidal AppleMusic Spotify GooglePlay Youtube AmazonMusic iHeartRadio

2 weeks ago

Article Link in Bio, full write up below. Shout out to ghana_swimming. We making it happen. 🙏🏿🤽🏿‍♂🤽🏾‍♀🇬🇭 ⬇⬇ Regrann from ghana_swimming - US Born Ghanaian Prince Asante Donates to Awutu Winton Water Polo Team The Ghana Swimming Association, the umbrella body for swimmers in the country has donated Waterpolo equipment to the pilot waterpolo team of Awutu Winton Senior High School in Awutu Senya municipality of the Central Region. The presentation of equipment to the pilot waterpolo team was made possible with the support of Prince Asante Kofi Sefa-Boakye, a United States of America (USA) born- Ghanaian who has played waterpolo in Spain, USA, Brazil among others around the world. Speaking at the colourful presentation ceremony, the athlete said he has over the years tried to get in contact with the association since the last Olympic games in Rio but it was difficult in getting members of the association. He noted that until recently that he was able to do so thanks to FINA, one of the movers in the sector. Through her efforts I was able to get into contact with the Ghana Swimming Association to also share some ideas on how to train more waterpolo team in the country and to get them to the international competitions. Receiving the items on behalf of Awutu Winton School; Mr. Peter Donkor, a director at the school took the opportunity to thank the athlete for the honour done the school. He said the swimming equipment will go a long way in the training of the youth in waterpolo activities in the country. He added the youth of the school are willing to learn skills in waterpolo but the challenge over the years has been the availability of equipment. He was elated the equipment has come at the right time for onward training of the students in swimming activities. The accomplished athlete was accompanied by his dad Dr. Sefa Boakye, who is a medical Doctor in the USA Also present at the ceremony was Farida A. Iddriss National Treasurer of the association, Mr. Charles Mensah, a Board member and Mr. Seth Nti, a Sports Development officer. Story By: FARIDA A. IDDRISS NATIONAL TREASURER, GSA BUREAU MEMBER,CANA ZONE2 🔥🍫 SantéPrince

2 weeks ago

Spent the morning donating some equipment to the new developing Water Polo team in Ghana. Made a quick statement & presentation to the young athletes and school board, and I was even able to jump in the water & host an impromptu clinic. Words cannot express how full my spirit is in being able to be a part of this sports growth & development in a country that I can call home. A project that's been on my mind my since 2010, and I am so very eager & blessed to have helped make the first pivotal step. Our future is in high spirits, & I truly cannot wait to continue sharing the success of this pilot program. 🤽🏿‍♂🤽🏾‍♀🇬🇭 . . . . 🔥🍫 SantéPrince WaterPolo Ghana Accra Africa Africans Fina GhanaWaterPolo AfricaWaterPolo Ghanaians Athletes AwutuWinton WintonSrHigh GreatBlackShark GreatBlackSHARKS Swimming poloaquático Vizilabda poloaquatico kap7 AsanteBomaye ghana_swimming fina1908 ghana_news_network pulseghanasports pulseghana asamoah_gyan3 princeboateng iam_ess kap7international usawp turbowp turbo_usa 5meterwaterpolo genaikerr ashleighjohnson ivan11wp

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If you the type to drown your issues in a bottle not some tissue Raise your glasses to the sky and follow me yeah, Look at your inhibitions cuz they hoping and they wishing That you grab the key unlock em - set me free yeah, I’m battling depression well really it’s suppression Tryna hide this monster that I have inside It started with a question are you going my direction? My intentions were to just give you a ride But I will admit that I lost all control Goin through this battle tryna save my soul The man last night I didn’t even know Tryna shake these demons they won’t let me go - won’t let me go yeah!!! ..................................................... There’s a story in every song. A message in every verse. You just have to LISTEN not HEAR. upperechelon greatblackshark bodybaggjonez live prophet learnyousomething classisinsession higherlearning mentalbattle spiritualbattle longbeachstandup chosenone theboogieman creamofthecrop GOAT

1 month ago

“But I will admit that I lost all control.” 🎥: sdollasign My favorite video from my performance the other night. I swear when I’m on stage something else comes over me. I can’t even explain it. It’s like who I’m supposed to be. I don’t feel nothing. I don’t see nothing. I don’t even think. I just do. A feeling I can’t explain and probably wouldn’t even if I could. All I can say is thank you God and continue to use me to display this talent you gave me. 🙏🏾 greatblackshark sharky theboogieman bodybaggjonez issabodybag upperechelon live great bewareofsharks citybythepool longbeachfinest longbeach goat levelup energy chowtime watchmeeat

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IDC how anybody feel, you gon feel me. You can’t deny me. And yes I believe I’m one of the best from my city. I will continue to stay in MY lane and DOMINATE. I’m self made. No hand outs. I didn’t ask for anything nor did any man, woman, or business give me anything. You can say what you want, & you can hate til your face turns blue, but I’m coming. And you know how I’m coming!!! GreatBlackShark TheBoogieMan Talent Fire Sharky BodyBaggJonez LongBeachFinest PoolSide LittleParis GetYouSome Apex Predator HighTide ImComing YouKnowHowImComing KTSE WakeUp Bars Performance Show Skills

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Feeling the power last night. I wanna thank my little sister a.baaabyy and her friends for pulling up and showing out!!! Thanks to my little brothers bge_notey & thisguy_damo for continuing to support me and hold it down!!! Special shout out to my brotha from another limoneythabarber for poppin up last night too!!! I appreciate moments like this cuz this is part of why I do it. The love was real and the energy was high!!! GreatBlackShark BodyBaggJonez TheBoogieMan Lit Family Friends Brother Sister Love Power FeelingIt Show Performance Live LongBeach TheEliteEvents

3 months ago

One loss this morning, then one BIG win this afternoon today. Your boy scored 2 goals today in our 4-3 victory 💪🏿. Now playing for 5th place tomorrow morning in our MastersNationals weekend with a great group of guys. 🏆🤽🏻‍♂🤽🏼‍♂🤽🏿‍♂ . . . 🔥🍫 SantéPrince TallishDarkandHandsome SunsetWaterPolo MasterNationals MensWaterPolo WaterPolo PoloAquatico PoloAquático Pallanuoto wasserball Vizilabda usawp usawp kap7international kap7 Newport NewportBeach GreatBlackShark ThatsMe AsanteBomaye

3 months ago

Great start to our MasterNationals Water Polo weekend with 2 big wins today! Both our Men's & Women's team came out undefeated for our first day. All smiles right for now, & right back at it tomorrow morning! 🏆🤽🏿‍♂🤽🏽‍♂🤽🏻‍♀🤽🏽‍♀ . . . 🔥🍫 SantéPrince TallishDarkAndHandsome MastersNationals MastersNationals2018 SunsetWaterPolo WaterPolo WatchWaterPolo SanDiego SD 619 MensWaterPolo WomensWaterPolo poloaquatico vizilabda pallanuoto wasserball USAWP usawp Kap7 kap7international Sunset20s Irvine ItsABeautifulDay GreatBlackShark Scored2Goals WatchTheIGStory StaceysDad AsanteBomaye