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My top ten Reasons to start boxing‼️ 1. Builds confidence Like crazy - 2. teaches you how to control emotions - 3. Boxing teaches you that pain ain’t nothing but a g thing - 4.Boxing gets you in real athletic shape - 5. Teaches discipline - 6. Teaches you how to have fun at the same time being productive - 7. Teaches you to be very patient - 8. Teaches you that you are human and you can get hit and will humble you - 9. Boxing teaches you the real definition of fear and how to deal with it - 10. Increases Mental toughness - There was my top 10 reasons to start boxing hope this gets you motivated to start 🥊🔥 . . . Like 👍 Comment 🗣 Tag some friends 📌 Turn on post notifications🔔 ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ mmashouts boxing boxingtraining boxingdrills fitness kickboxing mma muaythai jumprope cardio muscles workout orlando florida boxingz mmalove mittwork padwork pads mayweather boxeo fighting fighting💪 boxingworkout boxinghype boxingworld muaythaifighter muaythailife tkd fightersparadise

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Первое впечатление от России, а конкретно от города Благовещенск😊 Не сравнить с моим домом в плане архитектуры, дорог и автомобилей, да и холодно у вас тут, даже не представляю что у вас происходит зимой, я и снега то не видел вживую, хорошо что я шерстяной😅 Город маленький, но сделан продуманно, тяжело заблудиться, я как иностранец без проблем нашел дорогу к дому, где сейчас проживаю и к месту своей новой работы🏙 С людьми пока не понятно, вроде народ дружественно настроен, хоть их и удивляет мой вид... квартал где я сейчас живу правда похож на Южный Бронкс, куда меня как то занесло по работе на родине, только там не пили столько алкоголя как здесь🤷‍♂️ Поразила меня набережная, красивая, но как вы живете через 500 метров от китайцев? Нам бы было страшно жить так близко😱 В общем я только начал тут осваиваться, покажу вам скоро где работаю, начальство вроде нормальные люди, надеюсь заведу тут друзей, буду показывать здесь жизнь🌏 miamifloridausaslothplaneflightrussiasiberiajourneyadventurecoldsnowwintervodkabearbalalaikamatryoshkablagoveshchenskblgluxurylife

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Call/Text (Cash) to (202)-844-7777 if you are interested to get paid today by text/comment CASH, I'll get back to you ASAP, leave your number and name along with your amount you would like to get started with in my DM don't waste my time or get Block. I'm in my office all day so join my team and get paid this process is simple and easy and it will only takes 45 minutes up to an hour for you to receive your return and all transaction will be done at any Western Union or Walmart location hit me up when you are at Western union or Wal-Mart so I can assist you what to do to get started and remember it takes money to make money no games serious inquiry only. canada england newjersey usa samedayprocess Georgia virginia texas Ottawa Hawaii ohio Philadelphia nobs Florida

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Another great class day with Jaime Renee Cruz of 420RxCCC CruzCannaCooking 🧚🏻‍♂️🌱💚 Our hosting office, thehealingclinic_of_florida, was outstanding! We also sincerely thank trulieve_fl for their sponsorship, allowing us to travel for classes across the state 😁 . . 🧚🏻‍♂️🌱💚 edibles concentrate distillate lupuswarrior mctdwarrior cannabis cannabisflorida cannabiscommunity cannabisculture medicalmarijuana florida thc cbd hemp happy healthylifestyle weed medicalcannabis life healthcarethc health cannabismedicinal healthcare indica sativa 420girls ganjagirls 710girls airforcevet

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Jumbo Nubian / Box Braids 🌸 Book with us today naturaltrendsetters , Call now at ( 954) 486-1414 ) book today with “ NAPPY “ ‼️ ——————————————————————————— organic sleek ponytail babyhair Slaymenappy miamihairstylist miamibraids braids florida manbun afro wigs wigmaker kinkycurly coconutoil growinghands feedinbraids naturalhair feedinbraidsmiami naturalhairstyles feedinbraids naturalhair god naturalhairstyles blackexcellence bc bchairstylist fauxlocs goddess locs lemonadebraids manifestation

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Muchisimas gracias por invitarnos a ser parte de esta hermosa celebración, bautizo y cumple del príncipe Milan con su mamita marianfigueroa y la mejor madrina kerlyruiz85 felices de compartir con uds, puro talento Venezolano 🙌🇻🇪😎 caracas miami weston doral keybiscayne coralgable kendall pinecrest sunnyisland brickell pembrokepines hialeah cutlerbay miamibeach miamilakes miamisprin doughotdogs pompano dowtown florida westpalmbeach islamorada taste food hotdogs candy fiesta party events

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Throw back my first festival!!😃😃 I Can't wait to see all my Amazing people! The LitFit King is joining up with the Dopest squads to rage out with plus the whole squad will get FREE LIMITED EDITION GEAR!!! Please let us know if you think your squad is the DOPEST, and think they can keep up with rage out! 1st place Winning squad gets entered in for the grand prize!🥇🥇👑💲💲 Litfit Litfitking Lovelife winning edc EDCLV2019 edco edco2018 Festival rave ravebooty ravelife magical squad squadgoals florida tampa family basshead Headbang raver vip iheartraves EDM edmlifestyle goodvibes

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michael '18

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Very important words from Julian Seifter! ^KHP Sign our petition and email our online script to your House member. Simply click the link in our bio! Florida needs moreschoolpsychologists 💛

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It’s been a good day. riskyrob got me a new phone, lunch from Chipotle, I took an extra long nap, we went to the jump park, and now I’m doing laundry. The bag in this photo contains wool dryer balls that a friend gave me. 😍 So many people have reached out to help us since hurricanemicheal and I am so grateful. ❤️ The Young Living community is amazing!

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It was an amazing boat day for our clients 🇺🇸🐬 a huge thanks to cassloignon & maxwlkn for supporting us 🚐 !

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Это была моя первая съемка в Америке 🇺🇸 Которая познакомила меня с огромным количеством замечательных людей ❤ Как же здорово быть совсем с недавнего времени в чужой стране, но уже не чувствовать себя одной. Спасибо этому миру за всё🤗

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Y’all think I should drop somethin new? 🤔

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Which one should I cop🤔🔥💎 also let’s get In the Clouds to 100 plays🔥 link in bio.